West Down Wheelers

Cycling Club


Sign on for West Down GP on Saturday 25th is 9 to 10.30

Sign on Race Pass 14th May to 23rd May 2019.

This year West down Wheelers will host separate races 
A2 A3 Race 6 Laps
A4 Race 5 Laps 
Masters /Ladies Race 3 Laps 

This year the last lap for the A2 A3 race Only will head up Rathfriland Hill  befor heading back onto the original circuit to the finish.

The A4 Race  this year will NOT take in Rathfriland  Hill. 

THE Masters which will include Ladies  will sign on the day.
Please note this is not part of tbe Masters League therefore a full Open Licence will be required. 

We will also have new facilities at HQ with changing rooms, toilets , showers etc at Jublie Park the home of 

Moneyslane Football Club 
6 Moneyslane Rd
BT31 9LZ

A2 A3 Due to our new sign on location ther will be a neutraliaed roll out at 10.45am where to the race will also start and also finish in Katesbridge like previous years .

 Katesbridge onto Diamond a junction  Approxx 2 ,mile Turning Left onto Rathfriland Rd proceed towards Rathfriland to the Co Op sales yard Approxx 2 mile .
Proceed along the Co op Rd for 1/2 Mile Turning left onto Ballyroney Rd,
Proceed along Ballyroney Rd to Moneyslane  Approxx 3 mile  ,onto Katesbridge Rd 
Proceed along Katesbridge Rd to Katesbridge Approximately  3 mile to start Finnish line.


The A4s 5 mins later  do the same only 5 laps NO  RATHFRILAND HILL.

Masters and ladies 5 mins later  do 3 laps   NO RATHFRILAND HILL.





0Zoe Lindsay32.39
1Chris Magowan 25.37
2Corin Boyd28.54
3Gavin Magowan 24.59
4Kevin Walker25.05
5David Henderson 25.31
6Mathew Adair25.54
7P.McKinstry 27.23
9T.Martin 26.55
10T.Wright 26.17
11F.Mulligan 25.32
12M.McKinstry 26.35
13E.Girvan 28.47
14P.Dreaning 26.29
15A.Campbell 25.36
16A.Graham 25.53
18P.Batey 25.01
20A.Cunningham 32.26
22B.Doyle 27.43
23R.McDonald 28.59
24D.McCann 24.28
25J.Weir 26.57
26A.Weir 26.17
27S.Kilpatrick 31.23
28G.Tate 25.03
34G.Rogers 25.05

10TT Dromara 18th April 19

P.Wilkinson 23.31
3I.Weir 23.48
5T.Mcconville 24.30
6A.Campbell 24.45
7G.Alderdice 24.46
10D.Henderson 25.14
12G.Rogers 25.21
14K.Walker 25.42
15B.Douglas 25.45
17N.Armstrong 25.45
18A.Graham 26.03
19A.Weir 26.25
22M.McKinstry 26.52
23T.Wright 27.05
24Al.Watson 27.16
25J.Philips 27.23
26T.Martin 27.41
29P.McKinstry 27.55
31A.Liggett 29.01
33R.McCartan 29.12
35G.Woodall 30.31
36S.Kilpatrick 31.47
37A.Cunningham 33.00
39J.Armstrong 34.14

WDW Interclub League 

Loughbrickland 17 mile TT Circuit 16/4/19

9I.Weir 40.48
10P.Wilkinson 40.50
11G.Parks 51.39
12A.Graham 46.25
14W.Campbell 44.26
15G.Alderdice 43.37


1     COLIN BOYD                          29.30
2     STEPHEN HANNA                  26.51
3     PHILIP McKINSTRY               27.47
4     ROGER McCARTEN               29.43
5     GARY PARKS                          30.11
6     TREVOR WRIGHT                  27.26
7     MATTHEW McKINSTRY        26.41
8     CRAIG HARRISON                 25.49
9     DAVE FRIZZEL                       24.39
10   GEOFF ALDERDICE              25.10
11   BRANDON DOUGLAS           25.58
12   CLIVE ADAMSON                  27.59
13   IAN WEIR                                 23.48   1ST
14   CHRIS MAGOWAN                 25.59
15   JASON WEIR                            27.31
16   GAVIN MAGOWAN                25.39
17   ALAN WEIR                            26.18
18   PETER CURRAN                    25.46
19   GARETH ROGERS                 25.30          
20   GEOFF TATE                           24.46
21   PHIL CASTLES                       24.43
22   ROBERT McDONALD           27.56
23   TREVOR MARTIN                 27.45
24   LARRY McCABY                   24.11

10TT Rathfriland Rd 2nd April 19

1L.Watson 23.03
2P.Wilkinson 23.39
3I.Weir 24.08
5G.Alderdice 24.47
6N.Mullan 24.51
8D.McCann 24.59
10A.Campbell 25.37
12N.Armstrong 26.06
13K.Walker 26.19
14C.Magowan 26.39
15A.Graham 26.47
16J.Philips 26.58
18M.McKinstry 27.12
19A.Weir 27.15
20A.Watson 27.42
21T.Wright 27.46
25R.McCartan 32.50
26S.Kilpatrick 33.01

DWD Interclub League


1Tuesday 02/04/2019Dromore ccRathfriland rdTT
2Thursday 18/04/2019Dromara ccDundrum LineTT
3Thursday 02/05/2019Dromara ccPheasantTT
4Tuesday 07/05/2019WDWDonacloney RR
5Thursday 30/05/2019Dromore ccLough RdRR
6Tuesday 04/06/2019WDWCastlewellan rdTTT30 mile
7Thursday 13/06/2019Dromore ccCastlewellan rdTTT10 mile
8Tuesday 02/07/2019WDWDonacloney RR
9Thursday 25/07/2019Dromore ccBallyderry rdTT
10Thursday 01/08/2019Dromara ccHarry Ferguson RR
11Tuesday 06/08/2019WDWRathfriland rd TT
12Thursday 29/08/2019Dromara ccClonvaraghanHC

West Down Coastal Run

West down Wheelers  Coastal run
 Saturday 23th Feb 2019

This will be the 8th year WDW will be hosting the tour of down leisure cycling challenge which departs the Co Down village of Katesbridge.

There are 1 planned route on offer:

Route is 64 mile departing at 9.30am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Kilcoo - Hilltown - Rostrevor - Kilkeel -Annalong - Newcastle - Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting .

Sign on from 8.30am at Katesbridge hall changing facilities, toilets and car parking available. Parking also available opposite side of Katesbridge road in the picnic area
Refreshments will be served at the end of the event Tea, coffee, sandwiches, buns etc.
Hall will be closed at 3pm.

Entry fee for Cycling Ireland license holders - 10 / 12euro please bring licence to sign on

Please note the Tour of Down is not a race and will be a controlled event.

Marshalls will be on route but may not be present at all junctions.

West Down Race program 2019

West Down Wheelers 2019 Race Programme 
                 With Interclub Race Programme 

28th March TTT H/Boro to B/Hinch    6 .45.         Dromara cc


2nd.  Tue 10 Mile TT R/Friland Rd Interclub).          Dromore cc
            Magowan Shield,,

9th.   Tue 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD.  Murdock Shield.     WDW

16th  Tue  16 Mile Circuit TT L/Brickland Weir Trophy    WDW

18th.  Thur 10 TT Dundrum Line (Interclub)           Dromara cc

23rd.  Tue.  10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD. Outlook a Shield    WDW

 7 oclock 

2nd 10 Mile TT pheasant. (Interclub).                      Dromara cc

7th.Road  Race D/Cloney   (Interclub )Imperial Cup        WDW
14th Aussie/Pursuit R/Friland RD John Maxwell Mem.     WDW

21st.  10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD                                       Dromore

30th Road Race Lough RD Dromore cc (Interclub )   Dromore 
Imperial Cup

4th. 30 Mile TTT. C/Wellan RD (Interclub)                        WDW

11th. Road Race. D/Cloney Imperial Cup.                          WDW

18th.10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Eric Maxwell (Interclub).    WDW

25th.  25 Mile TT  C/Wellan Rd.  Steven Savage Mem    WDW

2nd. 4 Lap Road Race Corbet (Interclub)Imperial Cup.   WDW

9th.  10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD  Poppy McKeown Mem.    WDW

16th  2 Up 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Night of Craic.        WDW

23rd. Wheelers Club Night.                                               WDW

25th.  10 Mile TT B/Derry RD Interclub).                 Dromore cc


1st.  Harry Ferguson Road Race M/Conluce (Interclub)

6th.  10 Mile TT R/Friland. RD Outlook (Interclub).         WDW

13th Aussie/Pursuit, John Maxwell Memorial C/Wellan WDW

20th 10 Mile TT  C/ Wellan RD Magowan Shield             WDW 

27th  Hill/Climb Tonaghmore Hill. Ernie Hall Trophy.       WDW

29th  Hill/Climb  Clonvarghan   (Interclub.).                 Dromara


Ok Guys wee meeting in Room above Albert kindly granted on Mon 28th at 7:30pm
Theres a lot to talk over like another window for Club Clothing as there seems to be more looking gear,
Also this is our membership night so need everyone there if at all possible  10 membership plus some changes for our Coastal Run. 
We will give update on our Interclub for 2019, Some changes here as well but we believe it will make it even better,shud have in around 40 Riders which is what we would be happy with.We are looking at making the Eric Maxwell Mem an Interclub on a Rathfriland Rd,as well as another very good Race the Harry Ferguson Run by Dromara cc.
Big year ahead in our 30th Anniversary who would have believed we would get this far,
We have some new Riders this year and we have been in touch with 3 to 4 more with a view to them joining none of them in any club at the moment,so fingers crossed,
Anyone looking to join what is Predominantly a Racing Club In Banbridge Area Then feel free to come along and find out more of wat we are all about.


Meeting Next Tue night in Albert at 7.00pm for our prize giving and dinner need names.


Dont forget AGM Tomorrow night room above the Albert at 8 pm.
Could all members please attend. 
All Trophys to be Returned keep them in car untill after the meeting.


Sign on for West Down GP on Saturday 29th Sept is 9 to 10.30.
No parking opposite  Hall or driveway into houses 

A2 A3 Race with kick of at 11 o'clock from the picnic park proceeding out to the Diamond a junction  Approxx 2 ,mile Turning Left unto Rathfriland Rd proceed towards Rathfriland to the Co Op sales yd Approxx 2 mile .
Proceed along the Co op Rd for 1/2 Mile Turning left unto Ballyroney Rd,
Proceed along Ballyroney Rd to Moneyslane  Approxx 3 mile  ,unto Katesbridge Rd 
Proceed along Katesbridge Rd to Katesbridge Approximately  3 mile to start Finnish line 

The A4s 5 mins later  do the same only 5 laps LAST LAP UP RATHFRILAND HILL... 

Masters and ladies 5 mins later  do 3 laps   NO RATHFRILAND HILL





Would all members pleases note there is a meeting in the  Room above the Albert next Mon 24th Sept 2018 at 7.00pm

Please make an effort to be a meeting we need a good turnout & a few things to talk about.


1    J.DANE                29.47
2    T.WRIGHT          26.39
3    J.ERVINE             26.10
4    C.ADAMSON      26.22
5    T.MARTIN           26.39
6    L.LOEY                28.50
7    A.WEIR               26.05
8    J.WEIR                28.42
9    P.MCKINSTRY    28.33
10  R.SMYTH            24.23
11  M.SHORT           23.28
12  D.ROSS               25.22
13  D.CANTLEY       32.49
14  B.MCCULLINS   26.46
15  A.QUINN            32.23
16  A.GRAHAM        26.59
17  P.LOUGHRIM     25.33
18  J.DENVIR             26.45
19  C.ABERNETHY   26.12
20  N.SEFFEN           23.59
21  G.PARKS             28.37
22  T.BEATTIE          34.55
23  D.FRIZZEL          23.20
24  P.WILKINSON    22.58
25  S.KERRY              24.15
26  P.MCMANUS       24.28
27  G.TATE                 26.05
28  S.MCNEILL         27.34
29  G.ALDERDICE    24.38
30  C.HARRISON      25.23
31  J.CORBETT          33.44
32  L.WATSON          DNF
33  M.MCKINSTRY   26.13
34  D.MCKNIGHT     24.43
35  B.DOUGLAS        24.01
36  R.STEWERT        22.17
37  T.HARE

25/ 10 TT Castlewellan Rd 26th June 18

1    P.McKinstry            1.14.45
2    R.McCartney           1.04.32
3    C.Adamson              1.06.53
4    J.Clyde                      1.04.49
5    P.Wilkinson             59.45     
6    D.Frizell                   1.01.52
7    P.Loughlin               1.04.45
8    G.Tate                       1.06.35
9    P.Castles                   58.35
10  R.Aiken                    D.N.F
11  I.Weir                       1.03.12 
12  S.Kerry                     1.02.55
13  R.Stewert                 56.20

1  J.Weir        29.29
2  J.Curry      20.07
3  A.Weir       24.31


1    Z.Lindsay        34.58
2    P.McKinstry    28.32
3    P.Dreaning      27.06
4    B.Bowden        28.26
5    A.Liggett          26.49
6    B.McManus     29.21
7    S.Kilpatrick     32.38
8    T.Martin           26.28
9    P.McManus      23.59
10  G.McAoy          24.59
11  S.McNeill         27.23
12  A.Graham        27.08
13  G.Alderdice     23.43
14  P.Castles           22.26
15  M.McVeigh      29.38
16  J.Maxwell        31.50
17  G.Parks            27.27
18  G.McConnell   24.38
19  J.Ervine            26.55
20  D.Frizell           24.07
21  D.Burnside      25.50
22  J.Cregg              25.30
23  G.Rodgers        24.10
24  P.A.Ohagan      26.36
25  M.McKinstry   26.26
26  W.Campbell     25.28
27  K.Weather's     25.26
28  R.McCartan     28.59
29  C.Harrison      24.56
30  J.Corbett 


1    J.Corbett              33.29
2    A.Cunningham   31.10
3    P.McKinstry         29.33
4    C.Adamson          25.42
6    C.McAlorum        25.14
7    S.Buchanan         24.06
8    T.Martin               28.10
9    B.Wilson              26.47
10  J.Irvine                 28.05
11  D.Ross                  27.10
12  J.Gregg                 25.07
13  G.Alderdice         24.43 
14  C.McAvoy             24.30
15  M.Williamson     28.44
16  D.White                28.14
17  B.Roberts             27.20
18  J.Waddell             26.10
19  P.Wilkinson         22.56
20  A.Weir                  25.59
21  S.Downey             23.07
22  J.Weir                    28.51
23  D.Frizzel               24.09
24  G.Tate                    24.51
25  I.Weir                    23.46
26  P.Dreaming          28.50
27  D.McKnight         25.22
28  D.Quim                 25.54
29  R.Stewert             22.26
30  P.Castles               23.29
31  A.Graham            27.07
32  G.Rogers              24.57
33  F.Magee               23.11

10tt Castwellan Rd 24th April 18

1    A.Cunningham         32.17
2    P.McKinstry              30.07
3    B.McManus              30.47
4    T.Wright                    26.44
5    J.Weir                        X
6    G.Woodall                 27.51
7    A.Weir                       X
8    G.Parks                      28.10
9    J.Denvir                     28.38  
10  B.Dawen                    30.01
11  A.Ligget                     28.27
12  T.Martin                     26.38
13  D.Frizzel                    24.26
14  M.McKinstry             27.01
15  G.McAvoy                 24.59
16   I.Weir                        23.53
17   G.Alderdice              25.09
18   P.Wilkinson              22.37
19   S.Kerry                     24.44
20   G.Brown                   24.51
21   J.Gregg                     24.20
22   A.Graham                 28.01
23   P.McManus               24.35
24   L.Watson                   21.37
25   R.Harshaw                26.05
26   G.Tate                       25.17


1    A Cunningham            58.02
2    P.McKinstry                 54.08
3    J.Waddell                     46.32
4    I.Walker                       47.22
5    G.Parks                        49.32
6    A.Liggett                     49.56
7    B.Bowden                    53.04
8    P.Dreaning                   52.18
9    B.McCullins                49.48
10  J.Feruson                     41.29
11  G McConnel                42.46  
12  M.McKinstry               47.32
13  B.Douglas                    42.41
14  T.Martin                       45.51
15  D.Frizell                       42.22
16  G.Harrison                   43.19
17  W.Campbell                 44.10
18  G.Woodall                    48.49
19  J.Curry                         36.49
20  G.McKEE                    40.00
21  G.Alderdice                  45.25
22  K.Weathers                   45.28
23  S.Kerry                         46.50
24  J.Gregg                         43.14
25  J.Coen                           47.21
26  B.Kellett                       46.26
27  I.Weir                            41.28
28  J.Weir                            52.50
29  D.McKnight                  43.48
30  D.Henderson                 43.04
31  G.Magowan                  44.47
32  P.Castles                        43.07
33  A.Weir                           45.14
34  P.Batey                           44.47
35  G.Tate                            44.21




1      W.STEEL                             31.45
2      P.McKINSTRY                    31.48
3      J.WEIR                                29.45
4      P.DREANING                     29.56
5      J.FERGUSON                     24.13
6      M.McKINSTRY                  27.27
7      B.DOUGLAS                      26.14
8      T.MARTIN                          28.34
9      A.LIGGETT                        28.59
10    I.WEIR                                25.04
11    J.GREGG                            25.30
12    N.ARMSTRONG               25.51
13    J.ERVINE                           26.43
14    P.CASTLES                        25.08
15    G.ALDERDICE                 25.49
16    L.WATSON                        21.23
17    G.WOODHALL                 27.58
18    B.McCULLINS                  29.17
19    P.WILKINSON                  22.52
20    K.STEWAT                        27.46
21    P.McMANUS                    24.06
22    I.WALKER                        27.11
23    B.BANETT                        27.41
24    G.TATE                             25.31


Remember Club Meeting In Room above the Albert on Mon night at 7,30,,please make an Effort to be there as there is so much to Discuss if ur not there then you won't have  a Say

This will be a Big Year for our Club so come along and be part off what's happening ,

Just some off the Important Subjects to Discuss,

 1 Club Membership must be Paid by Mon we want to get that out of thee way

2  Our Coastal Run round the coast on Feb 24th to be Sorted

3  All the up to date  information on our Interclub for 2018 this is Massive

4  Team for Tour of the north ,   ETC,

Remember to get ur licence paid up no Racing without one  and  you don't want to miss out this year,,,
I Was Askd wats behind the Interclub with the other clubs,well we have Rode togather for some years now and we decided it's time to do it properly,

We Have Organised a 28  Race Programme  with everything through in make no mistake this is looking very Promising indeed,,,


West down Wheelers  Coastal run
 Saturday 24th Feb 2018

This will be the 7th year WDW will be hosting the tour of down leisure cycling challenge which departs the Co Down village of Katesbridge.

There are 2 planned routes on offer:

Route A 65 mile departing at 9.30am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Annalong Ballymartin Kilkeel Rostrevor up the Newton road climb to Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at kilkeel back to Katesbridge..

Route B 43 mile departing at 9.35am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Bryansford - Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at Newcastle back to Katesbridge..

Sign on from 8.30am at Katesbridge hall changing facilities, toilets and car parking available. Parking also available opposite side of Katesbridge road in the picnic area
Refreshments will be served at the end of the event Soup, tea, coffee, sandwiches, buns etc.
Hall will be closed at 3pm.

Entry fee for Cycling Ireland license holders - 10 / 12euro please bring licence to sign on

Please note the Tour of Down is not a race and will be a controlled event.

Marshalls will be on route but may not be present at all junctions


This is without a Doubt a very well thought out Interclub Racing Programme  iv no doubt this will be an Absolutely Fantastic opportunity for our Riders as well as Dromara and Dromore for a year to look forward to not just big Turnouts but some Fantastic Riders to  mix it with so don't miss out ,,,
The Clubs will still promot there own Club Races as well  below is  Just the Interclub Events but the 3 Clubs will support each other in the Ordinary Club Races,,


27th  Thur  5 Mile TT Lurgan Rd Meet Holm Terrace


3rd  Tue  10 Mile TT  Rathfriland RD
12th  Thur   8 Mile TT Hillsborough to Ballynahinch,,,
17th Tue  17 Mile TT Loughbrickland Start/Creamery Finnish,,,
26th Thur   Road Race Lough Road  4 Laps,,


1st Tue  Road Race Donacloney Circuit 5 laps
3rd Thur   2 up TT Lurgan Road.
10th 10 Mile TT Dundrum Line  
15th Tue  Road Race Corbet Circuit 4 Laps meet Quarry,
24th  Thur 10 Mile TT Ballinderry Road 
31st  Thur Road Race Flat fields 


5th Tue  10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd 
7th Thur Spelga TT,
12th Tue Road Race Race Katesbridge 3 Laps,,
21st Thur 25  Mile TT Castlewellan Road,
28th Thur 16 Mile TT B/Hinch to H/Borough,,


3rd Tue Road Race Donacloney Circuit 5 Laps,,,
5th Thur  TT Gallbog  Rd 
10th Tue   10 Mile TT   Rathfriland Rd 
19th Road Race Harry Ferguson,,Details  nearer the Time
24 th Tue 10 Mile TT Rathfriland Road,,



1st Wednesday  10 Mile TT Ballinderry Road
8th Thur  2 up TT Lisburn Details later,,,
14th Tue Road Race Corbet Circuit 4 Laps meet Quarry
21st Tue 10 Mile TT Lurgan ,Meet Holm Terrace.
28th  Tue  10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd No TT Gear
30th Hillclimb Culls Hill
26th Thur Sept Dree Hillclimb,,


Tonight we held last round of talks with Dromore cc and Dromara cc to Finalise Interclub for 2018 SEASON  once I get it sorted out Il put it up ,Big year ahead with some fantastic Racing to enjoy ,,Basically there's Racing every Tue and Thur  night for our members to look forward  to ,We know you won't be able to do them all but you will have an Absolutely Fantastic Choice ,,Thanks goes to Dromore and Dromara as the league was sorted with everyone in greement BIG YEAR FOR THE WHEELERS,,

Plus this year we are planning to run a 4 man Team in the Easter Tour of the North Stage Race,,,and that's something to look forward to,,

And this year's West Down Wheelers GP which will be held in Sept this year will be Sponsored by the Bike Shak another big plus for the Wheelers,,,


Would all members pleases note there is a meeting in the  Room above the Albert next Mon 8th Jan 2018 at 7.00pm
Also all licences need to be renewed now as they run only to 31st Dec,
Please make an effort to be a meeting we need a good turnout.


Last night West Down Wheelers held their Dinner and Prize giving in Snuggs Restaurant ,Dany Blondell and his good wife Maggie were our Guests for the Night with Danny having the job handing out the Prizes. We were also delighted that Brendan and Bronagh Kirk were able to join us again as they like Dany are now nearly part of the Club ,Few years ago they hardly wud have known anything about the Wheelers now they know almost everyone in it.Our Chairman Billy Maxwell welcomed everyone to the Albert especially our Guests and then everyone enjoyed What was a Superb Dinner and although people say it but it was enjoyed by all,Billy then took to the floor to announce this was his last year as Chairman and Speaking at our Prize giving .we certainly Thank Billy for his services as Chairman doing it now almost 30 years and we certainly will miss his summing up of each Rider which he then started to do ,,Billy dosen't hold back but everyone takes it in good heart as they know it's just Billy being Billy and he certainly had us all laughing throughout it all, Billy then thanked each and everyone who helped out in Whatever way they cud so that we cud have Races as each helper is very much Appreciated.Billy then called on Clive to start the presentation, Clive starting by saying he wud just like to follow on from Billy thanking everyone for there help because as Race Sec it makes it much easier to run Races when you have a Faith full band of helpers.But he held his biggest thanks to the Riders who turned out week by week to Race he was wee bit disappointed with the turnouts from our own Riders even though we had fantastic turnouts week by week with Dromara cc and Especially Dromore cc Supporting ever so well over the Season,,Clive then asked Dany yo come up to hand out the Prizes with Clive giving wee report on each Rider, With Wilkie ,,,Geoff Tate ,,,Dave Frizz ,,,Brandon ,,and Ian Weir getting the biggest praise of the night as they all had an Absolutely Fantastic years Racing, But one Rider he says deserves a lot off praise and a Trophy even though in normal Circumstances he wudnt win anything well at this time but he Never Misses a Race,,never Fails to finnish a Race no matter What he Epitomises everything he likes too see in a Rider and That's Tin McKinstry. As all the H/Cap Awards were handed out he then Spoke about 2017 Champions in the Club Ian,, Geoff, and Wilke They were the main Prize winners and as Clive says it's tough to win a Trophy in the Wheelers now as there is some Excellent Riders in it, With the Prizes all handed out Clive says that he hopes 2018 will be even better and there's talks on going with 2 other clubs for next year which is looking good ,but we had Riders out Injured this year Like Allister ,,,Jonny ,,and myself but hopes all will be fit to Race next year,Clive then Handed over to our Treasurer Wilkie as he handed out Vouchers for Snuggs too all our Helpers ,,Then a Raffle was held with the Proceeds going for to help a wee man getting treatment in Mexico at this present time it's for Cureforcam ,We also have penciled it in for our Charity Run round the Coast in February with the Belgian Project which we like to support as well, As the night had now gone Billy wished everyone a Safe Journey home and thanked everyone for coming.

West Down Wheelers 2017 Prize Winners,,
James Philips                 Outlook Shield.

Dave Frizzel                   Magowan Shield.

Geoff Tate                      Adamson Cup Most Improved /Poppy McKeown Cup.

Ian Weir                          Weir Cup / Maxwell Cup No TT Gear

Philip (Tin )McKinstry  Replica.
Brandon                          Replica for his time Racing in Belgium,

2017 West Down Wheelers Club Champions,,

Ian Weir                             Hillclimb Champion Ernie Hall Trophy Trophy

Geoff Tate                         Rider of the Year Bunty Adamson Mem Trophy

Paul Wilkinson                   Road Race / Aussie/Pursuit      

Club Champion B.A,R.      Paul Wilkinson.

West Down Wheelers Marshalls Food Vouchers for Snuggs
Jacko,,Sam,,,Mark,,Berty and Barbara,,Lorna and Billy,,





This years AGM meeting will be held on  13th November at 7.30pm above the Albert Banbridge.


OK Guys Meeting in the Albert Kindly Granted and thanks once again to Jonny and Co,,7,30  sharp our ,New Jacket's,,Fleeces,,T_Shirts etc are ready ,,
Also if u havnt returned ur Trophy this is ur last Chance.

Club meeting 25th Sept 17

club meeting at mon  25th Sept 17  .
7.30pm above the Albert .

Could all members please bring back trophy's .
The new jackets & clothing will be there for sizing and taking orders .


1      C.Ward                1.30
2      I.Weir                   0.56
3      P.Hagan               1.02
4      G.Tate                   1.05                   
5      P.McManus          1.12
6      D.Frizell               1.07
7      B.Douglas            1.03
8      J.Craig                  1.07 
9      S.Daly                   0.56
10    R.Aiken                0.54
11    R.McCartan         1.24
12    D.McKnight         1.09
13    P.Wilkinson         1.07
14    M.McKinstry       1.17
15    P.McKinstry         1.37
16    J.Heverin             1.01
17    J.Daly                    1.01
18    J.Philips                1.21
19    G.Crory                 0.59

10TT RATHFRILAND RD no aero gear 29th August 17

1    A.Cunningham  34.08
2    J.Weir                  30.38
3    D.Burnside         26.40
4    K.Wethers          27.14
5    J.Heverin            22.16
6    A.Weir                 26.35
7    J.Cregg                 25.27
8    I.Weir                  24.28
9    A.Graham           29.02
10  P.McKinstry        31.06
11  P.Wilkinson        23.59
12  A.Liggett             27.48
13  R.McCartan        30.03
14  B.Bawden           29.57
15  D.Frizell              25.27
16  M.McKinstry      28.37
17  G.Alderdice        25.52
18  B.Douglas           25.06
19  D.McKnight       25.04
20  G.Parks               27.34


1     I.Sweeney               24.19
2     C.Ward                    28.48
3     S.Featherstone      20.13
4     P.McManus            21.44  
5     I.Weir                     22.42
6     R.Shepherd           24.30
7     F.Magee                 22.22
8     M.Johnston           22.35
9     J.Burns                   22.44
10   D.Cormican          24.36
11   W.Strain                23.30
12   P.Loughrin            23.26
13   C.Havern  (L)        25.33
14   J.Havern                DNF
15   S.Walsh                  24.10
16   D.Evans                 24.11
17   L.Watson               20.08
18   P.Wilkinson          21.24
19   D.Ross                    24.01
20   S.McIntyre            21.14
21   M.Lynch                24.15
22   K.Lynch                 21.05
23   G.Tate                     23.20


1       Chris Ward                   32.04
2       Angus  Graham           27.13
3       Philip McKinstry         29.49
4       Ian Weir                        23.58
5       David McKnight          24.23
6       Gordon Brown             25.39
7       Gary Parks                   26.56
8        Roger McCartan         29.13
9        Geoff Tate                   24.53
10     Marty Craig                  30.05
11     Jamie Craig                 25.38
12     Simon Kerry                 25.23
13     Kyle Wethers               26.40
14     Keith Stewert               28.44
15     Bob Bawden                29.15
16     Geoff  Alderdice          26.01
17     Ryan Harshaw             26.36
18     Paul Wilkinson            22.52
19     Brandon Douglas        24.13


1     A.Weir                27.07
2     J.Weir                 29.58
3     P.McKinstry      29.59
4     S. Kerry             27.59
5     A.Graham         27.42
6     W.Maxwell       25.45
7     R.Harshaw       26.25
8     R.Stewert          DNF
9     T.Martin           27.44
10   P.Wilkinson     24.26
11   G.Tate               25.13
12   J.Clyde              25.50
13   P.McManus      24.12
14   A.Liggett          27.39
15   D.Frizell           24.14
16   D.McKnight     24.27
17   R.Aiken            24.39

25/ 10 TT Castlewellan Rd 27th June 17

25 TT Results 

1     P.Wilkinson       57.44    PB
2     D.Frizell             59.51    PB
3     I.Weir                101.59   PB
4     G.Tate                106.32
5     J.Clyde               104.35
6     R.Stewert            57.19
7     M.McKinstry    107.29
8     P.Rice                 105.36
9     B.Douglas         102.02
10   G.Parks             111.18
12   G.Alderdice      106.24

10 TT Results

1     P.McKinstry         31.44
2     B.McManus         29.12
3     C.Ward                 33.33
4     A.Cunningham   31.54
5     R.McCartan         29.47
6     J.Weir                   30.51
7     A.Graham            27.18
8     S.Kerry                 24.05
9     K.Wethers            27.59
10   T.Martin               28.20
11   D.Burnside          26.43
12   J.Philips                26.21

Tues night TT 27th June 17

OK Guys just a wee Reminder that there is a 25 mile TT on Tue night on the Castlewellan Rd for the Steven Savage Memoiral Shield,,    Also  we will Run a 10 Mile TT for the Outlook Shield,,

Wud all Riders please meet were the 25 starts the Riders Competing in  the 25 TT will go of 1st,,,

Please Note that there will be no TT on July 11th that is a Mistake,,,

Plus we intend to run a couple of 2up TTs inn August for a Bita of Craic,,


West Down Wheelers  10tt Rathfriland Rd 6th June 17

1    W.Steele            29.02
2    P.McKinstry      31.54
3    M.McKinstry     26.23
4    G.Magowan       23.58
5    G.Parks              28.56
6    A.Graham          28.26
7    S.Keery              24.45
8    R.McCartan      31.06
9    W.Maxwell       25.47
10  D.Frizzel           23.42  PB
11   J.Philips           28.34


Well that's been  another very busy weeks Racing  for our wee club starting on Tue night with a 10 mile TT on Rathfriland, As I stated last week there was going to be a new winner as Wilkie was away and  Dave Frizz was working.And it turned out to be Quite a Battle as I Predicted it was going to be between 4 or 5 Riders  namely Paul Mackers McManus   Thomas Niblock ,  Brandon,,,,Ian Weir ,,,and Will Maxwell.But ya cudnt rule out a Rider in superb form lately  Geoff Tate he has got this year of to a Cracker winning the 1st Round of the Road Race Series for the Imperial  Cup ,But by Joe he has a job on his hand to win this outright with another 4 Rounds to go the competition will be unreal and as iv said whoever wins this fully deserves it,He followed that win up with a 2nd in the first Round of the Aussie/Pursuit Series this to is a much sought after Cup so his work will be cut out to win this outright as well.Back to the 10 and Bai it was a Battle with 4 out of the 5 Favs in the 24s although Mackers was the Quickest of the 24 min Riders it was the wee Man who rose to the Challenge Brandon recorded a 23 a fantastic time in windy  conditions in Wat is our  Toughest Course,But we'll done to them all for making it a superbly entertaining nights Racing Geoff just outside the 24s with a 25  a PB for him on this Road, There was a few Riders making a rare appearance Clive Racing for first time in a few years Jonny Maxwell making his first appearance of the year and Will making his 2nd .Another Rider deserving some Praise is Christopher (Goose) Ward who bettered his first TT at the start of the Racing Season by 4 Mins showing with a bit of hard work he shud get even better,  Iin any TT or Road Race ,Aussie/Pursuit u can only do ur best but  I wud encourage our Riders to put plenty of miles training  into there legs,To have a good 2nd half of the Race Season.

Next week Race is another very popular Aussie Pursuits  Starting on the Castlewellan Rd it heads through  Corbet ,,Moneyslane,,Ballyward,,Castlewellan Roundabout and back down the same route to start A Total of 31 miles this is our longest and  out toughest..

West Down GP
What a day we had on Sat when Riders came from as far a way as Dublin Lenister to desend on Katesbridge fir our very Popular West Down Wheelers GP.And Wat a days Racing it was with the main Race for the A2s And A3s and supporting Race for A4s ,,with the Masters and Ladies having there own wee Race,
The A2s A3s had 64 mile of a tough oul circuit with the Sting in the Tail Rathfriland Hill on there last lap,with the A4s 54 miles they to had Rathfriland Hill on last lap 2 very good Races on the day well done to all of the, and massive thanks for there support.The Masters and Ladies unfortunately had a crash but nobody to bad after it,once again thanks to all the Riders and to everyone who helped in Watever way ur help was very much appreciated

Looking at the club now it's Ticking along fine wee have Riders in super form Wilkie up there with the best Brandon heading to Belgium to Race in July,,not bad for wee club of 20 Rider and plenty volunteers for Marshalling Duties if ur Free on Tue night head down to  Gibsons Quarry yo help out in Watever way ur needed.The season is flying in so get out on ur bike I 

Window will be open in Powerhouse Sport from  Tomorrow Monday 22nd to 31st May  code is WEST6226 make sure u get ur order in as  there won't be another for a while,,it usually takes 6 weeks..

Meeting in the Albert 
There will be a meeting in the Albert in next week or 2 possibly next week for final arrangements for theEric Maxwell Mem 10 mile TT on the very Fast Warrenpoint Carriageway,,
If ur not intending to Ride it make urself available to help out if I'm off and there's plenty of Help I will be Riding it,,

       The Belgian Project 
As you will have seen by now Dany and the Belgian Project are sending our own Rider Brandon over to Belgium to Race for the month of July,,This is without any Shodow of a Doubt a Fantastic opportunity for  Brandon and we wish him well ,Dany told me he's sending him as he Ticks all the Boxes ,He's known to us as the Wee Man but my Wat a Heart and Determination he has and he will get better.


A4 Race Results 

1    Malcolm Kell                Smart Laps
2    Connor  Quinn             Newry
3    Kieran McSherry 
4    Nial MCALLISTER       Banbridge 
5    Andre Burns                Shelbourne 
6    David  Zwahlen           Phoenix

A2-3s Results 

1   Luke McMullum          Ballymena 
2   Kieran Recan                St Tiernans
3   Timmy Burns               North Down 
4   John Buller                   Banbridge 
5   Andy McCullough       Killinchy
6   Niko Harmanen          St Tiernans


1   T Wilson                       Ballymena 
2   C McCann                     Phoenix 
3   J Rafferty                      North Down 

First Ladies 

1   Lisa Lamont                Madigan 
2   Laura Blair                  Ballymena 
3   Meave McKenn           Cvw Wheelers 


1      W.Steele                 29.28
2      C.McAlorum          24.39
3      A.Liggett                26.43
4      I.Walker                 25.30
5      B.Bawden              28.36
6      T.Niblock               24.56
7      P.Batey                   25.37
8      J.Maxwell              29.54
9      J.Weir                     32.26
10   W.Maxwell             24.46
11    P.McKinstry          31.36
12    D.McKnight          23.39
13    A.Graham             27.59
14    I.Weir                    24.32
15    A.Cunningham    33.04
16    C.Adamson           25.35
17    A.Peake                 26.43
18    D.Burnside           26.59
19    G.Rogers               24.38
20    D.Broome             26.40
21    B.Douglas             23.34
22    W.Campbell         26.19
23    G.Tate                   25.44
24    C.Ward                 32.43 
25    J.Philips               28.10
26    R.Stewert             22.47
27    P McManus         24.20
28    T.Hare                  25.23


Sign on for West Down GP on Saturday 20th is 9 to 10.30,,,
No parking opposite  driveway into houses ,

A2 A3 Race with kick of at 11 o'clock from the picnic park proceeding out to the Diamond a junction  Approxx 2 ,mile Turning Left unto Rathfriland Rd proceed towards Rathfriland to the Co Op sales yd Approxx 2 mile .
Proceed along the Co op Rd for 1/2 Mile Turning left unto Ballyroney Rd,
Proceed along Ballyroney Rd to Moneyslane  Approxx 3 mile  ,unto Katesbridge Rd 
Proceed along Katesbridge Rd to Katesbridge Approximately  3 mile to start Finnish line 

The A4s 5 mins later  do the same only 5 laps,,,,LAST LAP UP RATHFRILAND HILL... 

Masters and ladies 5 mins later  do 3 laps   NO RATHFRILAND HILL..





The club meeting has been moved from Monday till Friday 5th May above the Albert at 7.30 could all members please attend.


1   P.McKinstry        31.38 
2   W.Steele              30.05 
3   D.Frizell              23.54 
4   J.Ferguson          26.16 
5   L.Watson            23.10 
6   D.McKnight        24.52 
7   M.McKinstry      27.59 
8    I.Weir                 24.55 
9    P.Wilkinson       23.01 
10  G.Rogers            25.52 

17TT 18TH APRIL 17

1     P.McKinstry       55.13
2     J.Bronning         54.06
3     B.Bawden          52.23
4     B.Douglas          43.56
5     A.Graham          50.22
6     G.Tate                 45.32
7      J.Waddell          47.51
8      M.McKinstry    46.33
9      D.Burnside       46.23
10    I.Weir                44.33
11    G.Parks             49.42
12    P.Wilkinson     39.35


1    W.Steele            29.24
2    M.Johnston       23.49
3    D.Frizell             23.16
4    J.Bronning         31.47
5    J.Gregg               26.09
6    P.McKinstry      31.23
7    W.Maxwell        24.55
8    A.Graham          28.18
9    I.Weir                 25.06
10  G.Brown            26.30
11  B.Douglas          24.11
12  P.Wilkinson       22.31
13  M.McKinstry     26.22
14  B.Bawden          29.37
15  G.Tate                 26.07
16  J.Philips              29.17
17  D.McKnight       24.15
18  R.Stewert           DNF
19  C.Ward               36.15
20  P.McManus        23.58

TONIGHT'S TT on the Castlewellan Rd wasn't an easy one at all with a Tough cold Headwind back from the Turn ,,Nonetheless 20 Riders signed up to take it on and for some Riders there was some very Respectable times Recorded,,For the Wheelers the times that caught the Eye were Wilkies  22,, Dave Frizzs 23 ,,Mackers 23,,Brandons 24 ,,Wills 24,, Ians 25 and Geoff  just missing out on a 25 with a short 26.,,Matt 26 although he's Capable of a 24 on this Rd ,,,Fair play to Tin never afraid to have ago,

Of our Guest Riders Mark Johnston  23 certainly caught the eye  as Did Jamies 26 just missing out on a 25 ,,
Well done to those Riders and to all who Braved the  windy conditions to go,compete,,
Keep an eye on FB as Dromore cc will be running some Races on a Thur night and will be going down to support them,,
Next week's Race is a Circuit TT starting at the school in l/Brickland  on the Rathfriland Rd,, Via Lizzize Rd in Rathfriland unto Banbridge Rd Finnishing bridge over c/way at creamery 16 or 17 Mile.


1    W.Steele               31.01
2     C.Burns               26.40
3     M.McHugh         29.53
4     H.Martin            28.53
5     S.Keery               24.59
6     J.Bronning         32.25
7     B.Bawden          30.23
8     G.Parks               28.47
9     J.Coen                 29.11
10   J.Cregg                26.16
11   R.Smyth             24.29
12   D.Quinn             26.20
13   J.Philips             29.29
14   P.Wilkinson      22.59
15   G.Tate                27.14
16   P.Savage            26.39
17   I.Weir                25.59
18   A.Graham         28.52
19   M.Gregg            31.25
20   D.Frizell            24.03
21   L.Watson          23.38
22   R. McCartan     30.52
23   M.McKinstry    26.31
24   P.McKinstry      31.13
25   B.Douglas          24.31
26   S.Downey          24.35
27   D.McKnight       24.25
28   R.Aiken              23.51
29   R.Stewert           23.06
30   I.Walker             27.08
31   T.Niblock           25.42


Guys there's a big interest in this Type of Jacket Blue with Our Logo on Front 40   
Have a think and we will sort something out photo can be seen on wdw facebook.


Race Programe for 2017.

Once Again we Have 22 Club Races with 16 Trophys up for Grabs.

5 Road Races
5 Aussie/Pursuits.
With TTs to suit everyone so have good look and we will Talk about them in our January Meeting.


Start times 6.45pm all riders require rear light for TT's. 

4th     10 mile TT Rathfriland Magowan Shield.   
11th   10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd Murdoch Shield. 
18th    Circuit TT L/Brickland Start Weir Trophy.   
25th   10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd Magowan Shield. 


Start  times 7pm 

2nd    Road Race Donacloney 5 Laps Imperial Cup. Start 7pm 
9th    Aussie/Pursuit Rathfriland Rd Start Ballydown Finnish John Maxwell Mem.
16th  10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Murdoch Shield.
23rd  Road Race Quarry Start Corbet/Circuit 4 Laps Imperial Cup.
30th  Aussie/Pursuit Castlewellan Rd Start Ballydown Finnish,,John Maxwell Mem.


6th   10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Outlook Shield.
13th  Road Race Katesbridge Circuit 3 Laps Imperial Cup..
20th  Aussie/Pursuit Rathfriland Rd via CattleHill Quarry Finnish John Maxwell Mem.
27th  25 Mike TT Castlewellan Rd Steven Savage Mem.


4th    Road Race Donacloney Circuit 5 Laps Imperial Cup.
11th 10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Outlook Shield..
18th  2 up TT Castlewellan Rd Club Night out Bita Craic,,,
25th  10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Poppy McKeown.


1st   Road Race Corbet Circuit 4 Laps Imperial Cup.
8th   Aussie/Pursuit Rathfriland Start Ballydown Finnish John Maxwell Mem.
15th 10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd Outlook Shield .
22nd 10 mile TT Rathfriland Rd No TT Gear Maxwell Cup,,
29th  2 up TT Castlewellan Rd But a Craic night,,
31st  Hill climb Tonaghmore Hill Ernie Hall Trophy.

West Down Wheelers 2017 Open Events

Our Charity Spin Round the Coastal Route,,

West Down GP Katesbridge Open Race.

Eric Maxwell Mem 10 Mile TT Warrenpoint Rd..

Our End of Season Sportive .


Would like to congratulate Wilkie & Brandon at the Killinchy GP on sat 1sr April   with wilkie placing 5th in the A1 race & Brandon placing 6th in the A3 race giving him enough points th move up to the A2 racing now  from all the club members a massive well  done.


There will be a Meeting in the Room Above the Albert Next Tues Night at 7.30.
Everyone is askd to make an Effort to be there,,
We want to get everything sorted before our Club Racing Starts Next Month,
Shud have the 2017 Race Programme 23 Races with 16 Trophys to Battle it out for,

Any member who's hasn't Paid 10 Membership for 2017 is ask to do so on the night if you can't be there then  
Make Arrangements to sort it thanks .


Massive well Done to our 3 Riders who Rode in the John Moore  Races at Carryduff ,Wilkie, Dave and Brandon have been in Action in  the local Races and doing very well and Representing the Wheelers week by week .
Plus Wilkie away racing on Sunday in the Omagh Wheelers McCann Cup Race.
Photos can be found on Gallery & on link 


We had a few lads racing  in the Newry Wheelers   John Haldane Memorial Road Race which turned out to be a hard days racing in heavy rain showers & wind.
We had    Paul Wilkinson           in  the A1s 
                  Dave Frizell                 in  the A3s placing 9th
                  Brandon Douglas       in the A3s 
                  Mathew McKinstry    in the A3s
                  Thomas Niblock         in the A4s

All riders all safe .


With the Open Race Season just started West Down Wheelers had 5 riders involved in a pack of weekend races on Saturday 4 riders headed to Annaclone to take part in Banbridge CC Travers Engineering races.
It was a dat of mixed performances with Brandon & Ian competin in tga A3s although Brandon had mechanical probs  & Ian found the going tough when the top riders in  the country bridged the gap over to them, Nonetheless well done to both of them as they both rode well before Brandon & Ian  both had to retire.
Clive rode well in the A4s although he has stated this was his last year open racing & means it this time .
Paul  (Wilkie) rode an absolutely fantastic race to finish 13th  was some result up against the best riders in the country. 
So from the Wheelers a Massive Well Done Guys.
Then on sunday the same rider less Clive but with Dave joining them as they headed to race in the Phoenix Gp and going by reports the 4 of them all rode good races unfortunately Brandon was involved in a crash & had to go to hospital for treatment so is hoping its a speedy recovery for him.
Its Fantastic the racing season had started again & will be joind by Matt & Thomas making his first appearance in an open race & given us an added bonus with more interest. 

Tge club racing start untill April & our riders are putting in the miles so should be another Fantastic racing season again.
This year we are running       5 Road Races
                                                      5 Australia/Pursuits
                                                      10 mile TTs.....Circuit TTs ..Etc
So there's something for everyone. 



Paul (Mackers ) McManus has got the Triathlon Duathlon Series of to a Superb Start into the Prizes again 
This us a Massive year for Mackers as he Heads to Rotterdam in Sept to Represent Ireland in his Age Group at the World Triathlon Championships.


Massive Massive thanks to each and everyone of those Hardy Cyclists Especially the Ladies and there was plenty today who turned up today to take part in the Wheelers Coatal Sportive,,Braving Strong Winds Ice,,Rain Hail an Snow,,Just under 200 Riders Took Part which was Fantastic ,with The Belgian Project and Children's Heartbeat Trust benifiting today.To get that Number of Riders in the Middle of Winter on a Day like that is Truly Amasing.But it' was very Pleasing that everyone got back to the Hall Safe and Sound and Ready for some Hot Refreshments,
To make today the Success it was there's some we wud like to thank The Drivers Allister , Berty ,,and Bloat for Broomwagon Duties and He had a Busy day with Broken Gears ,Punctures and Broken Chains to Sort out.To our First Aid Barbara which thankfully wasn't Needed .To all the Helpers in the Hall Faith, Billy,, Barbara,, Berty,,and Sandra,,
To Dany and David from the Belgian Project who we were Delighted to see them up today,To Garth Young helping us get the Riders through the Ice at top of Horseshoe Bend,,,To Billy,,Clydie,,, and Allister for signing on,,and to All the Riders who signed on today thankyou all once again ,,
Plenty of Fotos of today when I get them from Dany ,,,
West Down Wheelers wud like to take this Opportunity to Wish a Speedy Recovery to Someone who was to be up today unfortunately they cudnt make it and they were Sorely missed, Brendan and Bronagh Kirk.

More Photos In Gallery & Link in The Belgian Projects


Well it's only a Week to our Sportive Run Around the Coast  here's Hoping for good Weather,,
Few wee Details to take unboard,

Plenty of parking on the Back Rd behind Housing Estate,,

Sign on from 8.15 in Katesbridge Hall, 10 Fee 

Muga Tae  for anyone who's wants one on Arrival,,

A Run will move off at 9,15    63 Mile,,

B Run will follow 5 mins later,  44 Mile,

Refreshments for all back at Hall,,

Hall will be closed at 3.30.

If you think your are going to be bit later you need to let us know,,

Also make sure you have Broomwagon Num as you may need Assistance

Abide by law of the land this is a Must.

A Run will go via Castlewellan,, Newcastle,, when you get to Newcastle move into the left lane and proceed straight through the town,, Annalong,,,Ballymartin,,Outskirts of Kilkeel Pee Stop,,, Rostrevor,,Outskirts Hilltown,,Kilcoo,,,Castlewellan,,Katesbridge.

B Run will go Castlewellan,,  Newcastle,,,when in Newcastle move into .. Right lane  when you get through Traffic lights at Donald Carpark move into left lane and stay in it ,,,head for  Bryansford,,Outskirts Hilltown  were you will join unto A Run Route again Kilcoo,,Castlewellan,,   Katesbridge,,

Make sure you have Helmet ,,Tubes ,,Drink and Bike in good running condition,,

A Mobile Phone is a must with Broomwagon Num so  we know we're you are if you have Mechanical probs.

We want everyone to Have a very good Safe days Craic  alot depends on weather on the day if it's very bad we will prospone it to later on the year if it's a Bad Frost we will turn you back down main Rd from Kilkeel,
B  Run  will return from Newcastle,, Safety is our first Priority,,,


West down Wheelers  Coastal run
 Saturday 11th Feb 2017

This will be the 6th year WDW will be hosting the tour of down leisure cycling challenge which departs the Co Down village of Katesbridge.
There are 2 planned routes on offer:

Route A 65 mile departing at 9.30am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Annalong Ballymartin Kilkeel Rostrevor up the Newton road climb to Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at kilkeel back to Katesbridge..

Route B 43 mile departing at 9.35am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Bryansford - Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at Newcastle back to Katesbridge..

Sign on from 8.30am at Katesbridge hall changing facilities, toilets and car parking available. Parking also available opposite side of Katesbridge road in the picnic area
Refreshments will be served at the end of the event Soup, tea, coffee, sandwiches, buns etc.
Hall will be closed at 3pm..

Entry fee for Cycling Ireland license holders - 10 / 12euro please bring licence to sign on
Non cycling Ireland 13 / 15euro
Please note the Tour of Down is not a race and will be a controlled event.
Marshalls will be on route but may not be present at all junctions










Proposed Race Programe for 2017.

Once Again we Have 22 Club Races with 16 Trophys up for Grabs.

5 Road Races
5 Aussie/Pursuits.
With TTs to suit everyone so have good look and we will Talk about them in our January Meeting.

4th     10 mile TT Rathfriland Magowan Shield.
11th   10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd Murdoch Shield.
18th    Circuit TT L/Brickland Start Weir Trophy.
25th   10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd Magowan Shield.

2nd    Road Race Donacloney 5 Laps Imperial Cup.
9th    Aussie/Pursuit Rathfriland Rd Start Ballydown Finnish John Maxwell Mem.
16th  10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Murdoch Shield.
23rd  Road Race Quarry Start Corbet/Circuit 4 Laps Imperial Cup.
30th  Aussie/Pursuit Castlewellan Rd Start Ballydown Finnish,,John Maxwell Mem.

6th   10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Outlook Shield.
13th  Road Race Katesbridge Circuit 3 Laps Imperial Cup..
20th  Aussie/Pursuit Rathfriland Rd via CattleHill Quarry Finnish John Maxwell Mem.
27th  25 Mike TT Castlewellan Rd Steven Savage Mem.

4th    Road Race Donacloney Circuit 5 Laps Imperial Cup.
11th 10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Outlook Shield..
18th  2 up TT Castlewellan Rd Club Night out Bita Craic,,,
25th  10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd Poppy McKeown.

1st   Road Race Corbet Circuit 4 Laps Imperial Cup.
8th   Aussie/Pursuit Rathfriland Start Ballydown Finnish John Maxwell Mem.
15th 10 Mile TT Castlewellan Rd Outlook Shield .
22nd 10 mile TT Rathfriland Rd No TT Gear Maxwell Cup,,
29th  2 up TT Castlewellan Rd But a Craic night,,
31st  Hill climb Tonaghmore Hill Ernie Hall Trophy.

West Down Wheelers 2017 Open Events

Our Charity Spin Round the Coastal Route,,

West Down GP Katesbridge Open Race.

Eric Maxwell Mem 10 Mile TT Warrenpoint Rd..

Our End of Season Sportive .


There will be a club meeting above the Albert on
 Monday 16th at 7.30 pm 

Could all members please attend. 









Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Would like to wish every one in club , friends and family a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

There will be s few club runs over Christmas just keep an eye on the WDW Facebook.


Mackers Receiving his Silver Medal at the Triathlon Awards Night .


Last night I had the Pleasure of Handing over 200 to Leanne MaGill who's Raising money for a Children's Cancer Charity,,Leanne has many things planned and the Wheelers were only to Glad to give a Donation to her very Worthy Cause.


Well, the Curtain came down last Friday Night on West Down Wheelers 2016 Race Season.And what a Fantastic Season we have Had, 2016 Season got of to a very good Start when 3 new Riders Signed up to Race in Wheelers Colours. 2 Riders had Racing Experience Ian Weir and Brandon Douglas and both had a Fantastic years Racing both having numerous Podium Results in Open Racing and both ending the club Racing Programme with 2 Excellent very Hard to win Trophys.Ian was the Winner of the Maxwell Cup this is for a 10 TT with no TT Gear and the Australian/Pursuit Champion for the John Maxwell Mem Cup. Brandon won The most improved The Presidents Cup the Rider of the Year and he's the new 2016 Hill climb Champion. Wilkie as well as winning the Road Race Champion He was the Club Champion winner of many Cups and Trophys as well as the BAR. Our other new Rider Thomas Niblock was in the Prizes as well but he looks another Tremendous Talent and 2017 could be his year Fingers crossed.Other prizewinners were Matt McKinstry,,,Ally MCourt,and Jonny Maxwell .with Paul McManus receiving a Replica to due to his call up to Represent Ireland at the 2017 World Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam,With Paul ,Berty, Sammy ,Billy and Clive receiving Vouchers for Meal in Snuggs for all there hard work throughout 2016.

Our Club Chairman Billy in his opening Speech said 2016 has been an Exceptional Year for the Wheelers not only 3 new very good Riders joining But at our February Sportive not forgetting this is the middle of Winter 305 Riders Took Part which was Absolutely Unbelievable,with Dany Blondeel and David McVeigh from the Belgian Project along with Brendan and Bronagh Kirk coming up on the day to support us which was good to see,,
Then our Open Race at Katesbridge over 200 Riders from all over the country took part in the 3 Races,
Our Eric Maxwell Mem 10 at Katesbridge 40 Riders signed on to Ride it ,then our Autumn Sportive which was an excellent days Craic only for a Accident near the End to put a bit of a Damper on it ,Billy then thanked everyone for making the Wheelers the club they are and says we will Strive to improve were we can then thanking Snuggs Restaurant for the Lovely meal and our Guests Especially Mark Downey who then Handed out the Prizes.

West Down Wheelers 2016 H/Cap Award Winners,,

Matt McKinstry Weir Trophy.
Allister McCourt Outlook Shield.
Thomas Niblock Magowan Shield.
Poppy McKeown Mem Jonny Maxwell.
West Down Wheelers 2016 Champions,,
Ian Weir Australian/Pursuit Champion. John Maxwell Memoiral Cup.
Brandon Douglas Hill climb Champion.. Ernie Hall Trophy.
Paul Wilkinson Road Race Champion Imperial Cup .
West Down Wheelers 2016 cubb Champion
Paul Wilkinson 2016 West Down Wheelers Club Champion. Gilchrist Cup,
Brandon Douglas is West Down Wheelers 2016 Rider of the Year winning The Bunty Adamson Trophy, and the Derek Gamble Presidents Cup.

West Down Wheelers are a locally Based Racing Clubvintage Banbridge always on the lookout for new Riders if u Fancy Giving the Racing ago next year give us a Shout or ask anyone of our New Riders what the club is like, ,log unto www.westdownwheelers.com or our Facebook to find out more.

More Trophy Winners Photos Can Be Found In Gallery .


SORRY only getting to update now.
First and foremost we had a Fantastic Day at our Autumn Sour Soup Run there was plenty of crack lol , Yes the accident did caused a Damper on the day .

The 50 Riders stay togather untill top of Horseshoe bend were the momentum of going down it put the pace up,There was only 5 mile to go so we didn't do to bad before Accident.

But that's What it was an Accident and our thoughts are with Ally at this time .


Club AGM meeting will be held on 14th Nov above the ALBERT at 7.30pm

Club Dinner Night will be held in the ALBERT at 7pm .

Ok lads here is the menu for the club dinner night could you have a look over it & let us know on the Monday AGM meeting for orders & numbers . Thanks.


Well Mackers good form has seen him rewarded big time after his Silver Medal Recently in his Age Group at the Irish National Championships Triathlon. Mackers had Been called up to Represent Ireland in his Age Group at the World Championships in Rotterdam ,,This is an Excellent Reward for all his Hard work and the Club are Delighted for him ,,He's an Excellent TT Rider Recording Several 21s so it's onwards and upwards for him .


Have just checked power house sport web site they have the window closing on             Wed 19th Oct

Can any one ordering WDW kit have it in by then .

Thanks Alastair .


This Saturday sees our Run Round the Coast Our Autumn Soup Run few we things to take UNBOARD,
Sign on in Katesbridge Hall from 8.30    5 ENTRY

There will be NO Day Licences on Sat only those with a Licence can enter, unless you Really Really want to Ride it.

Do not park on Road Hall is on Please ,

Heading off at 9.30 with Lead Car First Aid and Broomwagon and Service Crew , 

WDW will set A Pace to suit all as we want everyone to stay togather as theres no Pressure for Training.

Bring the usual Essentials Tubes Pump Drink etc .

WDW Riders to wear there Club Colours , Anyone who wasn't at our meeting and going on Saturday bring some Tray Bakes or something like it,

As we plan to keep everyone togather we won't be putting up any Road Markings just follow the route




Ok lads Remember window is open to order new clothing till 9th Sept.








1       A CUNNINGHAM       ------
2       J  PHILIPS                      1.30
3       D FRIZZELL                  1.03
4       J GREGG                        1.09
5       I WEIR                             0.57
6       A McCANN                    1.18
7       B CURRAN                    1.08
8       B DOUGLAS                  0.53   WDW CLUB WINNER
9       P WILKINSON               0.57
10     G TATE                          1.05
11     L WATSON                    0.48   OVERALL WINNER & NEW RECORD
12     P McKINSTRY              1.35
13     P BATEY                        1.05
14     M McKINSTRY             1.05
15     R McDONALD              0.57
16     J DALY                           0.54
17     A McCOURT                 1.16

more photos on gallery


OK Guys plenty coming up to move our wee club on Please do get involved

1 There will be 2 club night Runs from now on starting this Thur Night meeting Tescos for 6.pm

Our Sat club Runs Have Started and will Weather Permitting be every Saturday from now on ,

We are Hoping to have a Sun Run for those can't make Saturday Wilkie Started with some of our Guys today ,

They to will continue weather Permitting.

Our Sportive in October which Is our Autumn Soup Run is open to anyone who wants a good Days Cycling and Craic,,,

Our Dinner and Prize Giving is on in November once again in the Albert,

A window for Winter Gear will open in Sept in Powerhouse Sport so keep an eye on Facebook

Plus some of the guys are looking for new socks for to suit our Kit might be good idea to buy in Bulk will keep u informed .


Barbara Wilkinson reciving flowers from the Dromore Cycling Club.

WDW 10TT Castlewellan Rd 23RD AUGUST 2016 ( NO AERO GEAR)

1         A CUNNINGHAM      32.21
2         J  CREGG                     28.02
3         I  WEIR                         25.31
4         A LIGGETT                 27.20
5         A GRAHAM               27.25
6         A McCOURT              25.33
7         P BATEY                     26.08
8         B BROWN                   28.40
9         T BEATTIE                 25.19
10       P WILKISON               23.24
11       P McKINSTRY            30.06
12       M McKINSTRY          26.12
13       M CLEGG                    29.05
14       N STURROCK             25.38
15       N MULLAN                 24.07
16       M ARMSTRONG        24.10
17       A WATSON                 25.12
18       J FERGUSON              24.45
19       T NIBLOCK                25.53
20       B DOUGLAS              24.43
21       G CLARKE                 25.38




I Have been asked by some Guest Riders to thank the Marshalls , Timekeepers , and Sam for the Superb photos throughout the Season .As Race Sec I know how Important they all are as I Myself Really Appreciate them all giving up there night so we can Run the Races.But it's nice when Riders Show there Appreciation for there hard work .
So To Our Timekeepers Billy.
Marshalls Berty, Mark , Tin , Lorna , Barbara , Bug , James , Clydie , Jonny .
Photographer Sammy.


WDW Donacloney Road Race 16TH AUGUST 2016

Tough course  Gould Turnout ,Fantastic Weather made for a very good nights Racing ,,
Last night we held our last Road Race of the Season and we couldnt have asked for a Better night of weather it was One Beautiful night,A Good Race was on the cards but this is one Tough circuit but fair play to all who signed on to Ride it ,L Wason of Plush MTB was the outright winner but Wilkie was the 1st Wheeler home after completing 5 laps including the climb upto Lisnasure .

L Watson taken the Win Tonight at Donacloney,

1st Wilkie,
2nd Brandon,,
3rd Ian and Dave


Billy Maxwell congratulates Alistair McCourt
winner of tonights Outlook Shield 10 mile TT
on the Castlewellan Rd




Well done to the 31 Riders who Signed up to Ride What is without a Doubt a Tough But Class Course , It's never easy making out a H/Cap or What group to put Riders in and last night was proof of that , Because overall winner West Down Wheelers Ian Weir Rode Fantasticly well last night to win but in his last Road Race he was Shelved out of the Same Group ,,,so that proves how hard it is to Group Riders,,The Scratch Group AVG was 27 MPH this was unreal but Ians a group had a 26 AVG on the night and that's another thing we could'nt have Predicted, But all in all a good tough Race and next our Riders are heading to the Flatfields on Thur night for Dromaras cc Road Race .

Ian Weir overall winner of tonight's Aussie Pursuit,,,
This was some win as Ian in his Last Road Race Was Shelved out the Back of the Same Group
Well Done Kid


10 TT Castlewellan Rd 26th July 2016

A Very Wet Night

1       A  CUNNINGHAM       31.48
2       A MCcCOURT               26.25
3       P BATEY                         25.46      
4       A LIGGETT                    27.29
5       N McFARLAND            26.30
6       P McKINSTRY               30.33
7       D McCKIGHT                23.23
8       S  KERRY                        24.32
9       D FRIZZELL                   24.16
10     G PARK                          29.17
11     H MARTIN                    27.17
12     P WILKINSON               DNF
13    W McNEILL                    26.45
14    S McNEILL                     28.42
15    A GRAHAM                  28.07



A Few Changes To The Club Season Are

5th     Road Race Imperial Cup Katesbridge

19th    Aussie Pursuit  Rathfriland Rd  - Ballydown Finish

26th   10 TT Castwellan Rd


2nd  Aussie Pursuit  start Rathfriland at Hilltown turnoff via Castlewellan ,Katesbridge, Ballydown Finish.

9th  10 TT Castwellan RD 

16th  Road Race Donacloney Circuit 

23rd 10 TT Rathriland Rd

30 th  Hill Climb Tonaghmore Hill


As Race Sec of the Wheelers I'm Absolutely Delighted with how our Season has gone so far ,,Our Riders have Given me plenty to write about with our New Riders Performing Fantasticly well with Ian, and Brandon consistently on the Podium.Wilkie doing ever so well in his 1st year Racing in the A1s holding his own. Thomas showing what a very good Prospect he is ,,But it dosnt matter if your the Fastest or Slowest every one is important to the Future of our club,,We are first and foremost a Racing Club so it gives me great pleasure writing about our Riders as it's all to do with Racing, 
With Dave,,Matt, Brandon,,,,and Ian up into the A3s now and Andy needing just a few more points to Join them,and Thomas showing he cud open Race no Bother now plus still believe Sammy cud do well come next year ,it's definitely looking good,,,
WE have a few a Riders who we Predicted could Do really well for us this year unfortunately they never hit the Starting line yet and that's a bit Disappointing.But in saying that massive thanks to the Riders who have Raced so far..
Once again I say a Massive well done to Brandon after his exploits in the McKinley 3 Day he Rode Fantasticly well in the Junior Tour of Ireland ,my goodness how his Determination and Hard Work is paying off . 

Aussie Pursuit Rathfriland Rd 19th Jujy 2016

Well massive thanks to all who Signed on to a Ride our Aussie/Pursuit last night,,There's a few we changes to our Remaining Racing so keep an eye on Facebook,,,,What a Fantastic night Weather wise the best night of the year so far and I was Really Surprised at how many signed on due to the Fact there's so many on Holiday.Yet again we still trying to find the write H/Cap and what group to put you in so we will continue to Persevere with this.Not sure how many Rode at this stage as there was 35 when I went off and I seen at least another 3 at the Finnish,It wast a bad Race but the Scratch got caught up in a Queue of cars and it hindered them getting up to the big group were the winner came out of,
Cud I just say for future reference if you give up the Ghost in your group please keep looking behind you and don't let a Queue of cars build up as it holds up the chasing groups pull in and let cars past.
Once again a Massive thanks to all who signed on it,,,, just 1 Aussie/Pursuit left Starting in Rathfriland via Castlewellan,,,Moneyslane,,,Katesbridge,,Ballydown Finnish,,,This is a Relatively new course we started last year and all the Riders liked it a lot,,,be good to get our Riders back for this  ,only 1 Road Race at Donacloney left and couple 10s, Fair play to the 2 lady's Andrea,and Gail,, from DCC who took on this Tough course and to Tin they never shy away from a Challenge.

Dave 1st Wheeler Tonight . 


West Down Wheelers held another Round of there Road Race Series this time on the Katesbridge Circuit .
With this being the Holiday Season numbers were always going to be down but 25 Riders signed on for the toughest Race of the Season So far,,Starting in Katesbridge the Riders had to endure a hilly course even before they hit the Brutal Rathfriland Hill which they had to go over Twice.The only brave lady Rider to Start was Andrea Cunningham whos never afraid to have ago and what makes it harder for her is she had to go off on her own ,followed by the 1st group which were all of her club mates in Dromore cc ,,,4 mins later went the next group containing a Rider making his first Appearence of the Year Darren ( Muscels ) Lynas,,,Then 3 mins after this went the next group with the bug Scratch Group a further 3 mins adrift, This was always going to be a tough one to H/ Cap with the Rathfriland Hill always going to Test the Riders and this was the case ,with the a scratch catching the group in front of them on the Finnishing Straight on the first lap the big group set of after the leaders .And just after The Rathfriland Hill what was left out of all the groups came togather with quite a few loosing a wheel going up the hill,,But there was still a good sized group to contest the sprint and so coming on to the Finnishing Straight it all kicked off with Plush MTB Lindsay Watson taking a very good win from Gary Crory ,But most importantly it was Paul Wilkinson who was first Wheeler home and wins another round of the Imperial Cup with Brandon and Darren filling the top 3 places for the Wheelers .!,
This was another Superb Race many thanks to all to signed on to Ride as it's a very tough Race,,To all the helpers on the night ,,Billy, Jacko,,,Vincent,,,Alastair ,,,Berty ,,Jonathan,,and Barbara,
Our next Race will be on July 19th which is another Aussie Pursuit Starting on Rathfriland Rd and Finnishing Ballydown crossroads.with this being Holiday season if you can Ride then come along the more the better ,,,
Would like to see more Wheelers for the next one few missing due to holidays although couple can't Ride duo to Hayfever and we understand that .

Lindsay Watson first man home

The 1st 3 in our Road Race At Katesbridge

More photos in Gallery


1       J  GREGG              1.14.02
2       D FRIZZEL           DNF
3       J MAXWELL        1.15.13
4      R STEWART          57.50
5      M McKINSTRY    1.06.34
6      M CRAWFORD    1.10.17
7      T WRIGHT            1.06.53
8      N MULLIN            1.00.52
9      I WEIR                    1.07.05
10    D McKNIGHT       1.01.06
11    P BATEY                1.07.06
12    P McMANUS         59.59
13    S CORDNER           1.03.29
14    P McKINSTRY       30.25   10 tt
15    P WILKINSON       58.47
Photos in Gallery


Well we new numbers would be down with Our We Country playing tonight nevertheless 23 Riders signed on to tackle one if not our Toughest Aussie/Pursuit, and make no mistake about this ,Whatt made this Race so good was that 22 of the Riders who signed on have Rode an Open Race,It turned out a superb Race to watch once again it was a close call to see if the leaders Alastair McCourt and Mark Johnston could be caught with the rest coming togeather on Katesbridge Straight Alastair and Mark were still 2 to 3 minutes in the lead ,but the Tough Climb from MCoys GARAGE to the top of Cattle Hill took its toll on them and with a mile to go they were reeled in,,Leaving Gary Crory to take overall win with Gareth McKee 2nd and Wilkie 3rd,,
This meant that the first 3 Wheelers were Wilkie,,,Brandon ,,,and Alastair,,,,
Would like to say it was good to see some Riders sign on for first time tonight,, Ally Curran,,Gareth Mckee,,Mark Sergeant,,,and Gavin Clarke.
So still believe we will hit the 50 mark before season ends,,8 CLUBS REPRESENTED TONIGHT,,,
Forgot u Aaron and how cud I the way u Rode tonight well done.


 Club Winners 1st Wilkie ,  2nd Brandon  and 3rd  Alastair .


West Down Wheelers
Eric Maxwell Memorial TT & Poppy McKeown TT
10TT Warrenpoint Rd.

1 Colin McGrady Dromara                                23.47 Vet
2 C Burns Banbridge                                          23.48 A4
3 C Magowan Dromara                                      21.51 A1
4 N Mullan Dromara                                          21.19 A1
5 T Beattie Tvr                                                   22.24 A4
6 P Ohagan Inspired                                           22.17 A4
7 P Gick Dromara                                              29.25 Vet
8 P Wilkinson Wdw                                           21.18 A1
9 T Wright Dromara                                           DNF Vet
10 A McCourt Wdw                                         23.41 A4
11 N McKinley Newry wheelers                      25.04 Vet
12 S Featherstone Newry wheelers                  20.23 A2
13 E Valley Square wheelers                             20.46 A2
14 E Polin Icc                                                    30.53 Vet
15 R Loughran Newry Wheelers                       22.53 A4
16 G Millar Square Wheelers                            23.10 Vet
17 J Ferguson Dromara                                    22.58 Jun
18 A Watson Dromara                                     23.31 Jun
19 B Douglas Wdw                                          22.31 Jun
20 R Stewert Unattached                                 20.54 Vet
21 M McKinstry Wdw                                   23.46 A3
22 S McIntyre Caldwell                                  20.32 A1
23 C O'Neill Square wheelers                          26.08 Lady
24 D O'Neill Square wheelers                          23.48 A4
25 A Graham Dromore                                    26.08
26 A Cunningham Dromore                             29.05
27 E Tommnansi Dromore                               26.51
28 P Batey Dromore                                        23.43
29 W Maxwell Wdw                                        23.29
30 J Maxwell Wdw                                          25.21
31 A Hodgen Wdw                                          24.19
32 I Weir Wdw                                                23.52
33 P McManus Wdw                                      21.42
34 S McNeill Dromore                                   26.44

More Photos Can Be Found In Gallery.


What a Fantastic Ride Young Brandon had at Bishopscourt today promoted by Dromara cc , He had to bridge the Gap over to the break which he did and Claim a Fantastic 4th overall , Surely Surely when he gets this his first year Open Racing under his Belt he's going to get some Decent Results.
Also Ian Weir Rounding of a very good Days Racing for the Wheelers with a Superb 5th place in the A4s,,,
Alastair , Matt , Andy and Dave all gave very good accounts of themselves ,
Massive well done to them all.

Wilkie Down at Meath GP Finishing in the Bunch.













 FASTEST VET               30





Aussie Pursuit Castlewellan Rd 31st May 2016

What we had last night was just Fantastic!  Weather was Superb , Turnout Superb , Racing Superb and H/Cap not to bad at all , The 38 Riders were split into 4 groups and they were as even as it's humanly possible.The course was not only our Toughest , not only our Longest , but it's our most liked one at that all 31 mile it .
came down to a Mass Bunch Sprint so Massive well done to all. To get 38 Riders to sign on was super as our Regular Riders from DROMARA were down at Wood green taking part in the TT Championships.but once again we had new faces taken part so if we get all out some night we definitely not be far away from the 50 mark,,
After the Bunch sprint it was Jonny Buller Banbridge cc who took overall win ,,but it was Wilkie who was 1st Wheeler home and wins this round for the Imperial Cup.We had 3 Riders in the Limit group who are improving week by week, Sammy , Jonny  and Geoff .The 3 of them Rode Superbly , also Dave , Ian , and Jonny Kernaghan rode Superbly last night so Massive well done to all .
This Sat we ate going to Bishopscourt to watch our Riders in action .

Quarry Corbet Road Race 2016

James Curry crosses the line to win tonights WDW Quarry rd Pursuit race.

West Down Wheelers Winners   1st   Paul Wilkinson
                                                     2nd  Brandon Douglas
                                                     3rd   Ian Weir
                                                                                             More Photos On Gallery.

Well last nite seen another round of our Road Race Series for the Imperial Cup , And What a night  it was with superb weather , tough course , and a Fantastic turn out of Riders.
We were well blessed with helpers which was much appreciated , also 2 new Riders for the scratch our own Brandon and Banbridge cc Jonny Buller fresh from his ( 2 ) 2nds at the weekend.The 44  Riders were split into 4 groups the H/cap from scratch to limit was 12 minutes . And for the 2nd Race in a row I got praise for the H/Cap which is always nice as I usually get Ate , Some Riders who deserve some praise was the young Riders in the scratch riding ever so well , Jonny Maxwell and Sammy Watts getting stronger with every Race , it was a very good Race to watch and everyone finnished safe and well ,Thanks once again to 2 motorbike MARSHALLS James and Mark , to Sammy for the Fantastic Photos to Berty and all the Marshalls on the night  Bug , Billy , Jacko and at least 6 others helping out massive thanks  Jacko for timekeeping,,
Next week is another round of the Aussie/Pursuit from Banbridge to Castlewellan Roundabout and Back a total of 31 miles , 
When I first used this course  a few Riders told me it won't work Riders won't do it it's to long and Hard I should think we would get over 40 no probs for it .


Update on Ulster Cycling News 

More photos on The Belgium Project. 

A few words from Dany Blondeel. 

The West Down GP had about all it need to give us a great day of racing ..no crashes ,main race won by one of the strongest juniors in the land ( Conor mc Cann Asea) beating one of the best MTB  riders in the land , first year junior John Buller (Banbridge CC) ..who is proving lately that the road suits him to ..Another Junior ,and TT specialist Matthew Armstrong (Dromara CC) in 6th place ..a mistake of a marschall send some of the chasers the wrong way (last lap confusion of the volunteer ) at the last mile ,but they would not have catched the early escapees ..The West Down Wheelers club and chairman Clive adamson apoligised at the reception after in behalf of the club ,and with awarding an extra prize to one of the riders from Dublins Swords CC ,who lost his top placing due to mistake ,everyone seems to be happy..no one does this on purpose ..just a mistake ..the rain stayed away for most of the race ..It was also a cold reminder of my collapse in this race 2 years ago..at least on my feet and sort of healthy now..thanks West down Wheelers and an even bigger thanks to the catering ladies ..as my wife is away with her sisters for the weekend ,my tea sorted ..Emyvale GP tomorrow..what sort of sandwiches will be there ..lol


West Down GP  held on Saturday 21st May 2016

Will go live on entry central Wednesday 11th May at 10.00pm .


Castlewellan 10tt tonight. 17th May 16

Unfortunately lad's & ladies tonights TT has been cancelled due to the weather,  this is for safety reasons thank you .


This was another Fantastic Aussie/Pursuit tonight the 42 Riders split into 4 groups and Bais 0 want Ann impressive Scratch Group with Wilkie ,J Curry ,Cameron ,Rodger Aiken ,N.Mullen ,Dan ,Gavin , Gary Crory ,S Cunningham ,Brutal group caught the big group of 1 2 and 3 at Ballydown so H/ Cap was near enough spot  on with Cameron taking the Sprint and 2nd week in a row Ian Weir First Wheeler home .


To get a good result would round of a very good Weeks Racing from our Guys with Brandons -11th in the Groucho,,,and Ians 6th in the Armagh CRIT,,, There's a lot of competition out there so to get a placing is First Class.

Wilkie at the Tour of the Mournes today , Finishing in the bunch finish .


Andy and Ian still smiling after completing the Armagh Crit.

Ian placing 6
Andy finnished in bunch.


Super photo off 3 wheelers in the final Sprint which Ian won Jonny 2nd and Brandon 3rd.

The WDW Donacloney Road Race  winner  Ian Weir. 

Race schedule 2016


West Down Wheelers 2016 Race Programme,


5th    10 mile TT Rathfriland Rd Magowan Shield 
12th  10 mile TT Castlewellan RD Murdoch Shield 
19th  Circuit TT Lbrikland Start Weir Trophy 
26th  10 mile TT Castlewellan RD Magowan Shield
         Starts 7.00pm

        All races sign on from 6.30pm starts 7.00pm 

3RD   Road Race Donacloney Circuit 5 Laps Imperial cup 
10th   Aussie / Pursuit Rathfriland Rd Start /Ballydown Finnish John Maxwell Mem 
17th   10 mile TT Castlewellan RD Murdoch shield 
24th   Road Race Quarry start / Via Corbet 4 Laps, Imperial cup 
31st   Aussie / Pursuit Castlewellan RD Ballydown Finnish John Maxwell Mem


7th    10 MILE TT Warrenpoint Rd Eric Maxwell Memorial and Poppy McKeown Cup,
14th   Road Race Katesbridge 3 Laps Imperial cup 
21st   Aussie / Pursuit Rathfriland Rd, via Cattlehill Quarry Finnish John Maxwell Mem 
28th   25 mile TT Castlewellan RD Steven Savage Memorial


5TH   Road Race Quarry Circuit 8 Laps Imperial Cup
19th   Aussie / Pursuit Rathfriland Rd Ballydown Finnish John Maxwell Mem 
26th   10 mile TT Castlewellan RD Outlook Shield

2nd     Road Race Donacloney Circuit 5 Laps Imperial cup 
7th     Aussie / Pursuit Rathfriland Start ,via Castlewellan Finnish Ballydown John Maxwell Mem 
14th   10 Mile TT Castlewellan RD Outlook Shield 
21st   10 Mile TT Rathfriland Rd No TT Gear Maxwell Shield 
28th   Hillclimb Tonaghmore Hill

Charity Coastal Run February Date to be Confirmed

West Down GP Saturday 21/5/16 Katesbridge

Eric Maxwell Memorial Warrenpoint Rd 7/6/16

Sportive Autumn Soup Run 8/10/16


1     A Cunningham    33.48
2     A McCourt            28.31
3     J   Maxwell           30.19
4     D Garvey              31.26
5     I   Weir                  27.01
6     R Smyth                24.59
7     J  Kernaghan       29.06
8     B Douglas             25.15
9     G Magowan         24.40
10   M McKinstry       26.33
11   P Wilkinson        23.33
12   I Walker              27.40
13   R McDonald        28.44
14   D Frizell               24.28
15   J Wilson               26.32
16  C Magowan          24.53
17  T Niblock              25.04
18  G Tate                    28.04
19  S Stevenson           DNF 

WDW Loughbrickland 17 mile circuit TT.

WDW Loughbrickland 17 mile circuit TT.

1       A CUNNINGHAM      55.48
2       R McCARTAN            52.50
3       I WEIR                          44.47
4       P BATEY                      46.04
5       A HODGEN                 46.02
6       J KERNAGHAN          45.25
7       B DOUGLAS                42.35  
8       A LIGGETT                  49.27
9       M McKINSTRY           43.44
10     A  McCOURT              45.29
11     I   WALKER                 46.08
12     C MAGOWAN            42.33
13     A GRAHAM                49.26
14     J WILSON                    45.56
15     J CLYDE                       42.56
16     L WATSON                  39.25
17     D McKNIGHT             40.37
18     D FRIZZEL                  41.19
19     G MAGOWAN            43.35
20     P WILKINSON             40.07



1        A Cunningham            31.42
2        J Clyde                          25.01
3        J Wilson                        26.19
4        J Kernaghan                27.30
5        M McKinstry                25.38
6        W Maxwell                    26.13
7        S Watts                          30.50
8        T Niblock                       25.10
9        D Frizell                          23.58
10      P Batey                          26.32
11      P McManus                  23.39
12      C Harrison                     26.56
13      I Weir                              25.42
14      D McKnight                   --------
15      B Douglas                     24.43
16      G Magownn                  25.08
17      I Walker                          26.13
18      R McCartan                   29.49
19      A Hodgen                      26.40
20      W Steele                        28.24
21      A Liggett                        28.46
22      A Graham                      29.07
23      R Stewert                       23.09
24      E Tommnansi               30.07
25      A McCandless              30.05
26      P Wilkinson                   23.08
27      S Stevenson                 33.08
28      G Tate                            27.06
29      R McDonald                 25.59


The Squad up at Clady today for Big Open RACE

Absolutely Fantastic Result for Alexander (Wilkie) today his 6th placing was impressive as he went in the break from the word go,,how he done it is quite Staggering as we went round Lough Neagh yes with the guts of 100 mile and many times he went to the front and shouted get on my wheel ,,so Massive well Done to him today.

Wdw 10tt Rathfriland Rd 5th April 2016

West Down Wheelers  10tt Rathfriland rd 5th April 2016

1     W.Steele                 28.26
2     I . Walker                26.24
3     P.Batey                   26.47
4     J. Maxwell              28.04
5      --------
6      A McCourt              26.54
7     J.Kernaghan          27.19
8     J.Clyde                    25.55
9      I.Weir                      25.53
10   A.Graham               28.34
11   P.Dreaning             29.48
12   C.Harrison              26.28
13   P.Wilkinson            22.46
14   N.Sturrock              27.18
15   C.Magowan            25.14
16   J. O'Neill                  28.40
17   J.Niblock                 26.06
18   G.Magowan            24.55
19   S.Watts                    30.48
20   A.Hodgen                27.00
21   B.Douglas               24.49
22   R.McCartan            29.35
23   D.Frizzel                  24.06
24   A.McCandless       29.41
25   A.Cunningham      31.31   (L)
26   A.Liggett                 28.39
27   C.McCready           26.30
28   R.McDonald           26.22


West Down Wheelers A3 Riders are Entered as a Team for the Lakeland 2 day Stage Race for A3 Riders up in Enniskillen on April 16th , Starting on a Saturday 
Brandon , Matt and Dave Frizz will Represent the Wheelers in this Tough 2 day Stage Racing,   West Down Wheelers  will  Support the Team Totally and look forward to a Good Weekends Racing.


Well done to the Riders at the Cili Sport today Matt ,, Dave,,,and Brandon in the A3s !,,Matt Unfortunately in a Crash so Hope he's not to bad but Dave and Brandon Finnishing back end of the  Bunch both saying it was a tough Race,, with a 23,5 AVG. Allister ,,,, Clive  and Andy in the the A4s  riding really well they had a 23,3 AVG so no hanging about  Clive and Andy finnished well unfortunately Allister caught out on the last lap near the Finnish,,But once again a good showing from the Wheelers Riders now it's Brandon and Wilkies Turn at Coalisland tomorrow. 


Massive Shout out to the 7  Wheelers Riders taken part in the Races over the weekend,We have 6 Riders Heading down to the Cili Sport GP Tomara Sat down at the Loop near Coagh,
Then on Sunday it's Wilkies Turn and Brandon again heading to Coalislland ,,It's been a very good Start to the Season for the Wheelers with the Club Colours seen at most of the Races,  Plus 3 Riders out of our new Recruits have said that there intentions is to make it into the Open Racing Scene which is a Massive plus for our wee Club and from what wee have seen so far it wont be a problem to them.To  all the Riders in action this weekend Ride Hard and Stay Safe and Do the Club Proud,
Incase I don't see yous today meet up tomara and we will warm up togather for Bita Craic.


Was on with Powerhouse sport our new clothing will be in next week & I will contact everyone to arrange to get it handed out to you's so you will have it before the club season starts.

I have arranged a new window to open 30th April - 7th May for 1 week 
For any one looking clothing that missed the last orders.




Well the 1st Report is in and it's from Londonderry were Matt ,   ,Andy  ,,and Brandon were competing in the Danny boy Cup, Andy Riding in the A4  Race had another good Finnish unfortunately not in the points nevertheless a very good Effort, Andy once again has shown how Consistent he's has been in the A4 Races no Easy Races nowadays.

         Dany Boy A3 Race
Matt and Brandon were are 2 Representatives in the A3s Matt said he didn't Finnish as he hadn't the legs to day, But there's plenty of Racing left were he can show Wat he can do on his Day,,,,But it's been another Fantastic Outing for the Wheelers Youngest Rider Brandon Douglas  He's just improves with every Race and he's still pushing Junior Gears but let's not forget he only Started Cycling last Year so to Finnish his last 2 A3 Races the way he has is Absolutely Fantastic, ,Goodness knows Wat he's going to be like in a year or 2, He looks like he's been Racing for Years.


Well it seems it's Wilkie , Ian  are Heading down to Drogheda on Sunday to compete in the Races down there,
We wish them Safe but Hard Riding Riding ,and ask them  to give us plenty to Write about....

Plus Andy , Matt  and Brandon are Heading up to Londonderry to take on the Races up there yet again we wish them a good days Racing, 
I'm Delighted with the interest in the Club at the this time and it's having a knock on effect with the rest of the Riders in the club,,
I will have more good news before the Club Season Starts cocerning the club so watch this space.


Its been another good day for the Riders of West Down Wheelers Andy had another very good Finnish in the A4s at the Spires cc Road Race ,the last few Points he needs to go up into the A3s keeps Eluding him,for now anyway.

One Rider who's happy with his performance at the Spires cc Road Race today is Matt McKinstry. 
Matt finished in the bunch today and that's with A1s and 2s,so well done to him.

Massive well done to young Brandon today at the Spires cc Road Race Finnishing in the Bunch and gain with A1s and 2s ,we always believed he wud improve with every Race.


Well Brandon was in action again today in Omagh at the McCann Cup, riding only his 3Rd open race & improving every race.
We were delighted that Brandon chose to come over to the Wheelers but was even more delighted on how he's coping in the A3's , we definitely have a good one here & im sure he will give us plenty to write about. 
Well can i say a massive well done to Wilkie  today at the McCann Cup, Riding in the A1's he rode a superb race mixing it with the best riders in the country & finishing well in the bunch again. 


There will be a meeting in the Albert Kindly Granted on Tue 8th March at 7,30.
I will have the Race Program for yous all everything has been decided,
Also could u let those looking to Join to come along and get them signed up, 
There is just a few weeks to the start of the club racing scene although 10 of our Riders have been racing in the Open Races at the weekend,
This will be the last meeting for a while so make sure u get along especially if your looking to bring any matters up..
As I didn't get signed up to the Ride the Spires Road Race and there's no Masters either I will be doing a club run on Saturday weather permitting at least 4 hrs so if your looking to go let me no and i will head into Tescos for 9.am


Well that's me safely home after another we session down at a place which is colder than Katesbridge, The John Moore Mem Race run by Castlereagh cc was the venue it was supposed to be a new course but it was froze in different places so it was back to the old course, ,Have to say got it comfortable enough and after 5 laps it came down to a Mad Bunch Sprint so glad to get it over safe and well, Definitely Annaclone was tougher last week,,,
Last week it was a 23.5 AVG,,,was told same today probably bit Quicker.

So our Attention turns to To Sunday when we have 7 Wheelers out which is class for a wee club so plenty to keep u Interested.
So Big Shout out to Dave , Ian , Alastair , Andy , Wilkie , Brandon and Clydie.


Every one home safe & all riders finnish'in the bunch sprints.


West down Wheelers Coastal run
 Saturday 13th Feb 2016

This will be the 6th year WDW will be hosting the tour of down leisure cycling challenge which departs the Co Down village of Katesbridge.
There are 2 planned routes on offer:

Route A 65 mile departing at 9.30am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Annalong Ballymartin Kilkeel Rostrevor up the Newton road climb to Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at kilkeel back to Katesbridge..

Route B 43 mile departing at 9.35am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Bryansford - Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at Newcastle back to Katesbridge..

Sign on from 8.30am at Katesbridge hall changing facilities, toilets and car parking available. Parking also available opposite side of Katesbridge road in the picnic area
Refreshments will be served at the end of the event Soup, tea, coffee, sandwiches, buns etc.
Hall will be closed at 3pm..

Entry fee for Cycling Ireland license holders - 10 / 12euro please bring licence to sign on
Non cycling Ireland 13 / 15euro
Please note the Tour of Down is not a race and will be a controlled event.
Marshalls will be on route but may not be present at all junctions


Well it's time for Reflection on how our Riders performed at the first race of the season,it's not how you start but how u improve throughout the year,
Without a doubt Wilkie performance in the A1s was Fantastic and he will have come away with a lot of confidence ,,to get 11th overall is absolutely class,make no mistake about this we are Delighted on how he Rode Yesterday, ,With 2 new Riders making there debut in Wheelers Colours we had plenty of interest! Young Brandon Douglas riding his first ever Open Race in Junior Gearing can take away some very good positives ,This race was always going to be one of the Hardest with the Elite riders in Ireland hunting u down it was always going to be a tough task when they caught up with u, But it looks like Brandon will do well in an A3 Race and every race from now on he will gain experience and hopefully some Craft,,,With Dave not getting a start it was up to Matt to Jeep the Colours flying for our club but he to found it tough when the A1s A2s caught them now he knows what he has to do ,but he to should be OK in a A3 Race.
Then it was the turn of Alastair , Andy ,, Myself and another new Rider Ian Weir, This turn'd out to be a tough an A4 Race as iv been in the Long Hard Drag out of Annaclone was always going to test the Riders unfortunately the Attacks up it every lap made it a lot harder, Alastair , and Andy ,,due to one thing or another found themselves chasing to get back on but it being a 23.5 AVG Race it's not that Easy ,Then it was left to Myself and Ian to Fly the Colours ,and Fly them we did both Finishing comfortably in the bunch ,Have to say to see Ian Finnish it was very pleasing as he hasn't had the Preparation he would have liked so there's plenty more to come from him this year,,,IN Reflection a very good day for the Wheelers and no doubt plenty more to come I believe there will be points got this year ,,who will be the first...
Big thanks to all our members who came along to support the guys ,, Really can't wait to Club Racing Starts I have no doubt maybe not every Race but we will have 20 Wheelers Riders plus taking part.
West Down Wheelers Dave Frizzel and Paul Wilkinson headed to Nutts corner to compete in Phoenix cc Races ,,Dave rode hard all day and Finished in the bunch, ,
Paul found it tough after Riding Hard on Sat,, So season has started 8 Wheelers gave taken part and the Wheelers colours have been there.

More Photos can be found here just click links  http://www.bronaghkirk.co.uk/news/annaclone-gp/



Massive Massive thank you to every single one of you who took the time to come and support our Coastal Run,  To get 302 riders on a Saturday In middle of February is absolutely Fantastic ,It looks like everyone got round OK with the Service crew gathering a few up good Jab they took his card with his fone Num on it, Even though this was by all accounts a very Enjoyable Run we will always look to better it for next year, 
Massive thanks to our Chairman Billy for all his hard work,,To Bronagh , Dany and David who took lots photos, ,
To the Ladies in the Hall helping with much needed Refreshments, Dorathy,, Faith, ,,Barbara, ,and Emily.also Barbara for doing First Aid, To Bloat , and Richie for Service Crew, Berty for Lead car in the B Run without these helpers we cudnt have had a Successful Days Cycling. 
Once again A Massive thankyou you to What I can call my very good friends from the Belgian Project Dany and David and Bronagh and Brendan for taking the time to come up and support us always look forward to catching up with the Craic ,
So see you all next year,,, will,put details up later to all that will benefit from our very Successful Days Cycling.

More photos can be found in Gallery 


Would all members please note and pass message on there will be a Meeting in the Room above the Albert on Tue 26th Jan at 7,30..
We need a full turnout as we have to Finalise everything to do with our Coastal Run,,
Plus the window for Gear in Powerhouse Sport will be soon opening do don't miss it,,Everything will Discuss at the Meeting.


The next window to order the club clothing will be 24th JAN - 7th FEB for any one looking new gear for 2016 Club or Race season.

Can be ordered direct at POWER HOUSE SPORT through there team selection. http://www.powerhousesport.com

 If any is unsure about the kit sizing please call into the shop they have a selection of different sizes to try on .


Once again Paul (Bike Shak) has volunteered to do Broom Wagon and Service Crew at our Fast Approaching Wheelers 60 mile and 40 mile Coastal Runs on Saturday 13th February ,( A ) Run setting off at 9.30 ( B )Run 5 mins later,,,Starting /Finishing Katesbridge Hall. Bike Shak Cards with Broomwagon num on it will be in hall on the day ,Please take one just incase u need Assistance if u don't take one then we wont no if your in trouble. Once again the Wheelers will set the Pace for most of the Route but u Ride it as u wish.


Would  all members please note there will be a club meeting above the Albert on Tues 5th at 7.30pm.

Some topics to discuss

 Renewal of Licences 

 Wheelers Costal Run in February 

 Club Runs on Saturdays 

 Powerhouse Sport Window to open end of February

 And any  other Business. 


First run this year turned out to be a wet one with 8 men out on a tough route most of the men getting between 50 & 75 miles.

Tough Run today all rite bit of  climbing to sap the legs Rain didn't Matter although JK didnt show and heard Shenna was going maybe they don't like the Rain,,,lol
8 turned up being the usual in saying that Dave MC hasn't been out with us for a while and Terry coming with us made good for bit different Craic not forgetting Neil who looks like he is in good shape, ,,Did Rodger sleep in ???We had between us from 50 Mile 60 Myself and Dave Frizz rode on to get the 70 so Gu'd Run guys Rain didn't dampen our Spirits ,,it looking rough for tomorrow weather wise watch yourselves if your out.

Great we start to the year.


Ok guys club run in morning let me know if your going as it gives a wet morning but i'm anyway,if no one responds on facebook i wont be going to Tescos i will just head from home across country , remember Rain not nice but its better than black ice,

NOT like Mark & Brandon on some warm weather training , and there's us getting soaked & near blew away.  Looking good in new kit.


We will be having club meeting over the next week or two a few things to sort out before this years charity event.  Could all members please attend .

West down Wheelers  Coastal Charity Event   Saturday 13th Feb 2016

This will be the 6th year WDW will be hosting the tour of down leisure cycling challenge which departs the Co Down village of Katesbridge.


Ok guys if it suits any one i'm heading out in morning for a run on Fixie ,Plus should be run on Fri & Sat leaving Tescos at 9am.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year & look forward to seeing you on the club runs,if you haven't been out for a while then come along.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the club members. 

Well will be running club runs over the festive season.

1st one on Boxing day at 9.am leaving tescos.

More dates to follow so keep an eye out on web & facebook.


At West Down Wheelers we wud like to take this opportunity to say a Massive Thankyou to the 
Bike Shak (Bloat) for all his help to our members throughout 2015. .For Broomwagon Duties,,Lifting our Riders when they have broken down Prizes for Raffle Etc,,,And always something at Christmas ,,Not forgetting our Junes Tea very much Appreciated, ,We take this opportunity to wish them Both a Very Merry Christmas and as Santa is visting them this year hope they get get what they want as the Jake Boyo surely will.


WDW Awards 2015

D.Gamble Presidents Cup-                   P.Wilkison

Bunty Adamson Rider of the year   D.Frizzel

E.Hall Trophy                                      M.Alexander

Most Improved Rider                        D.Frizzel 

Imperial cup                                       M.McKinstry

Gilchrist cup                                       P.Wilkinson

Murdoch Shield                                 P.Wilkinson

Steven.Savage Memorial Shield     P.Wilkinson 

R.Russell Shield                                  Not Run

John Maxwell Memorial Cup-            M.Alexander

Weir Trophy                                       M.McKinstry 

Magowan Shield                                D.Frizzel 

Maxwell Shield  Points-                       P.Wilkison

Poppy McKeown -                                 A.Hodgen

Outlook Shield                                    J.Maxwell 

Maxwell Cup -                                       J.Clyde 

Vouchers - Sammy - Berty - Barbara - Billy

2015 Club Champion    Paul Wilkinson    - Gilchrist Cup -

2015 Road Race Champion     M.McKinstry  -Imperial Cup -

2015 Australian Pursuit Champion     M.Alexander - John Maxwell  Memorial Cup -

Congratulations to you all


Well its the morning after the night before its a long time since i seen riders who were absolutely chuffed at the Trophy's they won ,,,and rightly so as it was said last night gone our the days when u got a big H/Cap in Races, if you win a Trophy now its because of the Hard work you put into it we have fantastic riders who didn't win anything this time and shows we are improving every year.we had a fantastic display of Trophy's last night and the man Tasked for Handing them out was one and only Tommy Lamb.Tommy speaking afterwards couldn't have said it any better when he said to have club members who take pride in pulling on a West Down Wheelers Top is something to behold.Plus he said he totally agreed with Clive when he said go out and ride your bikes enjoy it and wear your top everytime u go out .Good Club Members are worth there wait in gold its about the club not individuals .
Clive said he was delighted how the club was going the Racing is superb ,the Attitude, Atmosphere, but mostly he felt that everyone was on the same wavelength which makes his job easier, And once again its looking good for 2016 not only have we 5 new members on board we will have Geoff  back to full fitness and hopefully Alastair both badly hurt in accidents and missed a lot of racing last year,,plus Myself who try'd to retire will be back racing again and one big plus Jonny Kernaghan is back on his bike ,2 riders i would love to see take it a wee bit more serious is James Philips and Karl Wells i believe they cud be as good as our Rider of the Year 2015 Dave Frizz,A good winters training is essential to a good years racing yea Cycling takes a lot of time but if you want results there's always ways to fit your training in that's if u want it.Club Chairman Billy Maxwell summd it up his usual way Super Racing, Super Riders ,Super Club and Super Feed from Snuggs Restaurant.


Well after the big feed was ate speeches and awards all done and we were about to bring the super nights Craic to an end i will reply now as i couldnt last night as i was'nt expecting what was about to happen, ,John (Big Clydie) standing up and saying what he and the riders thought of myself and what im trying to do in the club really hit me,,,to know you are all behind me 100% just made a super night for me an even better one,, Massive Massive Thanks ,your not just riders to me your all Friends and good ones at that,,,,im sure Billy felt it as well what a rock in club he is.

More photos in Gallery.


The club dinner night has arrived again Fri 13th Nov at the Albert 7.30pm.

All Clean Ready to go, Well Done all the Prize Winners should be a class night.


Club Run Saturday leaving Tescos at 9.00am  3 to 4 Hr Steady Flattish Course.

Gives a Wet Morning will put a post up at 8AM if im going out for Spin

Not A Bun Run.


Well only one week to go to our Prize giving and Dinner, there be some selection of Trophy's this year will need 2 tables to put them on. We have some of our new members who joined recently going so make them welcome along with our friends who our coming along again,,,Should be a super nights craic so see u all then,,,

Tomorrow's Club Run is in doubt as it gives a wet morning will decide in morning.

We are hoping to make next Saturdays run a big club run as some of you cant go due to work are free so maybe do our Soup Run Route or something like it
Anyone who Rides a bike but would like to give racing a go get in touch here is some benefits in joining the Wheelers,,,,

Membership is still only 10.

Juniors are Free.

Juniors also get free Racing Top and Shorts.

Any Rider taking part in a Stage Race get Entry Fee Paid.

Plus all Gels,Protein and Carb Drinks Supplied by Club

Any Rider involved in a Crash in an open Race gets new kit Supplied Free.

We also have an Excellent Race Program. 

5 Road Races 
5 Aussie / Pursuits
Plenty 10 mile TT's

We also have a Fantastic Selection of Trophy's to be Won 16 altogether .


West Down Wheelers would like to take this opportunity to say a Massive Thank you to Tommy and Marian Lamb for all there help not only to our club but them all,,,They have been a massive help to us over the years and wee certainly are looking forward to renewing our friendship at our Prize Giving and Dinner in Suggs Restaurant on Friday the 13th 7.30.
We also would like to say all the best to Maurice as he takes on a Difficult job,but we agree hes the right man for the job and know he will give it his best shot.


Another very good meeting held in the Albert tonight with alot to get through mostly the Prize Giving night in the Albert
Big thanks to Matt for sorting the Trophy's out .

As Race Sec of West Down Wheelers im absolutely delighted the way the club has turned itself round ,was really impressed that most wanted to talk about training and wanting to improve for next year,,,There's no doubt i believe everyone i the club are on the same wavelength and what a difference its making, There's things i could say but i'v always kept my silence and will continue to do so,,but i thank you all for believing in the Wheelers and what we are trying to do ,,but mostly i thank you for sticking with us i wont forget that as Wilkie has said and i agree i count you all as friends,,,,To wear the Colours with pride means alot to me...


Just a Wee Reminder of whos signed up so far 
Make sure wee get ur form on Tue we need the Details.
Anyone wishing to join what is a Local Racing Club then come along to the Room above the Albert on Tuesday night 27th Oct at 7.30.

M McKinstry 

Those still to sign

E, Cantly
Sheena Stevenson


Absolutely Delighted to hear that young Mark (Downey ) has been signed up by Dynamo Pro Team,
Mark was a regular at our Club Runs last year and everyone agrees hes like young Matty (Teggart ) really down to earth young guys who wud speak to anyone ,We at West Down Wheelers wish the both of them every success and gives us local interest in the racing across the Water.


Can every one in the club have  a look  at club night  dinner  menu we will be taking numbers & orders at next  tues night meeting 27th Oct 15.


Club Runs are ongoing on a Saturday although we haven't got everyone out at same time so far we have had 12 riders out.
We Try to add new routes every week and i know the Guys are really Enjoying Them.

The window has closed for now for ordering club clothing, in Powerhouse Sport next one is Jan Feb time,,,

Meeting next Tue in the Albert at 7.30,,,we are getting good turnouts so keep it up.

Club Dinner in Snuggs Restaurant on Nov the 13th at 7.30,with Tommy and Marian Lamb, and Brendan and Bronagh Kirk, ,,

We have 5 new members i know you's will make them very welcome, ,make them feel at home,,,

All the prize winners will receive a klass Replica with main Trophy ,,,,so well done to all the Winners,,,,its been a tough but very enjoyable years Racing. 

Would all members who haven't filled in a membership form please come prepared to do so at the meeting ,if u cant make it then make arrangements to do so ,we want to get it sorted and out of the way,,,,Membership is 10 Juniors Free.


Ok folks, just to let you all know the New Bike Shak is opened 
for business, why not get your bike serviced for the winter season
ahead, also available at the Bike Shak are mudgards, lights and clothing ect...


Ok guys the Meeting in the Albert will be on Tuesday 27th at 7.30pm

Can all members please attend we have a lot to talk over & new Secretary to vote in.

On Tuesday 27th at 7.30 final arrangements to be made for our fast approaching Dinner and Prize giving,Also as you will know by now Darren (Muscels )
 is stepping down from club secretary so we need another member to take it on so have a good think about it, we would like to thank him for all his hard work
 this past few years, He says he will still help the new secretary to settle in, Darren is Also a new business interest and we wish him well in that,He still intends
 to race in some capacity as time would allow him.

Alastair has said the window for ordering Clothing from Power House Sport has been extened to the 18th Oct
for any one who missed the last window. a new business interest and we wish him well in that,He still intends to race in some capacity as time would allow him.


The West Down Wheelers Cycling Club Soup run of last Saturday morning photographs been lost for 48 hours ,but do to the skills of David McVeigh the photos have been retrieved ,this after I have been put in charge of taking pictures as David was away in England ...pffff ..The pictures tell a story of a small club near the Mourne mountains, close to my heart as it was there I collapsed 17months ago ,and discovered I had a heart problem..the care received after this sorry episode from the club has been heart warming , and they have been loyal contributors to my beloved project ever since ..speaks for himselves that I support their great club to..38 riders came along including some well known characters of our local racing..French based full time rider Matthew Teggart and Declan Mulholland from powerhouse sport as example ..well organised sportive with support cars and plenty of food and soup after..well done West Down Wheelers and thanks for all you have done for me ..   MORE PHOTOS IN GALLERY.


Once again i would like to say Massive thanks to all the Riders who Rode our wee end of  Season Run Yes ,
It makes me feel it was worth while as u all really enjoyed the days craic,,
But one thing i need to mention as you know it was to be an end of season day out for the Wheelers as a get together
But some wanted to ride it so wee left it open but as some have messaged me to say how much they enjoyed it and thanking us for opening it up to outsiders ,,,,,We Don't class u as outsiders But purely ( Friends ).

More Photos can be found in Gallery.


Well Guys our Our long awaited Run is upon us looks like wee going to get a good day Weather wise, ,
Some of us our leaving Tescos at 8.30 to Ride out to Katesbridge, 
We want everyone to have Good Safe Ride so abide by the Law of the Land
Its mostly Left Turns and Straight Thru Roundabouts only Town we might split up a wee bit is going Straight Through Ballynahinch but don't panic as the Wheelers will hold a steady pace so u will catch up, Once again u ride it how u like we want u all to enjoy the days Banter 
As i have said from the start this was meant to be a day out for a bit of craic for the Wheelers Club and Those clubs who have supported us for many years TVR, Dromara ,Banbridge, And more recently Dromore, plus a few other Riders but that dosn't mean u have to do it don't think we are expecting u all to ride it ,its entirely up to urself ,There will be alot of Racing guys doing it so its a chance for the Sporting Rider to Ride along with Riders they don't usually get a chance to do, so come along and enjoy the day and plenty of Soup and refreshments, I will take this opportunity to thank Our Resident Chef Jonny Maxwell for the Soup, also our Bakers Matt ,Andy, and Mark for the Sweet Stuff.

Once again everyone will be welcome ?

Start Katesbridge Hall via Castlewellan, Newcastle, Clough, Dundrum, Seaforde, Ballinahinch, Annahilt, Kinnallen, Gallbog, Gibsons Quarry, Corbett, and Finnish back in Katesbridge.
Ok Guys as some riders want to ride over to the Start we are changing the times a we bit ,, sign on from 8.30 ,
We hope to move aff 9.30 no later 9.45. hope this will suit u better .


This is my last We Message before our run ,we couldn't get arrows down in Castlewellan or Ballynahinch Traffic unreal,
Everyone should be ok though but if u puncture or something else howls ya up follow road to Newcastle left unto Belfast Road and its straight thru to Annahilt were u will see roads well marked from there home, if u not sure ask someone in hall tomorrow or get phone number of Lead car or back up car for info incase u not sure were u r,,,,,,,


The members of West Down Wheelers would like to wish Paul McKinstry Proprietor of the New Bike Shak every Success, 
Paul has Built a new building and its a Credit to him ,Paul (Bloat) keeps most of the Wheelers on the Road Throughout the year.


We had an excellent club run today and its nice to get mess that everyone enjoyed it,
Although i ended up with 70 mile it wasnt a sneaky move i just went towards Rathfriland with Geoff for bit of company, Was really pleased to see Geoff back out with us again after the year he has had,and by all accounts he enjoyd himself as Lorna Text me hes still talking about and its now 8 oclock lol,,,,,plus we had one of our new recruits out and bai is he going well thats young Brandon.


We will now be using Powerhouse sport to order our kit directly from them
 Can be found on link http://www.powerhousesport.com


Big thanks to JR Magill cycles Dromore for donating
These products for the West Down Wheelers Soup run


West Down Wheelers 2016 Election of Officers

Club President                                   Derek Gamble,
Chairman                                            Billy Maxwell,
Vice Chairman                                    Mark Douglas,
Treasurer                                             Paul Wilkinson
Assistant Treasurer                             John Clyde,
Club Race Sec                                      Clive Adamson
Assistant Race sec                               Matt McKinstry
Open Race sec                                      Paul Wilkinson
Assistant Open Sec                              Clive Adamson
Web Administrator                               Alastair MCourt
Facebook Administrator                       Clive Adamson
Assistant Facebook Administrator       Allister MCourt
Club PRO                                              Clive Adamson
Club photographer                                Sammy Magill
Timekeepers                                          Billy Maxwell
Assistant Timekeeper                           Paul Jackson
Committee -
                                                              Geoff Tate
                                                              Dave Frizzel 
                                                              Jonny Maxwell
                                                              Andy Hodgen
                                                              Karl Wells 
                                                              Jonny Kernaghan 
                                                              Mark Alexander

All the best to all who are in office we have the right men in the right jobs to move the club forward, this was another excellent meeting plenty of good banter excellent reports from our Treasurer, Race Sec, and our Chairman Billy who had the the opportunity tonight to say he was delighted 


Club Run leaving Tescos at 9 on Saturday morn gives a cracker day,,, All Welcome Steady 16 AVG Run 3 to 4 Hrs,,,
Also Rem our AGM this Tue in the Albert at 7.30, ,bring 10 for membership Fees ,,Juniors are Free.
Remember there's a 2 week window opening in Powerhouse Sport after AGM to order club clothing,
Anyone still with a Trophy make sure u bring it this is last call
Big shout out to Mackers heading to Groomsport to compete in an half Ironman 
It consists of a 56 mile TT, 1.9 km swim and a 13 mile run...


Well Everthing has been cleared for our Sportive,,,
Once again this was a run originaly planned for the Wheelers and friends who have raced with us throughout our season for a days craic,
But as riders have mess me to ask cud they do it we have opened it up for anyone ,The Wheelers will dictate a steady 16 AVG round the course ,but you ride it how you want,
1 Katesbridge Hall wil open for sign on at 8 oclock. 10 ,,,,,anyone who needsa day license it will b 12
2 Riders will head off at 9 oclock.
3 As its 99% left turns or straight through roundabouts there will be just a lead car and Broom wagon with St Johns Ambulance. 
4 Riders must abide by the Laws of the Land
5 A Helmet must be worn and bring spare tubes ETC.
6 Most shud be back in hall before 12 for plenty of Soup and refreshments and gud bit of banter.
Start Katesbridge via Castlewellan, Newcastle, Clough, Dundrum, Seaforde, Ballinahinch, Annahilt, Kinnallen, Gallbog, Gibsons Quarry, Corbett, and Finnish back in Katesbridge total 52 miles approx. Lol
Anyone who wud like a shorter route can head for Clough when in Castlewellan, and head for Katesbridge and the end of the gallbog.
Maps will be supplied.
To help with refreshments cud if possible but not essential let us know if you intend going.either mess or let someone in the Wheelers no.
Please note if its an extremely bad day weather wise we will put it back a few weeks,,


Scott & Sheena Stevenson after the lap of lough.



Whats left to say about these Riders who have Represented the Wheelers so well throughout 2015.Yea we are not the biggest club in the country but we are as close a knit club as there is and its a joy being in the Wheelers at this time, Dave Frizz, Wilkie, Muscels, and Matt took part in the Road Race Championships and bai did they do well, Muscels was 4th in his Race just missing out on a Medal but more importantly he got enough points to put him up into the A1s along with Wilkie and thats some achievement .To get 1 rider up this year would have been klass but to get our 2 best riders up is absolutely fantastic. Wilkie was 11th overall and 8th in his catagorie and Matt Rode Fantasticly to finish in the bunch unfortunately the rider in form Dave Frizzel had mechanical failure and this put and end to his Race.The Wheelers Club Chairman Billy Maxwell says hes absolutely over the moon with how the guys have performed and its having a super effect on the rest of the club.
West Down Wheelers AGM 
Would all members please note the AGM will be held in the Albert on Sept 29th at 7.30.
All members are asked to attend as we have alot to get through, Election of Officers, Our Sportive on Oct 10th,Club Clothing, Prize giving night,and our club runs etc.

Wheelers de-brief after race.

wee update

The club would like to wish Wilkie , Darren , Matt & Dave all the best on Sundays Ulster Road Race Championships race hard & stay safe.


West Down Wheelers Cycling Club

The AGM will be held on Oct 1/10/15 at 7.30 in the Albert we need a full turnout so if this dosn't suit you lets us know ASAP. We have alot to get through including Election of Officers, our Sportive on Oct 10th, Prize night on Nov 13th, Club clothing which Myself and Alastair are heading to Powerhouse Sport next week to have wee talk with Gareth to get a new way of ordering and collecting it.plus our Saturday club runs which have started. And a chance to meet any new riders and make them very welcome into our wee club and let them see and feel the Buzz thats evident in the club now.

Our plann for 2016 which has been submitted to Cycling Ireand .
1 February = Our Charity Coastal Run . Saturday 
2 May = West Down GP Katesbridge Saturday 
3 June = Eric Maxwell Memorial Warrenpoint =Tuesday. 
4 Oct = Autumn Soup Run Saturday.


Chris Magowan‎
Guys just want to say a big thank you to everyone at the club from Dromara cc for a great years racing and making us very welcome as always at your events.always well run safe events.see you's in 2016 to do it all over again,only quicker.


Club run leaving Tescos at 9 on Saturday morn bring a few Quid incase wee stop for a Muga Tea

Also club meeting in the Albert on Monday night at 7.30, bring all Trophy's back ,and orders will be taking for Club Clothing.

We would like to take this opportunity to say big thanks to Jonny Maxwell and the Albert for the continuing use of the room for our club meetings as its ideal.


This is the proposed route for our Wheelers Autumn Soup Run on Sat 10th Oct from Katesbridge Hall, ,starting time is 9 hall opened from 8.This was originally planned for the Wheelers as a day out but anyone who would like to do it will be made very welcome.more details later on,

As it will be off season and no pressure for training we will run it a steady 15 16 AVG,
But you ride it as how u want the Wheelers will be dictating the pace but you can tramp on if you want,we want it a day of good craic and plenty banter back at the Hall were plenty of refreshments can be had,

Its Approximately 52 mile but depending on were u live if you ride out to it should get u 60 plus..

Event planned for 10th Oct 2015

Route from MapMyRide


WDW Hill Climb 15

1   A Cunningham 1.33
2   M Alexander    1.00
3   D Frizell          1.13
4   L Watson          .53
5   B Douglas        1.04
6   M McKinstry   1.05
7   P Wilkinson     1.02
8   A McCourt      1.15
9   M Douglas      1.35
10  D McKnight   1.13
11  K Wells          1.17

Tonights club winner Mark Alexander

More photos in gallery.


There will be no 10 TT on Castlewellan rd on Tue ,,this is for safety reasons plus there wasn't enough time to get forms into PSNI after 10 put back from last week,they want 2 weeks notice,sorry for any inconvenience,
The season will end with the Hillclimb on Tonagmore Hill on Tuesday 1st Sept 


Had we talk we Muscels lately and i fully agree with him that the Wheelers is going the best hes seen it since he joined ,,But we wont rest there im already planning for next year to try and make it an even better one, I really would like as many as possible of the Wheelers to get involved in our Sat run which i will take charge of from Saturday 5th Sept,and yea we will be having a Tea stop for a week or two for bit a craic,,,Also as many as possible to ride our Autumn Soup Run,which looks like 2nd sat in October, 
Originally it was for our own members then decided to open to those riders who support us now its open to anyone,,,

Big Discussion here with Muscels to see if wee have Tea stops on our Saturday club runs,,,,, Haaaaaaaa, ,,Haaaaaaaa, 

CLUB RUN 20th AUG 15

Club run leaving Banbridge  tesco's  at 9am  


Bronagh Kirk
Please share this for Kirsty


On Sunday 30th August 2015
We would like to invite you all in 
Remembering both Gordon and William
And also celebrating their life
Everyone is welcome anytime from 2pm 
Onwards at our home
28 Huntingdale Court
BT39 9FD

All Lycra and cycling shoes welcome
We will also be using the opportunity
To show our thanks for all the support
We have received from every one 
And also all the people who were unable to 
Make the funeral will be able to pay their respects


We have put our 10 TT Castwellan Rd back to 
Tues   1 st Sept 15 sign on from 6.30 first rider away at 7pm  &
Thurs  3rd Sept 15 Hill Climb 7pm 

We have put back our hill climb on thurs at some of the riders looking to do Dromara's Aussie Pursuit Thurs 27th Aug at 7.00pm Castwellan start.


Clives interview with Dany from the Belgium project.qnG_pyOGiRY


James Curry (Banbridge CC) won todays West Down Grand Prix at Katesbridge, after an impressive attack to leave the race long break on Rathfriland Hill. The talented all rounder was 33 seconds ahead at the finish line four miles later. Kevin Lynch (Newry) beat James Ambrose (North Down CC) for second place with Paul Wilkinson of the promoting club West Down wheelers fourth and Matthew Brennan (Ballymenta RC) fifth. Stephen Hutchinson (Cookstown CT) had also been in the breakaway which had forged ahead on the first of 6 laps of the rolling 9 mile circuit. Hutchinson dropped back on Lap 5 and at one stage the bunch were only 20 seconds down on the leaders. The gap opened up again on the final lap and when Curry surged ahead on the Rathfriland climb which was only done on the final lap, his breakaway partners had no reply.

West Down man Darren Lynas was sixth with Shaun Carey (North Down CC) seventh.

Les Brown (Phoenix) won the A4 race from Chris Birney (Sportactive) and Graham Beckett (Dromara). Brian Doherty (Bann Wheelers was best of the masters who raced over three laps of the circuit while Joanne Reegan (Termoneeny) won the womens race. The West Down Wheelers treated all to their usual after race feast back in the Katesbridge Orange Hall. A surprise spectator was former Multi Champion and National Team Director Morris Foster MBE, who was asked to present the prizes along with Billy Maxwell aka The Lord Mayor of Katesbridge.

Big Mo was accompanied by Harford Logan who won the BBC TV Sheep Dog Trials One Man and His Dog in 1988. Harford was originally from Katesbridge. This gentleman is the Master of all sheepdog, has won many national titles, competed at world level, judged across Europe America and Canada. He was also a cyclist and remembers racing around Newtownards airfield, with Tommy Givan and Geordie. (that wasnt today or yesterday). The two young at heart competitive lads were out to cheer on all the cyclists today at Katesbridge.


A2 A3 Race

1. James Curry - Banbridge CC

2 Kevin Lynch - Newry Wheelers

3 James Ambrose - North Down CC

4 Paul Wilkinson - West Down Wheelers

5 Matthew Brennan - Ballymena RC

6 Darren Lynas - West Down Wheelers

7 Shaun Carey - North Down CC

8 Adam Piper - Maryland Wheelers

9 Sen Anthony McCorry - VCGlendale

10 Alan Cambell - North West CC


1 Les Brown - Phoenix cc

2 Chris Birney - Sportactive

3 Graham Beckett - Dromara cc

4 Martin Bradley - North West cc

5 Nigel Bradley - North West cc

6 Davy Wright - Phoenix cc

7 Mark Kendal - Banbridge cc

8 Conor McGrane - VC Ballrothery

9 Adam Callaghan - Phoenix cc

10 Ian Weir - TVR


1 Brian Doherty - Bann Wheelers cc

2 Neil McCartan - Powerhouse Sport

3 Brian Reynolds - Lucan RC

4 Paul Kirk - North Down CC

5 Mike Barton - Dromara CC

6 Brendan McAllister - Glens CC

7 Martin Ruddy - Ballymena RC


1 Joanne Reegan - Termoneeny CC

2 Jane Millar - Bann Wheelers

3 Karen Hull - Phoenix CC  

4 Alywnne Shannon Newry Wheelers

6 Sandra Denne Four Masters

7 Ashley ? Lucan RC

8 Trudy Brown VC Glendale

9 Lorraine Mulancey - Emyvale

More photos ca be found on Bronagh Kirk site link  http://www.bronaghkirk.co.uk/news/curry-wins-at-katesbridge/


Wilkie,Dave & John at the TVR Charity cycle today


Mackers who had a super result in an Iron man recently in Canada,,,
Hes improving with every one he does,
And Pete still in the winning enclosure for not only Dualthons,but Triathlons
More details from Mackers when he gets home from his World Tour with Liz


Another superb days racing at our GP in Katesbridge with 3 very good races,,The winner of the A2 A3 race Young James Curry riding of on his own on the last lap was without a shadow of a doubt impressive,,so massive well done to him,,But Wilkies excellent 4th place puts him up into the Elite of riders the A1s  for the first time in his career.

First 3 Ladies,and 1st and 2nd Masters

Big Thanks to Dany for taking the time to come up to GP

More photos can be found on gallery from Gavin Magowan.


West Down Gp will now be run on the 22nd August
All current entries are all valid for the new race date
Details will go onto Entry central...


What a night it turned out to be for the last 10tt Rathfriland rd great weather with 18 riders out tonight. Well done to Andrew Hodgen on winning the HC TT tonight with a PB and another 4 WDW with PBs tonight.

1    R McCarten    30.15
2    G Rodgers DNF
3    A Graham       27.18
4    J Maxwell       28.18
5    R McDonald   26.02
6    B Douglas       26.06
7    A Hodgen       26.34 PB
8    J Clyde           24.11
9    M Alexander  24.33
10  G Tate            26.00
11  D McKight     23.14
12  D Frizzel         23.44 PB
13  P Wilkinson    22.45
14  N McCarten   26.14
15  P Dreaning      27.33
16  K Wells          25.13 PB
17  M McKinstry  24.01 PB
18  A McCourt     24.38 PB


Its been an absolutely Fantastic weeks racing for West Down Wheelers Riders ,Starting on Tuesday night with the Last round of our Australian / Pursuit series .what a fantastic race this turned out to be one that will be talked about for a while, Almost 40 riders from the local racing clubs( The Wheelers ,Dromara cc, ,TVR cc,,Dromore cc, ,VC Glendale ,Team Asea, and Banbridge cc were split into 3 groups.Starting on the Rathfriland Rd via Annaclone, Rathfriland, Ballyroney, Moneyslane, Katesbridge, finnishing at Ballydown. The limit group were set of followed 5 mins later mainly by A4 riders with the big Scratch group consisting of 15 riders,,This was a scratch group to match any with the likes of the Wheelers Wilkinson,Lynas and Alexander,Dromaras Gavin and Chriss Magowan,,VC Glendales Gary Crory, Team Aseas Rodger Aiken.TVRs Davy McKnight, plus John Heverin and Davy Montgomery. What made this one Hum Dinger of a race was the fact they were all experienced racing men, Once the race started Clive Billy and Mark Douglas headed to the Co - Op to Marshall it but when they got there the road was completely blocked so they had to divert the riders over Rathfriland Hill, ,So this wud make it alot harder for the riders but my word this didnt deter them it made them even more determined. After they all got over Rathfriland hill the 3 groups didn't Loose to many out of there groups only group 1 and 2 lost an odd one or two.The 3 groups were giving it everything but the big scratch group were flying round this very tough circuit and so at the Corbett the scratch caught the 2nd group,So the chase was on to catch the leaders who were now down to just 4 riders,The Wheelers Wells and Tate and Dromores Douglas and Burnside who were riding superb and giving it there all .It looked like the 4 leaders would hold out but amazingly within sight of the finnish they were passd by about a 20 strong group,So comming up the Ballydown Straight it all kicked off with a mad sprint for the line with outright winner on the night VC Glendales Gary Crory with the Wheelers Darren Lynas 2nd and Paul Wilkinson 3rd.This was without a shadow of a doubt the race of the year it had everything and every rider rode their socks off,but special mention must go to the 4 riders who rode most of the race as leaders Geoff Tate, Karl Wells, Brando Douglas, and Dean Burnside who almost held out to thee end.club Race Sec Clive Adamson says my phone never quit all night with riders praising what a Race it was, Clive says he got a text message at 10.30 from John Heverin to say Clive how on earth am i going to sleep tonight after that race tonight im still buzzing,,So that says it all and both himself and Billy were delighted at how it all went,
Harry Ferguson Mem Road Race 
Last Thur night Paul Wilkinson headed over to Ballykeel to compete in the Harry Ferguson Road Race promoted by Dromara cc, Although 6 Wheelers riders were to go with the Tuesday night Aussie / Pursuit taking its toll on them and the very tough John Beggs race on Saturday so they decided to give it a miss.But Paul rode and had an excellent race finnishing well up in the sprint finnish.
John Beggs Mem Race Promoted by Banbridge cc
On Sat past 4 riders from West Down wheelers headed to Dromore to compete in what many believe is the Toughest race of them all the John Beggs Mem,All 4 riders gave a good account of themselves but the biggest talking point of the day was Dave Frizzel performance. This is only Daves first year racing and my goodness how he has progressed! Last week we had Matt McKinstry getting enough points to go up to the A3s and Clive predicted that Dave would be next,But even he could not forsee what would happen in this very tough race when Dave romped home to take the win .Without joking every one in the club was absolutely buzzing when news broke through,Dave is the find of the season and im sure theres plenty more to come from him.
The Wheelers Have 2 10 mile TTs This Week
This week the Wheelers have 2 10 mile TTs starting on Tuesday night 18th with a 10 on the Rathfriland Rd, 
Then on Thursday night 20th they have a 10 mile TTon the Castlewellan RD, both starting at 7oclock,
Maxwell Shield 10 TT Castlewellan RD,
Next weeks race is a 10 TT on the Castlewellan RD for the Maxwell Shield, please take note that no TT gear is permitted at all this is to make it a level playing field tor all the riders.
Only guest riders will be permitted to use there TT gear,, But if any Wheeler wishes to use theres they can do so but wont count for the shield..
Hillclimb Tonagmore Hill Thursday 27th,
Then on the Thursday night the curtain comes down on what had been a Fantastic years racing for West Down Wheelers club,This is a tough hill and this is a tough one to call,as theres 6 or 7 who could win this.once again first rider of 7 oclock.
West Down Wheelers Gp Saturday 22nd At Katesbridge
This is the race we have been all waiting for as it had to be put back in May due to stone chippings on the course, ,,Just over 200 riders will decend on Katesbridge, although we have everything all sorted,anyone who could help out and would please let us know we will get you something to do,
Bike Shak Vehicle Support Van
West Down Wheelers are delighted that Paul McKinstry of the (Bike Shak) has volunteered his services once again for our race as vehicle support van ,The Wheelers are indebted to Paul as through out the racing season he keeps most of the Wheelers on the road......


For any looking to do sportives up check out this link  http://www.cycleni.com/cycling-sportives/


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ,,,,,Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ,,,,,Didnt i tell yas we wud have a full team in the McKinley next year ,,, Its Absolutely Brilliant that Matt and Dave are up into the A3s ,,,,There's no better way of going up than winning the Toughest A4 race on the Calendar, ,,,
I askd yas to give me plenty to write about this year and bai all the open Racing Riders haven't let me down,,,ALWAYS BE PROUD TO WARE THE WHEELERS COLOURS WITH PRIDE ,,I BELIEVE WE NOW HAVE A GROUP OF RIDERS THAT DO THAT,,, IM BUZZING WHAT A WEEK WE HAVE HAD ,,,Well done to all who rode for the Wheelers this week i can Honestly say im Proud of yous all,,,,,,

Well Done Dave im so Proud of you in this ur 1st year Racing never mind Open Racing


Four Wheelers took the start line in what would be one of the toughest race of the season with Darren & Matt in the A1,A2,A3   70 mile race & Dave & Alastair in the A4  51 mile race.. What a day it turned out to be with Dave Frizell taking 1st place in the A4 RACE moving him up A3

No 1 in Dromore today! Well done Dave

more photos & videos can be found on face book from our very own roaming reporter Mark Alexander...


Ok guys theres a Squad of Wheelers heading over on Thur to ride the Dromara cc Harry Ferguson Road Race,,,leaving Tescos at 6,,,,,


Absolutely Brilliant Aussie / Pursuit Tonight ,Super Weather,Almost 40 Riders,,H/Cap was Excellent, ,,and one of the best finnishes iv seen,,Well Done to All who Rode to make this an excellent Event.
Well Done Gary Crory Fastest Rider on the Night,,,,,,
Also Massive well Done to Muscels who was 1st Wheeler Home,
2nd Wilkie, ,,3rd Mark and Karl,,,,,,,,
Big John Heverin just textd me there ,,he says there's no way he will sleep tonight as hes Still Buzzing after the race tonight,he says he loved it..

https://webzoom.freewebs.com/westdownwheelers/aussie 11th aug 15 video.mp4.flv


Well it just gets better and better for our we club West Down Wheelers, Starting on the Rathfriland Rd last Tuesday night with a 10 mile TT ,Paul Wilkinson was the fastest Wheeler on the night with a 23 ,this on a cold windy night. Paul usually at this time of the year Paul likes to ease up a bit.But the biggest talking point of the night was Matt and Dave Frizzel ,Both had super rides on there Road Bikes both getting PBs on the night which is superb .Mark riding his first TT on his own had a 24 but hes very capable of a 23 onthis road,Full results below,

Billy Stewart Open Race

Last weekend Allister, and Dave Friz took part in the Billy Stewart Race promoted by Appollo cc,,,And what a race it turned out fot the both of themAllister came home well up in the bunch but Dave flew home to take a very good 4th place overall, so its turning out another super year for the Wheelers Club.

John Maxwell Memorial Cup (Aussie / Pursuit )

This week is the last round of the Aussie / Pursuit series for the John Maxwell Memorial Cup, and if all gos to plann Mark Alexander shud win it outright,,,Mark is in the best form of his life really impressive, ,I gave no doubt if he took up Open Racing again he cud go up into the A2s,

Poppy McKeown Mem cup (10 TT)

Next weeks race is a 10 mile TT on the Rathfriland Rd for the Poppy McKeown Mem Cup,another popular race well attended.First rider of 7 sharp so lets hope for some good weather.

West Down Wheelers GP (Katesbridge )

The West Down Wheelers GP will be held on Sat 22nd of August when just over 200 racing men from all over the country will decend on Katesbridge, This will be the pinnacle of the Wheelers year when 8 riders from the club will take part, Paul . Darren ,Matt, Andy, Allister, Dave, Karl, and Clive .so the club will be well represented and out to do the Wheelers proud.

Dinner and Prize Giving

Just one for the diary West Down Wheelers Dinner and Prize Giving will be held on Friday the 13th of November ,once again it will be held in the Albert ,albeit if theres enough room so let us know if your intending to go,this is to give you plenty of notice.

Autumn Soup Run

We will be doing a club run round the route of our proposed Soup Run in the next 2 or 3 weeks ,This is to make sure we get everything right for the big day,,,As iv said before as the racing season is over this is a run with no pressure,we want everyone to enjoin the run and craic ,,plus thete will be plenty of refreshments back at hall ?The main run will be Approximately 55 mile and we hoping to plann out a smaller run of in and around 40 


There will be a Club meeting above the ALBERT could every one please attend at we have a lot to talk about plus the upcoming West Down GP on the 22 aug 15...


As i Stated last week after Matt had made it up to the A3s,,There was 4 more Wheelers i said wud now be trying to be the next Wheeler to do that, Dave,Alastair, Andy, and Karl all have it to do it ,but it was Dave Friz to be the first to react his 4th place today in the Billy Stewart Race ,in his first year racing is absolutely Brilliant ,,I know i speak for all the club who have been impressed by Dave this year and i stick to my previous prediction that Dave will be next Wheeler to move up,so it up to the other 3 to prove me wrong.But have to say massive well done to Alastair finishing well up in the bunch ,,,




The last Aussie Pursuit in the series..
Starting Rathfriland rd Banbridge - Annaclone - Co op - Moneyslane - Katesbridge - finishing Ballydown Banbridge....
sign on from 6.30 starting time 7pm 


With 3 Wheelers taking part in the Apollo Road Race over 2 races.

A race   with Darren in A2 section of Race 7 laps the A3s was fast from start with a 3 min time difference over the A2s which they could not pull back over the ..

B race  with Dave & Alastair  A4 Race 5 laps  the race was a flat course of 40miles  with wind & showers through in .The group was able to stay together pulling any one back trying to break away for a bunch sprint which had Dave getting 4th place & his first points & Alastair finishing in the bunch sprint



Wdw 10tt Rathfriland rd 4th August 2015
1    A Cunningham     31.32
2    M Alexander       24.56
3     B Douglas          26.45
4     J Maxwell          27.40
5     J Clyde              24.55
6     A Liggett           29.02
7     I Walker            29.11
8     P Wilkinson       23.15
9     A McCourt       26.01
10   G Rogers         DNF 
11   D McKnight      23.17
12   M McKinstry    24.18 PB 
13   D Frizell            24.40 PB
14   J Heverin          21.42
15  A Hodgen         26.13
16  D Weir             25.28
17  F Magowan      24.48
18  M Armstrong    25.00
19  C Magowan     24.44
20  D Dickson       25.27


Tues night will be a 10tt Rathfriland rd  sigh on from 6.30 first rider away 7pm


West Down Wheelers Club Reports

We are into the last Month of our Racing Racing Programe, and what another years racing it has been.Last Tuesday night we had the Last round of our Road Race Series for the Imperial Cup ,This was 5 laps of the very tough Donacloney circuit. Starting at Hayes Pipes the 25 riders had to ride up into Donacloney turning left towards Lisnasure and left down to Hayes Pipes again.The big drag up from the village to Lisnasure was always going to play a big part in the race and thats excactly what happened.After 5 laps it was Paul Wilkinson who took the last round of the series with a very good win with Dromara cc Matt Armstrong the outright winner on the night. But the rider who benefited the most out  of this race was Matt McKinstry , he finnished well up to win the series outright so its a massive well done to Matt,who has stepped up another gear this year. So well done to all who took on this race as its not an easy one especially the Ladies who rode,

TVRs Australian /Pursuit,

Last Wed night 3 riders from West Down Wheelers took part in an Aussie / Pursuit organised By TVR CC.
Paul Wilkinson, Darren Lynas, and Alastair, were all in good form even though they had a tough race the night before, Paul and Darren were in a very tough race with some riders getting Shelved out the back a few mile out the road Alastair's group was n different his group was loosing riders not long after the start,So after a very tough race all 3 came home well with Darren winning it outright which was a brilliant result for him .All 3 doing club colours proud.

Madigan GP Sat 1st August.

Last Saturday 4 riders from West Down Wheelers headed to outside Carrickfergus to compete in the Madigan GP. This is as tough as you will get But Alastair, Andy ,,Matt and Dave were ready for it? Alastair says the start was fast and Furious but once they hit the big climb for the first time riders were getting shelved out the back wholesale,But Matt and Dave were hitting the front time and time again with him and Andy doing there best to hang in.So after a very tough race it came down to a sprint with what was left ,And it was Matt who took the club honours this time with a superb 6th placing closely followed by Dave then Alastair, with Andy feeling it this time after a superb start to the season he had.So Matts 6th placing Catapults him up into the A3s so brilliant effort from him.It now's leaves Dave who looks like he could be the next one with Karl, Alastair and Andy in a 3 way fight to be the next rider to get out of the A4s.

4th   August    10 tt Rathfriland Rd    
11th August    Australian / Pursuit Rathfriland Rd   
18th August    10 tt Rathfriland Rd   
25th August    10tt Castlewellan Rd ( NO AERO GEAR )

The 11th August race is the last round of the popular Aussie / Pursuit series for the very impressive John Maxwell Mem Cup. Starting on the Rathfriland Rd, via Annaclone, C0-OP,Ballyroney, Moneyslane, Katesbridge, finnishing at Ballydown, ,This is a cup everyone wants to win ,but Mark Alexander is the rider in poll position. This club over the years had been won by many of the clubs top sprinters so its not an easy one to win.

Club Meeting In The Albert.

There will be a club meeting in the room above the Albert on Mon 10th August at 7.30 kindly granted by Jonny Maxwell (Big thanks).This is to Finalise preparations for our forth coming West Down Wheelers GP.which will be held on Saturday 22nd August. Also as we are planning to run an Autumn Soup Run possibly last Saturday in September or 2nd Sat in October. We have our route all planned out but anybody who has an idea then that will be the place to bring it up.

Club Clothing For Ordering.

Any member thats needs either Racing Tops or Shorts or winter clothing then get in touch with Paul
Any new member or existing rider under the age of 18(Junior) please note you will get a free racing Top and Shorts,so if you are planning on joining the Wheelers nows the time to get it ordered.or come along to next meeting..

My bike is out at Chrisys for paint job and i hope to have it back for West Down GP. So im back Training this week in preparation for it,,,,we should have at least 7 8 Wheelers riding it...


The four wheelers at Madigan Road Race ...Race report
The race was fast from start pushing over 25 avg's round the coast road with Matt & Davy taking turns at front when we hit the first climb the pace did not ease splitting the group with lads dropping off everywhere including Andy who chased but didnt make it back on then the kom hill dropping more men off . Lap 2 again fast round coast up the 1st climb till there was a crash before the kom hill with Alastair having to chasing group to get back on only to catch them & go out back with 2 other riders with group speeding down hill to finish had Davy leading the group in to sharp 90 corner to the finish line which had a bunch sprint Matt getting 6th place, Davy finish in group & Alastair just behind them..

Matt lifting 6th place today...


Massive shout out to the Wheelers crew heading to the Madigan GP tomara.Ride Hard and Stay Safe,,,Its been a hectic for some of our Riders with some of them racing 3 times ,,,To Wilkie, Allister and Muscels who rode really well at TVS AUSSIE / PURSUIT on Thur night.agains some top klass opposition, with the likes of Davy McKnight,Gavin Magowan, Gary Crory, and Rodger Aiken,with Muscels taking the outright win.


Another great turn out for West Down Wheelers Australian Pursuit which started in Rathfriland - Castlewellan - finished Banbridge to night 25 riders took part.....


Guys keep a on Web & Facebook ,the weather for our 10 TT tomorrow night is not looking good at all. .might have to put it back again ....


 Club  run leaving  Tescos at 9am Saturday morning..

Plus there will be runs planed  throughout next week....


Results.   1     L Watson
               2     I Weir
               3     M McKinstry  wdw 1
               4     D Frizell          wdw 2
               5     A McCourt     wdw 3
               6     R Stewart
               7     J  O'Neill
               8     B  Douglas
               9     S Bains
               10   D Weir
   Tonights winner L Watson

  Matt 1st wheeler home

   More photos in gallery

Tues 7th July road race

Tues road race is the Katesbrige circuit starting at 7pm ...

Would all riders please note we will be leaving Tescos on Tuesday at 6.15 to ride out to Katesbridge road race...

Anyone  not intending to ride it are asked to turn up for Marshalling duties PLEASE...


That's the Newry 3 Day over for another year finished 14th overall, can I say a big thank you to Lucy Pye my Mum and Dad who came out to cheer me on every day thank you so much your support means a lot, also to Clive Adamson Mark Alexander Dave Frizell who done team car thank you also, my team mate Darren Lynas who had a bad fall yesterday we all hope your on the mend and no doubt you'll bounce back


Well that's it over for another year and i have to say how extremely proud i was of our 2 riders Muscels and Wilkie, ,,To sit in car with the radio and listen to everything going on is definitely first klass ,On Fri nights 1st stage it was Muscels who was away for a while 25 secs at the most riding strong.On Sat mornings stage he was in superb form feeling good and iv no doubt but for his crash i would have heard his number on radio throughout the stage,,,but it was Wilkies turn to act and act he did taken in mind most in the peloton were in a 3 or 4 man team Wilkie was now on his own ,but that didn't deter him as he rode fantastic to finish well up in the ratings ,and going into today's last stage lying 14th and 30 secs down team work wud have played a big part,, But he again rode fantastic on his own to hold unto his 14th place ,and with a bit of luck and at times a bit of wat was going on around him who knows ,But i thank both of them for an absolutely cracker weekends excitement and seeing the Wheelers colour's riding superb always makes me feel proud. But one thing we will have to address for next year is a 4 man team,,
Have to mention how well the TVR team rode winning different tops and finishing top team well done to them.


Massive shout out to Wilkie as he tackles the 4th and last Stage of the McKinley 3 day stage race tomorrow.Wilkie is in a Tremendous position lying 14th overall just 30 secs down. He has a super chance of a Podium finish,so its all to play for . Can he go at least 1 better than his 4th last year,,,its going to be an exciting end to a tough weekends racing.




Massive  well done Muscels and Wilkie tonight at the opening  stage of Mckinley  3 Day Race.Both finishing  well up in bunch sprint, have to saythe big climb  sorted the men out bais so all play tomorrow, ,, Ride Hard Stay Safe...

All The Best

All the best and good  luck to Paul Wilkinson & Darren Lynas doing the Newry 3 day we know you will do the club proud....


There was a superb turnout of 30 riders at tonights Aussie /Pursuit, and don't forget TVR are running an Aussie / Pursuit tomorrow night Wed on Castlewellan rd. Tonight we had riders from WDW,TVR,VC GLENDALE, BANBRIDGE, DROMARA , TEAM ASEA,, AND EAST TYRONE,,it was a superb nights racing but once again sorting the groups and H/ Cap out is getting much harder ,Fair play to young Shenna McKivergan on winning it outright. Photos and results up later, i was delighted to see 15 from West Down Wheelers taken part,, and for Geoff to make his 1st appearance of the season after his accident ,and,Sammy Watts making his start to the racing scene unfortunately he punctured, ,,,

Winner of to nights WDW Aussie Pursuit,Shenna McKiverigan, crosses the finish. Well done Shenna..

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JUNE 30, 2015 RICH
Dromara CCs Hilly Leisure cycle will be on Sunday 9th August 2015.  This event has become well established over the years as a popular event on the leisure calendar.  A tough but rewarding cycling test, the Hilly is an excellent target event for those riders who want a challenging sportive to train for through the summer.

This year the event will offer a choice of two routes,  125km and 85km. The full distance event, originally known as the Hilly 125″ is now in its 26th year and has historically been the more popular of the two distances on offer. To help you decide which route to chose, see our helpful guide at the bottom of the page.

The event starts and finishes at Dromara Village Football Club (location). The route for both distances is identical until the food stop in Leitrim.  More route info below.

Charity for the event

Dromara CC are very pleased to support Save the Children  for our event. With the Nepal Earthquake not long over the relief work has barely started. For more information please click on the logo.


Food stop
There will be a generous spread of sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, tea/coffee and water to allow the riders to replenish lost energy and fluids.
The food stop will be open from 10 am to 1:30 pm.

Professional mechanical support for the event will be provided.  Dromara CC members will also be on hand to help with  any problems should they arise.

And at the end?
At the finish all successful participants will receive a a goodie bag. There will also be male and female showers and hot food at the football club as well as use of the public bar.

Event start & finish

Dromara Village Football Club Sat. Nav. Co-ordinates N 54.37118788,  W 06.01813563
BT25 2EB

Route information
Hilly 125 The original and some say the best.  This event is for strong cyclists and visits all major climbs. After lunch there is Spelga Dam and a number of other hills to climb including Leganny Dolmen. This event remains a real challenge in every sense of the word.  [The Cornmill, Dree Hill, Windy Gap, Spelga Dam, Legananny Dolmen]

Hilly 85 Same first half to lunch stop in Leitrim as the Hilly 125K, then follows slightly easier route back to the football club.  This option is useful if the weather turns bad or if the legs are not up to full strength.  [The Cornmill, Dree Hill, Windy Gap]

All routes will be signposted, and strava routes will be available soon.


Peter  Savage was 5th at Causeway Coast Triathlon


Bais o the races are coming thick and fast we are half way through our program,Last Tuesday night we had our 25 mile TT on the Castlewellan Rd for the Steven Savage Memorial Shield.To our surprise 15 riders turned up to sign on .Conditions were not to bad at all which meant for some good times none more so than Paul Wilkinsons 58 which was the fastest on the night ,this was a superb effort with only Rod Stewart and Davy Mcknight the only other 2 to get under the hour.Matt McKinstrys 61 was a PB for him and shows hes still improving with every race. But Doing their first ever 25 in their first year racing was Jonny Maxwell and Dave Frizzel, Jonnys 68 on an ordinary road bike and Daves 64 was not bad at all.and shows the strides they are making,and whats so pleasing about them they like Allister are amongst our most loyal riders hardly ever miss a race no matter what it .Cant sign of without a mention of everyone who is making the club tick over really well ,it just wasn't me who noticed after last weeks race the craic and banter was as good as iv seen ,There's a fantastic atmosphere about the club and everyone is striving to train harder to do the club proud .On Friday night Matt and Andy headed to Lurgan to take part in a Criteriam,and both rode really well with Matt 6th overall and Andy finishing well in their race. This weeks race is another round of the Aussie / Pursuit series Starting on the Rathfriland Rd via Rathfriland Hill ,Ballyroney, Moneyslane, Katesbridge, Cattlehill, Garvaghy Post Office and finish at the Quarry.Then next week 7th July we have a Road Race at katesbridge 3 laps of our West Down Gp circuit.
Then all riders please note that a 10 TT which was to held on the Castlewellan RD on Tue night 14th of July will now be held on Thur 16th .


Paul McManus    Causeway Tri 2015, first triathlon of the year...


Wdw 25tt Castwellan rd

1   Mark & John 1.02:36
2   A McCartan  1.16:24
3   B Douglas      1.11:31
4   J Maxwell      1.08:39
5   A McCourt     1.05:08
6   T Beattie         1.05:14
7   A Hodgen           DNF
8   R Stewert       58.50
9   M McKinstry 1.01:53 PB
10  P Wilkinson 58.42
11  D Frizell        1.04:14
12  D McKnight  59.49
13  J Clyde           1.02:42
14  G Rogers         DNF

Paul Wilkinson winner of tonights race...

winner of to-nights TT Paul Wilkinson,shakes hands with Matt McKinstry who recorded a PB over this event. Well done to both riders...

  more photos in gallery....


Tues nights will be the 25tt castlewellan rd    7pm 


This is the reminder of the our races,please note that the 10 TT on the 14th July will not be run on that date.


Well its been another busy week in the life of a West Down Wheeler rider, On Tue night we had the very tough Quarry Race 8 laps of a 2 and a half mile circuit.To make matters worse the riders had to endure 8 times up a really tough hill which wud sap them every time they went up.The 20 riders were split into 4 groups,The way the race paned out brought it down to the remainder of the A3 and A4 group but on the last lap there was only one A4 rider left in that group.But there was some very good riders in this group with our own Mark, John Kernaghan, ,Darren Lynas and Matt McKinstry. Plus riders like Rod Stewart, and Nathan Mullan ,So in the very fast last lap it was Darren who sprinted to the win with Mark 2nd and Matt 3rd. This weeks race is a 25 mile TT on the Castlewellan RD, with next weeks race the very popular Aussie / Pursuit Starting on the Rathfriland Rd and finishing at Ballydown with Cattlehill through into it.
Saturday Club Run
6 riders left Tescos today Saturday at 9 with a little light Drizzle, Clive, Allister, Matt, Davy, Rod,and Andy.They headed to Markethill,Then to Keady were Cive and Allister headed over the mountain, the rest headed to Armagh with most getting in and around 70 mile.It turned out a beautiful day and all home safe.
Grandfondo Event
A massive well done to Eddy and Dorathy Cantly who took part in the Grand Fondo at the weekend, when approx 4,000 cyclists took part in what was a very tough route.


This Sat we will be running a club run from TESCO'S 9am 

UPDATE ON WDW Quarry Road Race Circuit 8 Laps 16th June 2015

Tonights Winner   1st   Darren Lyness
                            2nd Mark Alexander
                            3rd  Matthew McKinstry

More Photos In Gallery...


Tues night will be a Road Race Quarry Circuit 8 laps  ( Imperial Cup )  7pm 


Six riders from our club headed to Omagh for the road race
 Wilkie & Darren   in the A1 A2 race
Matt ,Andy, Davy & Alastair  A4 Race
And what a day did it turn out  with 2 lads getting points...
Wilkie getting 6th in the A1 A2 race
Andy  getting 7th in the A4 race

The lads today before the race, Andy away to get numbers on


Have to say big well done to the riders who have been busy this week, On Tuesday night we had the very tough but very enjoyable Aussie / Pursuit starting on Castlewellan rd to Castlewellan roundabout and back a total of 31 miles. The 30 riders from the local clubs were split into 5 groups,This had the makings of a cracker of a race, super weather, super course, ,and super turnout, With a headwind to the turn and a massive drag from Ballyward to top of horseshoe bend and then back up it from the other side from Castlewellan to top of horseshoe,Although it was telling a tale on some riders the limit group who were expected to blow rode superb up it both ways.The A3 group caught the A4s and they got organised to try and hold of the scratch group,And that's what they did they were matching the pace of scratch and holding there own,Some riders were getting shelved out of the big A3 A4 group but the leaders were holding the own And when they came into view up the straight to Ballydown they were still way out in front and so it was a sprint between the 4 of them With Ray Tinsley taking a deserved win from young Shenna McKivergan with Brando Douglas and Jonny Maxwell.This being Jonny Maxwell was the 1st Wheeler home so takes this round of the Aussie / Pursuit series.with Matt McKinstry 2nd and Mark Alexander 3rd.There was some very good performances from the Wheelers and lately Paul !Matt,Mark, John, and D.Friz has been getting the praise but one rider who's starting to show that he means business is Allister MCourt who rode an excellent race.So big well done to all the riders who made this a very good race,But a rider who deserves a special mention for she epitomises what you need to do well at cycle racing and thats Bernie Monaghan whos never say die attitude to the end caught the eye.
Dromara cc Road Race
On Thursday night 4 riders from West Down Wheelers took part in a club Road Race run by Dromara cc, a held on the very tough Tommy Given Course at Annihilt.and all riding well.
CALDWELLS Cycles Road Race. 
This weekend 6 riders from West Down Wheelers are heading to Omagh to compete in Caldwell Cycles Road Race Paul, Darren, Matt, Dave, Andy, and Allister,,The Club wish them a safe race and hope some of them get a few points,
Summing up
Its a joy to see the club doing really well and well represented in the races ,we have riders in all the races so far this year ,Also to see riders improving with every race is driving others on to train harder and i cant ask for much more,
Anyone who would like to give racing ago but a wee bit hesitant ,well get in touch ,If you look at 2 of our riders who started racing this year Jonny Maxwell won a 31 mile Aussie / Pursuit on Tuesday night ,and his mate Dave Frizzel has taken to racing like a duck to water,2 very good prospects.



West Down Gp will now be run on the 22nd August
All current entries are all valid for the new race date
Details will go onto Entry central

UPDATE ON WDW Aussie Pursuit Castlewellan Rd

30 riders took to the line in tonight's longest Aussie / Pursuit starting on Castlewellan rd to Castlewellan and back total of 31 miles, ,,, The 5 groups all had experienced riders in it,and this really helped to get them all working well together and that made all the difference, The 5 riders in the limit group worked well to hold off the big chasing group.And Ray Tinsley outsprinted all his group to take the win,with young Shenna 2nd But most important it was Jonny Maxwell who was 1st wheeler home with young Dan winning the sprint out of his big group,,, i like it when i get the H/Cap right ,,but i hold my hands up when i get it wrong and tonight was one of them nights,,,Due to stone chippings on road next weeks race is 8 laps of the quarry circuit,,,, Big thanks to all who turned up to support us tonight,,,
Dont forget
 Dromara cc have at Road Race on Thur night on the Tommy Given Course starting at Lisnagarvey Hockey club,

Big well done to Jonny Maxwell 1st wheeler home tonight,,,,


This Tues is a Aussie Pursuit Castlewellan rd 
start/finish ballydown 7pm 


Well done guys in Dromore cc by all reports u had a very good day in ur sportive,,,,please except are apologies from the Wheelers unfortunately 4 of us don't ride on the Sabbath, and some of our guys had a very tough days racing at Bishops court on Saturday, ,,, but big well done to you's,,,


As Race Sec of West Down Wheelers i have to say im so chuffed at how some of our Riders are performing in the Races.In the past Riders like John (Clydie), Mark, J.Kerny,, Paul (Wilkie )Darren (,Muscels ) Will, and Paul (Mackers ) have given me plenty to write about especially their times invthe TTs ,as i stated before we have riders comming through like Karl, Alastair, J.Maxwell, and Andy ,who are improving with every race,,But once again today Saturday Matt, and Dave Frizzel caught the eye along with Paul (Wilkie) and Darren (Muscels), ,even though Matt and Dave rode superb its just a wee bit of lack of experience that's stopping them getting into the points.But i have no doubt they will be in the points when they learn to use A WEE BIT OF RACE CRAFT,,,,But the result for me today was Paul (Wilkie) riding most of the race from lap 3 out of a total of 15 with just one other rider was without a shadow of a doubt very Impressive due to the brutal wind blowing,It was a joy to watch him in this type of form ,surely hes hitting superb form coming up to the big McKinley 3 day stage race at end of June,,He also had a 22 for a 10 on Tuesday night on the Rathfriland Rd in windy conditions.So guys lets see u all put in big effort in the next races comming up,
On thur night we had the Eric Maxwell Memorial Cup on the Warrenpoint rd, 27 riders took to the Starting line The winner on the night was Sean Mclntyre with a 20 .With John Heverin just 6 secs behind in 2nd place with as 20 as well,Good performances from the Wheelers riders with Paul on a 21,Matt short 23,Alastair long 23 and Will a 23 ,Paul (Mackers) a superb 22 .04 and Muscels a 23 .Resuts for all our races can be seen on our web, www.westdownwheelers.com. West Down Wheelers are a local racing club anyone looking to give it go then get in touch.I can honestly say im so Chuffed to be part of West Down Wheelers cycling at this time ,,, i couldn't say a bad word about anyone in club at this time everyone is working to make the club successful and its having a possitive response, 
The West Down GP which had to be postponed early will now be run on August the 22nd,,,
Also The Wheelers Autumn Soup Run will take place 1st or 2nd Saturday in October, Starting in Katesbridge the riders will travel to Castlewellan, Newcastle, Clough,Ballinahinch, Annahilt, Kinnallen, Gallbog, Cattlehill, MCoys Garage and finish Katesbridge Hall, This will be a steady 16 AVG run as Race Season will be over by then,and most riders will be reasonably fit ...


Here a we link to results site.

Wilkie sprints for 3rd place...

up date from bishops court road race

Well Done to Alexander (Wilkie Bai) on his terrific 3rd place at Bishopcourt today,,,
Absolutely Fantastic Kid Brilliant, ,,,,, you rode superb the whole race,,,,


Myself and Muscels with a Muga Tae and Chocolate Digestive Energy Biscuits, ,,Haaaaaaaa, ,,Haaaaaaaa, ,,,


we update from clive

Thats prob last time we hold the Eric Maxwell Memorial on aThur night ,,from now on we are holding it on our club race night Tuesday, ,Big thanks to all that rode on what was a far from easy night,,,,,

Have to say we have in the club at this time some Fantastic Riders to mention a Few, ,Wilkie, Muscels Clydie,,,Mark, J.Kerny,, Will, and Mackers,,but we have some comming along really well like Allister, Karl,and Andy ,,,but 2 riders who have really impressed me this year is Matty, and Dave Friz,,,Bais 0 its really klass to see, But i still believe we havnt seen the best yet of Geoff and J.Maxwell, I can see only fantastic racing in the club for years to come ,,

Ok guys as some of u no i have thinking of this for a few years now ,and as the club has settled down again i feel the time is right,I have run this past Wilkie and Muscels and they feel the same as myself ,,im penciling in prob the 1st or 2nd Sat in October for what will be Wheelers Autumn Soup run.Hopefully starting at Katesbridge Hall via Castlewellan, Newcastle, ,,,Clough, Ballinahinch, Ballykeel,,Kinnallen, Gallbog,, Cattlehill, ,,Katesbridge,,,this might not be final decision so have a wee look guys tell me wats yas think,As this will be at end of the racing season this will be in and around 16 AVG run ,Want a wee run no pressure for bita craic with everyone,
Well it seems that there is alot of interest in this run ,so any more ideas about it will be talked about at our next meeting.

upcoming event

TVR open TT series round 3
Wednesday June 10th sign on 6.00pm
Warrenpointb Harbour , in Warrenpoint...

Tues 9th June Australian

Next Tuesday nights race is the big one Prob the most popular but toughest of them all Its our Australian / Pursuit to Castlewellan roundabout and back a total of 31 miles ,, ya needn't turn up to this if your only half fit.

Starts 7pm Castlewellan Rd   start/finish B/Down 

The Belgian Project Update

The Belgian Project
Well ..its time again to go to the battle of the Donegal hills ..The Ras Dhun Na Ngall is one of my favourite races of the year (4 stages with not a flat bit in it) ..For the 3th year in a row The Belgian Project field a young team of talented riders..This year we concentrate on getting the selection of juniors a chance, with one espoir Zak Hanna as captain +juniors Marc Heaney , Breanainn Harpur , Nathan Weir and Joshua Francis (South African guest rider ).With an experienced entourage to back them up before and after, such as Gordy Roberts as team mechanic, Margaret Mc Namara as catering chief and team mother, David McVeigh as media support and soigneur ,and my grandson Matthew Mcbratney as assistant soigneur ,we will make sure that this youngsters are well prepared and fed . This gruelling race with 180 riders is seen as a serious test for such young age of the team ( average 17 years old) A thank you is in order to the 2016 sponsors of the projects composite teams, including providing funds for the selection for Belgian guest riding in the summer ..they made this possible .. Intouch Network Solutions, powerhouse sport , McConvey Cycles , West Down Wheelers Cycling Club and John M Hanna Cycles ,Dromara Cycling Club, Omagh Wheelers , Cafe T Lusterke Belgium, Cic Bellaghy ,the sisters Mc Namara for supplying catering provisions, John McGlaughlin for the bakery products, and Bike Pure for bringing the inspiration to the team. Also gratitude towards the organizers Four Masters Cycling Club for putting such feast of cycling on the menu this weekend..nr 36-37-38-39-40 will do us proud for sure !!

wdw 10tt warrenpoint

Wdw 10tt Warrenpoint rd 4th June 2015

1 N Mckinley 27.05
2 S O'Neill 27.50
3 E McDald 24.35
4 H Martin 24.48
5 J Rafferty 22.21
6 J Clyde 24.13
7 P Ormrod 34.07
8 A McCourt 23.59
9 D Frizell 24.17
10 M McKinstry 23.11
11 A Hodgen 24.59
12 W Maxwell 23.59
13 R McCartan 28.19
14 J Heverin 20.41
15 T Beattie 23.47
16 P Beattie 24.28
17 E Vallely 21.25
18 A Finnegan 24.17
19 P Ohagan 23.08
20 P McKinstry 27.12
21 P Wilkinson 21.52
22 K Parton 24.16
23 C Wilson 25.34
24 K Lynch 21.41
25 P McManus 22.04
26 D Lynas 23.38
27 S McIntyre 20.35

S McIntyre 20.35
J Heverin 20.41
E Valley 21.25

VET J Rafferty

LADY K Parton

thursday night tt 4th June 2015

West Down Wheelers are holding the Eric Maxwell Memorial 10 mile TT this coming Thursday night @ Warrenpoint. 
Sign on from 6pm @ Warrenpoint Harbour,1st rider away at 7pm . Cash prizes on the night, fastest rider on the night will lift the Eric Maxwell Memorial Cup
Entry fee 5 
Weather is looking great for some very fast times 

10 tt rathfriland rd 2nd june 2015

Wdw 10tt rathfriland rd 2nd June 201
0 John & mark 2 up 24.50
1 A Cunningham 30.14
2 J O'Neill 27.47
3 J Maxwell 27.48
4 B Stratton 25.43
5 K Wells 26.58
6 B Douglas 28.35
7 P Dreaning 29.28
8 P Wilkinson 22.37
9 A Liggett 30.18
10 A McCourt 25.36
11 D McKnight 23.38
12 D Frizell 25.42
13 S Buchanan restart
14 T Beattie 25.23
15 M McKinstry 24.32
16 R McCartan 29.12
17 W Maxwell 25.18
18 S Buchanan 26.51

Winner of tonights 10 mile TT, Paul Wilkinson. Well done Paul.

More photo's of tonights TT in gallery....

we update on West Down GP



upcoming event

weekly update from Clive

Well i think most if not all of the 20 riders who rode it will tell ya that was one tough course ,4 laps of a hilly circuit a quarter of the riders who started finished it, This was without a shadow of a doubt a very tough fast race and fair play to those who started it.It wasnt the perfect race with the Dromara contingent given it a miss we only had 2 scratch riders Davy and Wilkie so they went with the A3s with our own riders Mark and J.K ,but the riders i felt sorry for was young Shenna and Rodger who had no partners to go with and its not nice riding a race on ur own.Starting at the Quarry the riders headed for Balievey crossroads turning left out to the Corbet ,turning left again and straight out to the Gallbog crossroads, left again down past Garvaghy Post Office and up to the Start/Finnish line ,a total of 4 and a bit laps.The H/Cap from Limit to the big A4 group was 7 mins and then back to scratch a further 2 mins. The big A4 group didnt have it all there own way on the first lap they had to pull in to wait on a tractor comming up a narrow road. This allowed the 5 scratch riders to gain even more on ther 2 min H/Cap. Plus the A4 group were not riding the way they shud have to keep scratch away, It was anything but organised so this played into the 5 scratch riders hands as they caught the leaders on the 2nd lap and attacked and blew the group to pieces, it came down to about 6 or 7 riders with Paul (Wilkie ) Wilkinson whos having a super season taking a well deserved win with John 2nd Davy McKnight TVR 3rd and Mark 4th.big thanks to everyone who rode plus Sammy for the klass fotos ,To Berty,Barbara, Clydie, and Billy for Marshall duties and Paul (Jacko) Jackson for timekeeping, 3 riders who deserve a mention as they rode well all night was Allister MCourt ,Dave Friz and Matt McKinstry all of West Down Wheelers ,and Gavin Clarke of TVR who rode a very good race. But 2 riders who do hardly any training worth while talking about but rode superb throughout the race Mark Alexander and Jonny Kernaghan. A 10 mile TTwill be held on Rathfriland Rd this week and then this Thursday 4th at 7 we have a 10 TT on Warrenpoint rd for the Eric Maxwell Mem.This season is flying in and the races are coming thick and fast with the riders in West Down Wheelers involved in almost every race, this Saturday we have 7 riders heading to Bishop's Court race track to compete in the Dromaras big race ,Paul, Clive, Darren, Matt, Dave, Allister, and Andy.so should be a super days racing,

wee update on tonights race

Well i think most if not all of the 20 riders who rode it will tell ya that was one tough course ,4 laps of a hilly circuit a quarter of the riders who started finished it, It wasn't the perfect race with the Dromara contingent given it a miss we only had 2 scratch riders Davy and Wilike so they went with the A3s with our own riders Mark and J.K ,but the riders i felt sorry for was young Shenna and Rodger who had no partners to go with and its not nice riding a race on ur own.But fair play to them they gave it ago.The big A4 group didn't have it all there own way on the first lap they had to pull in to wait on a tractor coming up a narrow road. This allowed the 5 scratch riders to gain even more on their 2 min H/Cap. Plus they were not riding the way they should have to keep scratch away, They scratch caught the leaders on the 2nd lap and blew the group to pieces, it came down to about 6 or 7 riders with Wilkie taking a well deserved win with John 2nd Davy 3rd and Mark 4th.big thanks to everyone who rode plus Sammy for the klass photos ,To Berty,Barbara, Clydie, and Billy for Marshall duties and Jacko for timekeeping, next up we have a TT on Rathfriland Rd next Tue then we have a 10 TT on Warrenpoint rd for the Eric Maxwell mem.This season is flying in and the races are coming thick and fast.

A smiling Paul Wilkinson winner of tonights road race,,,

more photos in gallery....

tues night 26th May 2015

26th  May      Road Race Quarry Start /Corbet 4 Laps Circuit Imperial Cup....7pm start 

weekly update from Clive

As race sec i was delighted with the14 riders who rode on Tuesday night in wet and windy conditions. 
Especially the 2 ladies Andrea and Dorathy who brave the weather when men didn't. Im delighted with the attitude of our riders who really want to improve Karl surprised us when he rode to Portrush last night for training then Matt,Andy and Dave bettering that in club run today,, doing 70 to 100 miles.That's what i love to see and it will have a positive response in the club ,,Also Geoff is clocking up the miles and we shud see him make his first start this year soon,But for me now its the form of Mark down to his lightest hes ever been and riding superb in club races ,iv been at Mark for a few years now to get the weight of and bai has it worked,and now my attention is for Karl to do the same and show us what he can do ,and biggest surprise in his 1st year racing D.Friz who looks an excellent prospect,So its going to be an exciting 2nd half of the season and im really looking forward to it. On Wed night Alastair rode really well in TVRs Aussie /Pursuit and showing hes getting back to form,Then on Thur night Muscels, J,K, Matt,and Dorathy rode in another club Road Race with J.K just pipped into 2nd place after riding a super race with Matt just behind him,and Muscels riring superb in scratch,well done to them all and Dorathy never afraid to take on any race on any course.

10 tt Castlewellan rd 19th May 2015

Results of 10 mileTTs Castlewellan RD, 
1 N.Stratton 25.59
2 D.Cantly 32.32
3 J.Clyde 25.50
4 J.Maxwell 29.19
5 McKinstry 25.15
6 A.Cunningham 31.45
7 Wilkie .23.03
8 A.MCourt 26.16
9 D.Friz 26.19
10 D.Lynas 24.14
11 D.McKnight 23.19
12 S.Bucannan 28.36
13 Mark 25.32
14 John 25.32
H/Cap winner
1 D.Friz
2 Matt
3 Jonny. Maxwell

more photos can be found in gallery..

West Down Gp Postponed

The West Down GP which was due to take place this coming Saturday at Katesbridge has had to be postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the club.

Would all riders who read this please pass it on.It is with deep regret that we have had to postpone the West Down GP which was to be held this sat 23rd,,Unfortunately this Wed or Thur anything up to 10 mile of our course will have loose chippings put on it.This past few days since we heard we have been on with the Quarry involved, ,PSNI,,,Local councillor,but to no avail,,we wanted to run a new course in same area but the Parades Commission want 28 days notice which we cant do,,Marian is trying to get us a new date asap ,we will  post the information as soon as it becomes available ,anyone who wants a refund can get in touch,,but anyone who still wants to ride it will be ok. Sorry for any inconvenience but we were all looking forward to it ,,,but these things happen,,
                                                                           Thank you....

weekly update from Clive

Well its been another busy but very enjoyable week for our riders ,after last weekends supervshowing of Muscels and Wilkie in the Groucho, ,then next day both of them riding really well in the Tour of the Mournes, ,,Theres no doubt these 2 are going to give us plenty to cheer about this year. Then on Tuesday night in the 1st round of our Australian /Pursuit series it turned out another cracker of a race,,,32 riders signed on to take on this tough but enjoyable course, and to make matters harder look at the scratch team, Wilkie, Gavin and Chriss Magowan, John Heverin, ,,Gary Corry,, ameron Mclntyre, Davy McKnight, Nathan Sturrock ,,,and young Zak,,,,,,we always knew the Rathfriland Hill would take it out of most riders with all 3 groups loosing a rider or 2.But the leaders with our own Big Clydie, ,Dave Friz, ,and Allister were making the most of there 4 min H/Cap over the big A4 group with a few A2 riders in it all came down to the straight up to the finnish line with all 3 groups on it same time but none cud catch the one in front as they were giving it everything.and so it was Big Clydie who took a deserved win from Dave and Allister, ,,We always try to do H/ Cap to end the way this race did and when it works its klass, Have to say massive well done to Andrea and Dorathy who took on this race when some men opted out of it.Big thanks to Billy and our new man Jacko for timekeeping Sam for the klass fotos Berty,Geoff and Barbara for Marshalling duties. ..Next up we have 4 maybe 5 riders heading to the Tommy Given Mem race at Hillsborough .Myself,, Matt,,Andy and Karl,,,hoping to get a few points then Muscels Heading south next day to race ,,,,Ride Hard and Stay Safe, Then next Sat we have the West Down GP at Katesbridge, ,,,West Down team is Wilkie, Muscels, Clive, Matt, Dave Andy, ,Karl, ,and Allister all out to do club proud ,,Rem theres a meeting in the Albert on Monday night at 7.30 for final details for GP.Anyone who ordered a Hoodie with Alastair it is now ready u can lift it at meeting. JUST to some up the season so far plenty to shout about Wilkie and Muscels going super Matt now going the way we knew he could go and still improving. Dave and Karl very successfully open racing now and il tell what we going to see alot more from these 2,,Andy in the points in the big races,,,And John and Mark absolutely flying in the Aussie Pursuits and Road Racing in the club races definitely the 2 to beat but watch McKinstry. We still have Geoff, Will,and Sammy to hit the starting line yet so its all good in the Wheelers and its reflecting well throughout the club,,,
Big thanks to those riders from Banbridge cc, Dromore cc,TVR cc,,,VC Glendale,,,,Appollo cc,, Dromara cc,,, and Clann Eriann for the continued support and its very pleasing to see ur comments on FB that you really enjoyed the Race.
Last Sat 4 riders from West Down Wheelers traveled down to Hillsborough to take part in the Tommy Given Mem race Matt , Clive, Andy, and Karl, all rode well in what was a tough circuit with Clive the pick of them this time finnishing well up ,with about 30 out of the 80 starters finnishing the race ,,with Matt next best so big well done to the 4 of them,
This Saturday sees all roads leading to Katesbridge for West Down Wheelers West Down GP Road Race, with 200 riders expected to take part sign on from 9 in Katesbridge Hall,with refreshments in same hall after race,WDW will have members from Dromore cc helping with Marshalling duties as we have 8 riders representing the club in the races..

Tues 19th May TT

Tonights is 10 mile TT Castlewellan rd 7pm start..

Club meeting monday 18th May

There  is a club meeting above the Albert  at 7.30pm sharp we have a lot to talk about...

we update on tonights race from Paul

32 keen cyclists turned out tonight for the Westdown Wheelers Australian Pursuit, Along with a good turnout from the host club 7 clubs were represented Banbridge CC, Dromara, TVR and Dromore CC with VC Glendale, Apollo and Clann Eireann also in attendance. Four groups took to the road and with the fast tailwind to Rathfriland each group was going to have to work hard to make any gains
With six miles to go the scratch group were hot on the tails of the main group on the road and had started to pick up riders who were getting distanced from their respective groups, Three riders from the 2nd group stayed away and from this group came the winner John Clyde with Alastair Mccourt 2nd and Dave Friz taking a fine 3rd
Well done to everyone who turned out for the race,and to the timekeepers who got the handicaps spot on, due to a few unexpected twists on the road all groups would have came together with a mile to go
On behalf of the Westdown Wheelers i want to welcome Paul Jackson into our ranks, jacko is going to take on the timekeeping duties and will be a asset to our club

Billy Maxwell congratulates John Clyde,winner of tonights Aussie Pursuit.
Well done John.

wee update on Tommy Given Mem

Well done to Clive,, Matt,,Andy,,and Karl today at the Tommy Given Mem at Hillsborough, ,,all 4 riders finnishing well so club well represented again today,,,,

wee update

Billy with his apprentice Paul (Jacko)Jackson,,,,he has returned to the Wheelers and wants to do the watches.,,,,,,,club is delighted,

12th May

Tonight is the 1st Aussie/Pursuit ...start Rathisland Rd - Ballydown finish...

update from Clive on Groucho Gp

Just home from the Groucho and bai am i a happy bai,,,Myself and Allister riding well in the A4s finnishing safe and comfortable, ,,but Look what happened in the big race Muscels 4th and Wilkie 7th absolutely brilliant result for our wee club ,,,super guys absolutely super ,,,And new kit stood out in the bunch really looked well, im so chuffed .

Donacloney Road Race

Our first Road Race of the year at Donacloney turned out not only more riders than i expected, better weather than was forcast, but far faster than I had imagined, ,we had 7 riders missing for one reason or another so to see the Dromara cc contingent arrive shot the numbers up,And what a race it was I have never seen a club race go off as fast on this very tough circuit the big group was blew to pieces up the big drag,The scratch lost a couple of there riders as well so it made there task alot tougher.After 5 laps it was a bunch sprint in what was left of the big group with Jonny Kernaghan taking the first round of the Imperial Cup, with Matt close 2nd and Mark 3rd, So next week its the first of the Australian / Pursuit series starting on the Rathfriland road finnish Ballydown.If you can ride these club races u will be able to ride an open race,,as the club racing is so hard now,,,,

John Kernaghan,The first West Down Wheeler past the finishing line in tonights Donacloney road race

More photos of tonights race can be found in gallery....

update on tues 5th may road race

Would all riders please note that due to the adverse weather conditions forecast for tomorrow's night and we have riders competing at the weekend we will be taking no chances for safety reasons,,,, KEEP AN EYE ON FACEBOOK,,

wee update from clive

On behalf of WEST DOWN WHEELERS i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who looked after are riders so well over the weekend ,Big Thanks especially to Tim ,Merv,,and all the TVR Crew,and To Powerhouse sport for making it look the part,,Well done to the MID ULSTER TEAM And especially thon Davy McKnight Bai who rode so well,,,,,,,,,

update from Clogher Valley GP

Today race report from vally gp, first of all would like to wish my buddy and team mate Andrew Hodgen a speedy recovery, Andy was unlucky to be in a crash 200 meters from the finish today, we are not long home from the hospital but at least he has no broken bones just bad road rash, there was a bottle dropped on the road and the race slowed quickly ,Andy had just got a flat wheel and couldn't get slowed down and hit my back wheel ,he ended up going down. Before that we had both been going well with myself breaking away on my own 5 miles to go before the pack got me with about 500 meters to go .I ended up finishing 10, not knowing that Andy was down.

update from Hugo Loughan Race

Well all 3 riders home safe and well from the Hugo Loughan Race,, Myself ,,Dave, and Andy,,,unfortunately Andy punctured on neutral run out to start,Myself and new kid on the Block Dave finnishing well in mad bunch sprint,,I rode good race tonight glad to be back at it ,,,,but What a race Davy Frizzel rode absolutely stood out for me tonight he looked like he'd being racing for years,never out top Dz whole race,,if he does that in his first then there's plenty more to come from him,,(WELL DONE DAVE BRILLIANT KID )Big well done to Muscels, Wilkie, ,and rest of the Mid Ulster Team in the opening Stage of the TOUR OF ULSTER tonight at Stomount all 5 holding there own against top Klass opposition.,,,,,,poor Alastair had to pull out tonight with bad cough, ,,,,, AVG tonight at the Hugo was 23.8 Ha,,,,,Ha,,,, i shud have put Allister had to pull out of the Hugo not the Tour,,,,,

few photos from tour of ulster

stage 2

wee update from clive

Big shout out to the 7 or 8 Wheelers representing the club over the weekend, Starting with the Hugo Loughan A4 race tomara night, making his debut in this race is our up and coming rider Dave Friz,he will be looking to do as well as Karl Wells did last week at the Mid Ulster GP finnishing top 15 in his first ever open race,Then the big one with Wilkie and Muscels 4 days of very tough racing over weekend in the TOUR OF ULSTER,.Its klass to see new riders starting the open racing and iv no doubt these guys can go to the A3s but its up to them with Andy and Matt both in the points this year they surely trying to move up ,So should be plenty of banter once again at the races ,,So guys go and do not only urselfs but club proud,Give me plenty to write about.

wee update from clive

Well done to Muscels on his 3rd 2nd cat in yes race down south,This weekend is a big one for him and Wilkie,,,nobody has informed me yet what way they can help out ,,we need 3 or 4 volunteers, ,,,,,i can't do it all.

update from Mid Ulster Gp

From today's mid ulster gp, great days racing from all the west down wheelers, this was a very tough race weather wise and course. Myself stayed at the front of the race all day never leaving top 10 and Karl Wells & Andrew Hodgen not far away. On the last lap things really hotted up with Andy trying to break away on his own but this was not to last as the pack brought him back, then the whole race came together at the end with about 30 + riders going for the sprint finish , andy started off on the left and was going well and myself and Karl on the right side unfortunately andy got blocked in and as we passed on the right karl and I where to end up with the same fate by getting blocked in. So to be on the safe side we settled for top 15 bunch finish with very little from 1st to 30. Well done Karl Wells on your first open race good strong finish 

Circuit TT Loughbrickland 21/4/15

Circuit TT Loughbrickland 21/4/15

17 mile TT

3up Mark, John & Karl 43.56

1 A Cunningham 55.25
2 A Graham 49.36
3 D Cantley 55.42
4 P Dreaming 48.38
5 C Martin 54.20
6 J Maxwell 49.30
7 R McCartan 51.27
8 A McCourt 44.16 PB 
9 D Frizell 46.42
10 D Lynas 42.26
11 A Hodgen 45.38 PB 
12 N McCartan 46.40
13 M McKinstry 42.47 PB 
14 P Wilkinson 40.08
15 R McDonald 50.14
16 D McKnight 40.30

we update from sunday's race

Darren & Paul headed down to Bellewstown on sunday's to take part in the Conner Coombes 80 mile road race.Held by Drogheda Wheelers with a very strong field of riders attacks started from the rolling start with riders pinging of the front for 5 laps before a break was established on the 6th lap. Darren ended up riding strong in the chasing group with Paul bridging over with his group on the last lap.Both riders rode very strong with Darren even leaving some energy to open up the taps on the finishing straight to achieve 5th unplaced A2 Rider..

Well done lads..

Tues 21st April TT update

Would  all riders please note that we will be riding over to the start in Loughbrickland on Tues from Tesco's at 6.15pm ,,,best to leave car there..

update from Sat run

It was certainly a very enjoyable spin today weather wise it was klass ,Route wise Klass but hard Headwind right to kilkeel,with Myself ,Jk, Matt ,Alastair and Sammy for part of it , I ended up with 76 mile but Matt and Alastair should be in the 80s im not worth 2d now but i loved every mile of it ,,,well done today guys cause it was not easy,See u all on Tue (Club is Buzzing,)

wee update from clive

Cud i just clear a wee thing up first guys,, our 10 on the Castlewellan RD is not to long,i know some of our riders who rode a different course on the Castlewellan RD on Thur were alot faster,,,, i cant say to much on this as u know but our course is dead on 10,,,use ur imagination. .Getting back to our 10 what an absolutely brilliant ride Wilkie had on a very breezy night a 22 is just pure klass,And not forgetting Matts 24 on a road bike hes still improving as is Andy with another PB.Alastair is slipping up the leader board nicely and Dorathy going along really well.Jonny Maxwell is improving with every race and no doubt big Clydie will get alot faster ,This weeks race is a circuit TT on the Loughbrickland /Rathfriland /Banbridge course in and around 16 mile a really good one to get into the legs.shud see Karl, Dave, Muscels, and yes Myself taken part again.one rider we wud love to see racing again is Geoff out since Christmas but things looking up for him now. We have 5 riders racing next week in the Mid Ulster GP Muscels, Wilkie, Matt, Andy and Karl, They have been performing really well in the races and the next open race after that shud see Myself and Allister back.So its looking good for the Wheelers and im glad yas all love new outfit ,just to let yas know Dany has sent his thanks for the Cheque and askd me to send him some Decals to put on his car The Belgian Project which is a lovely gesture and il get that done and hopefully get a foto with Dany and the car at one of the races were we meet him. Also guys wee need some help at the Big Tour of Ulster Stage race were our own Wilkie and Muscels are riding for the MID ULSTER TEAM, im going so any of u available let me no ,its the next day after the Hugo Loughan Race so theres nothing on that Saturday. Once again all the best to our riders racing next week,,,,,, .(RIDE HARD AND KEEP SAFE,,)

sat club run 18th april 15

Club run leaving Sat Morn at 9am from tesco's,,,, bring a few quid in case we stop for a mug tea,,,, we will be out ar least 4 hours,, but you can turn off when suits you,,,

race update for the racers

Island Wheelers Annual "Hugo Loughran Gp " on Friday 1st May ...entry will open on Entry Central Monday 20th April at 7.00pm ..for A3 and A4 only ...

10tt castlewellan rd 14th april 2015

10 tt Castwellan rd 14th april 2015 

john & mark 2 up              26.35

1    D Cantley                      32.26
2    J Maxwell                      27.55
3    R McCartan                  29.01
4    A McCann                    29.05
5    A Hodgen                     25.53
6    A McCourt                   25.39
7    M McKinstry                24.33
8     J Clyde                        25.15
9    R Stewert                     25.26
10  T Wright                       D N F
11  N Sudlow                     24.19
12  N McCartan                 26.08
13  P Wilkinson                  22.43
14  D McKnight                 23.03
15  R McDonald                27.46

Matts race report 12th April 15

Race report from today's race, this was a great race for the Wheelers with Darren Lynas and Paul Wilkinson in the A2 race, both done great with the 2 men trying to break away on there own on 2 separate occasion with Paul holding the pack of for a lap and then Darren on last lap doing the same but no joy at the finish, both finished in the pack, me and Andrew Hodgen both racing in the A4, both rode hard all day with the man on form Andrew riding well, but this was to be my day with myself finishing a fine 4th overall ...

upcoming race

Clogher valley wheelers road race on Sunday 3rd May 2015
Up on entry central tuesday 14th April at 9pm..

And go to club news for details....

wee update

The members of West Down Wheelers would like to wish Wilkie, Matt,Muscels, and Andy a safe race at the Bann Classic ,,, The guys are going really well in the races this year and doing club proud ,, Myself .Karl who now has an open licence, and Allister who said today that he will give the next one a go is good news for the club,,if we get D.Friz talked into taking one out we cud have 6 riders in the A4s,,,,

club kit update

As you can see JK with the old kit and Wilkie with the new ,and the feedback is very positive, ,,last year when i thought the shorts were a sight and not happy at all with them,,I felt awfull having to say to you guys ,so i said to Wilkie and Muscels first and they agreed, when i brought it up at the meeting and knowing yas all had really just bought which is now our old kit ,And to ask you about designing new shorts was a bit much ,But im so glad i did as you all agreed that the big yellow band down the front of them was terrible looking.,But when we got our new shorts which i believe are klass they didnt match our top,, i felt terrible knowing we had to get a top to match but once again guys u all agreed and understood that we needed a new top,,,and i really want to thank me oul mate Muscels as he really took up the case to redesign the new one ,although we all got a say Muscels put alot of thought into it and im delighted with what we have now,,And going by you guys yous are as well,,This will be our kit for many years to come,,,and i say to u all big thanks for being so understandable,,, PS i always try to do what is best for the club and i feel you all can see that,,,,,,, Big Thanks to Gareth and (POWERHOUSE SPORT,,)

wee update from Clive

Plenty of time today to go through the times from last nights TT,,,All in All not bad with 28 riders turning up for the 1st one, well done to Wilkie and Muscels getting into the 23s,should'nt be long to big Clydies in there as well,Doing there 1st ever TTs D.Friz and J.Maxwell can be pleased with there times on ordinary Road Bikes.They shud improve with every race, K.Wells also going rightly on a road bike,,he has taken out an A4 licence and after todays effort on our tough run he shud be ok in them,Alastair was big surprise after being off bike for a long time he went rightly,Matt into the 25s was a fine effort as was his good buddy Andy who had a PB.well done to our only lady rider Dorathy never afraid to have a go.Mark and John doing a 2 up shud have been in 24s but a 25 not to bad, So not a bad start to the season big thanks to all who turned up and a big well done to the riders from Dromore cc riding a TT for first time,They have set there times now go out and beat them,As you will have noticed i took photo of JK with old kit and Wilkie with new one some difference i really like new one.we had a really tough run today and although i had a tough run yes i felt better the longer we went on not a bad sign but really impressed with Fu Man Chu who rode strong all day ,faded wee bit near home but nothing to worry about ,if he gets weight down definitely the makings of a good one there.im tired now prob do wee run on Fixie tomara with 2 big runs Fri and Sats club run a big one, so if ya free on Sat Tescos at 9.Cud ya let me no if you can help out at the Tour of Ulster at start of May ,as yas no Our own Wilkie and Muscels are riding in the Mid Ulster Team so we need a bit of help im definitely going but need a few more,, Tim and his crew are going as well,West Down Wheelers are sponsoring both Wilkie and Muscels as it takes al lot of money so we are covering everything for them.As this is a big stage race and a tough one at that its giving us plenty of local interest.To end my report we have had a very good start to season although Myself ,Mackers ,Will ,Geoff whos off the crutches and good to see him down have still to make to the starting line and not sure if Sammy plans to race this year but keep it going guys ,

Dave Friz & Jonathan Maxwell 1st tt with wdw

10tt rathfriland rd 7th april 2015 results

10 tt rathfriland rd 7th april 2015

1    Andrea Connline    32.39
2    D Cantley              32.32
3    G Martin                31.48
4    J Maxwell              28.27
5    P Breaning             28.38
6    C Armstrong          26.46
7    D Frizell                 27.29
8    J McAuley             25.12
9    A McCourt           26.16
10  R Stewert              23.21
11  R McCartan          29.58
12  P Wilkinson           23.28
13  M McKinstry        25.25
14  G Magownn          25.37
15  G Magowan          25.10
16   K Wells               27.05
17  J Clyde                 25.29
18  W Steele              29.43
19  D McKnight         23.23
20  K Walker             29.08
21  G Woodall           28.17
22  B Duff                  23.29
23  T Wright              25.31
24  A Hodgen            26.12  PB
25  D Lynas             23.59
26  R McDonnell       28.29
Mark and Johns 2up was 25.54

Tonights photos in gallery

club winner tonight P Wilkinson

TT update

There was an excellent turnout of riders tonight on the Rathfriland Rd for our opening 10 mile TT ,,28 riders from some of the local clubs took to the starting line,,This has to be our best start to the season so far, So big thanks to all the riders that turned up.It was very pleasing to see 12 of the wheelers taken part and doing so well,,bigger report tomara,,,k

1st TT of year Tues 7th April

Our club 1st of the year starts with a

10 mile TT Rathfriland rd 6.45pm sharp 

Remember to bring licences ....

wee update from Clive

Keep ur eye on FB this week as there shud be 3 or 4 good runs organised ,,,Had a really tough run yesterday with Alastair and Muscels ,we headed round tough wee course and to make it a really tough day tryd a 2 up with Muscels all the way home into headwind from Dromara ,,there was plenty of hurt in mee oul legs but well worth it ,,felt alot better so looking forward to next race with Matt,Andy,Karl, and hopefully Allister will be ready,and D..Friz will have an A4 licence by then ?), Tue night is the big night with the start of our club race scene, Weather looking good so see ya all then,,,And il let u all no what days our runs our on,,,Think Sammy will be there for fotos probably take a few myself.There will definitely be a few wee battles throughout the year ,probably Matt and Andy (Again) Wilkie and Muscels, Alastair and Karl, and a new one Jonny and Dave.? Might be a few more develop throughout the year,,Friendly competition can bringva rider on for better results so its a good thing and makes for a bit of gud banter,,So roll on Tue night,,,,,,,,,ll

Club run sat 4th April

Club run leaving Tescos at 9,,,plus there will be 3 or 4 good runs planned for next week,so keep an eye on the web or Facebook,,,,,,

wee update

With the club race season just a week away,This is what all the winter training has been about,,,Gud luck to all the Riders,,and especially the riders racing for first time,,,

club run tues night 31st

Club run cancelled tonight,,to many hailstone showers and wind galeforce when they come on,,,, (To Dangerous ),,,,,

Matt update from cicli sport

Hi late report from today's race, for first time this year i was starting to feel lot stronger in the races like last year so few more races and lets hope back to top form, finished 14th today in a tough race and the man in form Andrew Hodgen had a tough few laps and was starting to feel better at the end of the race but on the last lap got took off at a junction and unfortunately race was over for him, Darren Lynas & Paul Wilkinson were both in a very tough field of riders with a lot using this as preparation for tour of the north, they both rode well getting involved in break away so well done every one

club run update

Would all Wheelers please note that a club run will leave Tescos on Sat at 9 oclock weather permitting,,,Also on Tue and Thur leaving at 6,,,As the club race scene starts on the 7th this is a chance to get a few wee runs together,,,,,If any of the new riders turn up we will head round the Aussie/ Pursuit courses so they no were to go when we run them on Race night,,, please note any rider not in club but intends to ride our Australian /Pursuits are welcome to come along to get to no the course,,,,,,

all members

3 riders from West Down Wheelers are heading to Coagh on Saturday to compete in the Cili Sport race, Muscels ,Matt and Andy. The guys have been riding really well this year and doing the club proud, ,Also Wilkie, and Muscels are heading on Sunday to compete in the PJ Logan race, ,,so (RIDE HARD AND KEEP SAFE,,,,,,

upcoming event

Wednesday, April 22 at 6:00pm

wee update from Carn Classic

Sun out and temperature as warm as it's been this year at the races with a strong head wind, the Carn Wheelers Classic was a great races, the course was by no means and easy one with loads off rolling drags and few we sharp hills, the pace was fast and by the first lap half the field of cyclists had been dropped, the 2 West Down Wheelers myself and the man in form Andrew Hodgen had a very good race, with Andy being the strongest of the 2 of us, then at the finish up a long drag the race open up with the sprint to the line with both me and Andy unfortunately getting block in with riders running out of steam and lifting up, Andy finished 9th overall and myself a few bikes back in about 12, on to the next race for the Wheelers this Saturday coming in and let hope the team in the points

Clive's weekly update

I know i said i would keep all up to date with the goings on in the club ,but its hard to believe that's its that time again for my weekly report.This week has been a very interesting one in the club ,on Tuesday night we handed over a cheque to St Johns Ambulance tor 500 ,-and 300 --went to young Banbridge cc Shenna McKivergan ,,a very level headed young rider ,and so we wish her every success ,and we be keeping awee eye on her progress Also this week a cheque will be sent to the Belgian Project .We were able to do all this after are very successful Charity Coastal Run, So to all who rode it a very big thank you, Also on Mon Alastair after being out from December is back Training on his bike ,,and Bais 0 theres no way he was sitting on his backside doing nothing as he is flying,And today Geoff text'd to say hes off the crutches and although hes not out of the woods yet its looking good for him.Everyone who ordered the new kit has got it and all think its klass but some will have to put in a good couple weeks training to get it to fit properly. He,,,,,,He,,,,,,On Wed it was confirmed to the club that Muscels and Wilkie have been entered into a 5 man team to compete in the forth comming Tour of Ulster,along with J Heverin, G.Crory,and D.McKnight, They will get good sponsorship from Powerhouse sport, Chain Reaction, ,,and the Wheelers will certainly look after there 2 riders as well. We believe it will be called (Team Vision Wheelers.) With the clocks changing at the end of the month our first race is just around the corner It will kick of with a 10 mile TT on the Rathfriland Rd with a 6.45 start ,,,more good news is big Clydie will now,be able to make the races in time as last season due to work he found it hard to get to them all,As i commented thee other day The Stravas in the club our red hot especially D.Friz, Karl ,J.Maxwells,and now Alastairs and J . Kernaghans..And i have to say im delighted with the effort being put in to train by all you guys its really looking like its going to be some craic and friendly competition in the races this 
year, When Gavin gets back to me with details of the interclub races for this year i will post them up ,,Rem guys we all have to support the interclub races or it wont work,This cud be the start of something very good for us so keep your Thur nights free ,as we will be be heading to Dromaras races, Matt and the rider in form Andy are of to the Carn Classic on Sun so we say Ride Hard and Keep Safe,and do the colours proud.To finnish i have to say i cant wait to the club racing starts mostly to see how the new riders in the club do in the races its definitely very exciting,,,and looking very interesting.

7th 10 mile TT Rathfriland RD Magowan Shield        start time 6.45pm
14th 10 mile TT Castlewelan RD Murdoch Shield      start time 6.45pm
21st Circuit TT L/Brickland Start Weir Trophy          start time 6.45pm     
28th 10 mile TT Castlewellan RD Magowan Shield    start time 6.45pm
5th Road Race D/Cloney 5 laps Imperial Cup             start time's from May 7.00 pm
12th Aussie/Pursuit Start R/Friland RD B/Down Finnish J.M.M
19th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD Magowan Shield 
26th Road Race Quarry Start /Corbet 4 Laps Circuit Imperial Cup
2nd 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Outlook Shield 
9th Aussie/Pursuit C/Wellan RD Start/finnish B/Down J.M.M
16th Road Race K/Bridge 3 Laps Imperial Cup
23rd 25 mile TT C/Wellan RD StevenSavage Mem
30th Aussie/Pursuit R/Friland RD C/Hill John Maxwell Mem
7th Road Race Quarry Circuit 8 Laps Imperial cup
14th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD Outlook Shield
21st Aussie/Pursuit R/Filand Start/B/Down Finnish J.M.M
28th Road Race D/Cloney Circuit Imperial Cup
4th 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Outlook Shield
11th Aussie/Pursuit R/Friland RD B/Down Finnish J.M.M 
18th 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Poppy McKeown Cup
25th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD [No TT Gear] Maxwell Shield
1st Hill/Climb T/More Hill Ernie Hall Trophy
3rd Saturday in Feburary Coastal Charity Ride
West Down GP Katesbridge
Eric Maxwell Mem 10 Mile TT Warrenpoint Rd

The Belgian Project

The Belgian Project just got some funding confirmed of West Down Wheelers Cycling Club (Katebridge N-ireland) This was part of the proceedings of their annual charity event in February ..here the official report of their secretary Clive Adamson ,a dear friend..one year ago nearly, I collapsed in his race in Katesbridge..the club looked after me and have supported me so well..some funding has been received in 2014 from the club ,and so grateful the club decided to continue the support..it will help the running of the project and will be added to the Ras Donegal budget (this is the last selection exercise before sending lads to guest ride in Belgium ) and very important ..Here the report of their committee meeting of yesterday 
Very good meeting in the Albert tonight,, After our Charity Coastal Run in February we had the opportunity to hand over a cheque to St Johns Ambulance for 500 which was very much appreciated by one of there members. Also we were able to hand over another cheque for 300 to a young rider whos making a name for herself, Shenna Mc Kiverigan is the only girl from these shores to get the opportunity to ride a cross the water,,and we were able to give her a bit of support, Plus a cheque for 200 will sent to Dany Blondeel off the The Belgian Project which looks after the young riders here.we are only to glad to give them a bit of support.

Tour of Ulster update

Wilkie and Muscels who along with John Heverin, Gary Crory, and Davy Mcknight will make up a very strong 5 man team for the Tour Of Ulster, ,,This will give us extra interest in this Tough Stage Race.

Club meeting Tues 17th march

There will be a club meeting above the Albert on Tues 17th at  7.30 pm sharp could all members please remember to wear club tops for photo for paper & any one that has ordered new kit can pick it up & pay any outstanding money....

club meeting 17th March

Very good meeting in the Albert tonight,, After our Charity Coastal Run in February we had the opportunity to hand over a cheque to St Johns Ambulance for 500 which was very much appreciated by one of there members. Also we were able to hand over another cheque for 300 to a young rider who's making a name for herself, Shenna McKivergan is the only girl from these shores to get the opportunity to ride a cross the water,,and we were able to give her a bit of support, Plus a cheque for 200 will sent to Danny Blondeel for the ,Belgian Project which looks after the young riders here.we are only to glad to give them a bit of support.

West Down Wheelers Handing over a cheque for 500 to St Johns Ambulance ,

West Down Wheelers handing over a cheque for 300 for young cycling sensation Shenna McKivergan, Shenna will be travelling over to Manchester once a month to train, what an opportunity for Shenna,,

Plus two boys showing off new 2015 kit

we update from Boyne GP 2015

As Wilkie headed off to Drogheda today to compete in the Boyne GP ,i said to him bai give me something to write about,,and bai did he do that out of well over 100 riders of A1s A2s and A3s he was 5th placed A2 rider which is some achievement ,,
So big well Done Wilkie and looks like you will have another cracker year,,,,So far our inform riders are Wilkie ,Muscels and Andy ,,so come on the Lads,,,,,

A few words from Clive

As i sit down here with the forms to fill in for our races its hard to take in that it has come around again,in a few weeks time its all systems go and thats to September. On the 1st Tue in April we will see how the winter training has went, Going by the Stravas this past couple of weeks some havnt had the chance to cool yet ,,And the most pleasing thing about it is that its riders who havnt raced yet are piling up the miles,D.Friz ,J.Maxwell and the man i have tipped K.Wells ,,hes certainly got the hump up as he went the whole way with me today and rode really well, More good news is that A.MCourt is back on his bike.2015 has got of to a very good start for us,,we have our new kit ,are new Hoodies ,,The kit has been a very good success and we love it ,we had a very successful Charity Coastal Run with 1000 to be handed over at our meeting this comming Tue at 7.30,please were ur hoodie more details later also for the first time in our 25 year history we will be running an inter club with Dromara cc,, This promises to be an exciting new project and shud be a good bit of banter,,Any rider who has supported us this past few years is very welcome as is the members of Dromore cc, Also the Tour of Ulster might have an extra bita interest for us this year,concerning Wilkie and Muscels. Watch this space,we have 18 riders with a race licence but you still need to turn up and race to make it work,,.Wilkie is heading to race on sun and we wish him well., Everyone shud have race licence, please do not turn up on the night with no licence as you will not get racing, ,also you need to abide by the law of the ,
Land and when racing no abusing motorists,, last year we hadnt one issue so lets make 2015 the same....

Any one fancy this

Update from McCann cup Omagh

Wilkie & Darren were at sunday's main race for A1 and A2 riders..
For Wilkie it didn't go according to plan whole way to omagh only to puncture on the third lap
but Darren looked strong finishing race..

Update from spires gp

Andy Hodgen has certainly stepped up to the mark this year,he is improving with every race so far,Today was his best result to date with an excellent 6th placing (we think) at the Spires cc ,,so big battle is on between him and his good mate Matt to see who gets?out of the A4s 1st ,,i know who my money would be on ??????? Muscels had bad luck again today but he will be up there again soon. So its Wilkie and Muscels again tomorrow,,,,

Good luck

Good luck to the 4 riders racing this weekend
Clive , Andy in the A4 & Darren in the A2 at saturdays Spires gp plus
Wilkie & Darren A2 race at sundays McCann Cup.....

A few words from Clive

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our good friend and fellow Wheeler Steven (Bradley ) Bloomer our very best wishes as he embarks on a his new adventure with Maryland Wheelers,,,Steven has been a Wheeler for a few years now ,but as he is now living in Antrim and has found it impossible to race with us past 2 years,it is with a touch of saddness but understandable of his decision. Steven had nothing but praise for our club and he to leaves with a touch of saddness,,I on behave of all our members wish him the best and thank him for remaining in the Wheelers untill circumstances made it impossible, ,,,,

Weekly update

Well the first Club Race is just a few weeks away,,its certainly going to be an interesting year,,, with Geoff and Allister still out its a good jab that We have Dave Friz,, Jonny Maxwell racing this year,,,and they are surerly getting ready for the start,,,Other good news is Karl Wells has taken out an A4 licence, he to putting in some decent miles,,,,,,,with Dave Friz planning on an A4 as well,,,,,,,,have to say the Jury is still out for Karl to prove he has that determination to do well,,which i hope he has as he is a rider iv said many times he cud be up with the best of them in the club ,,,,another rider the jury is out on is James Philips, although hes putting in a good amount of miles,,,James like Karl ,Dave !and Jonny are 4 riders that cud do very well racing so its going to be interesting here.another rider who has joined the ranks this year is Sammy Watts and we hope he enjoys his racing with us. Anyone who has ordered the new kit get in contact with Wilkie to collect it,, plus anyone who hasnt got there new Hoodie let me no and il get it to ya. 3 riders from West Down Wheelers are heading to Ballyronan on Sat to race,,The club wish them well and yet again we say Ride Hard But Safe.,anyone looking a hoodie but didnt order one i have a couple of medium and a small one,,,,,All in All its starting to look good again,,,when the the last couple get there licence we shud have 18 to 20 with a race licence, ,,,,and thats good for us ,,im well pleased with that as the buzz in the club ,,the craic,,and,the banter is as good as i can remember,,so lets make 2015 are best year yet ,,cause we have the riders to do it,,,,

New look

Clive in new kit

wee update from clive

Yesterday we had the season opener at Annaclone, ,,Wilkie ,,,Muscels,, Andy and Matt rode really well and so got us off to a very good start,,,Prob a week early for me as i hav'nt fully recovered, ,,with the terrible conditions today our top riders Wilkie and Muscels decided to give Phoenix race a miss,,to me a very wise decision. So next week Muscels, ,,Myself hopefully,,,Matt and Andy are of to Carryduff for the John Moore race ,,another wee tough one for sure, also this week Wilkie shud have the first batch of our new Racing Gear which our riders are really looking forward to getting,,P.S we believe we now have it exactly the way we wanted it so we shudnt be changing it for a long time,,, (Thank Goodness),,,,,with most riders now with there 2015 licence anyone who hasnt got one please do it soon as our 1st TT is not to far away and you wont get riding it,,,,Everyone has agreed the race prog which includes again 5 Road Races,,and 5 Aussie Pursuits as well as our circuits TTs and 10s is something to look forward to,,we have a very good bunch of riders in the club who will no doubt do the club proud,, I no i keep going on about this but those riders i will watch with much interest this year Is K.Wells ,, D.Friz,,, J.Maxwell and if he keeps to his word a rider who cud do really well if he sticks at it J.Philips,,,,There's 4 riders who i really believe can open an eye or 2 this year so lets see who's the rider to do it,,,,another rider who cuda had a very good year but was involved in a bad fall is G.Tate,,,Hes making good progress but it will take time when he comes of the crutches to get a good level of fitness up,,but we all wish him well,,,And not forgetting A. MCourt he to is having a rough time after he came of and damaged his wrist he to will be out for another while,,,Alastair is calling this week and hopes to have our long awaited Hoodies,,,as long as we get them for our first club race which we will.so to you all my advice is Train Hard to race Easier,,,,,,,,,,,Also got a wee text from our friends in Dromore cc that at least 10 of them want to ride our races this year,,,They will be made very welcome and we hope they enjoy there time with us,,,,

Carryduff race update

4 riders from WDW headed to Carryduff today to compete in the John Moore race, ,,,Muscels ,,,,Andy ,,Matt,,and myself ,,Andrew Hodgen was the pick of the wheelers today riding a very good race to the very end,,, Matt after getting held up cudn't bridge the gap back to the main bunch,,as for me Shiver meee Timbers still not feeling good ,,,felt weak from the whistle,,,,Muscels race was fast and furious with only a dozen riders left in it last couple laps,,,unfortunately he wasnt one of them,,,

annaclone 2015 update

Well done to the guys representing WDW today at Annaclone,,Wilkie,,,Muscels,,, Andy and Matt,,,,they all rode well ,,,unfortunately Andy and Matt caught up in a crash on 4th lap and put an and to there race,,,As for me i decided to pull in as i have'nt fully got over being sick this week ,,,i have to do what the body tells me now,,,so its The John Moore next week ,,,and both myself and Matt should be fully fit by then,,,,Think Muscels not sure about Wilkie heading to the Phoenix race tomara all the best to them,,,RIDE HARD BUT SAFE,,,,,,,

we update

All roads lead to Annaclone tomara ,,5 members of West Down Wheelers will be competing in the 1st of the big open races,,Matt ,, Wilkie,,Muscels, ,,Andy,,and myself, ,Glad to hear there is some Wheelers heading over to watch ,,,, the support will be much appreciated by the riders.This is a good start to a busy season,,unfortunately Alastair and Geoff still out and both look to be out for a while yet,


To all the wheelers  racing at  Saturdays Annaclone GP have a good race & stay safe,,,

charity run 2015

It was certainly a big relief when i looked out this morn to see a very good day weather wise.But it was an even bigger relief when 155 riders signed on to ride our Charity Coastal Run, ,,given the time of year,,given its a Saturday, ,,an given theres a reliability TT tomara.its was very pleasing to see so many clubs represented ,,especially our local clubs who turned up in force,,Dromara, ,Dromore, ,Keeven, Tvr,,and our own WDW,,, ,Everything ran reasonably well and that was due to our hard working Marshalls ,,The men in the Lead cars,,Alastair, ,,and Berty! ,our Service crews Eddy ,Geoff,,Bloat ,,Aidy,,,and Richie.,plus our 2 St Johns Ambulance crew,,it was particularly nice surprise to have Brendan and Bronagh Kirk come down for today and wee hope they enjoyed the day with us,,big thanks to the Ladies with the refreshments, Barbara, ,Liz,,,Lucy, and Lorna,it was a really good well run event with the biggest amount going to St Johns Ambulance.its also very pleasing when you get nothing but thankyous from the riders that took part,,,it seems that most if not all really enjoyed todays run and to be told time and time again what a friendly helpfull club the wheelers are is very satisfying, ,,, can i just say big thanks once again to all who took part and especially my team mates who turned out today and rode superbly,,,next week is the start of the open racing so i get my chance to get abit of hurt ,,,but like the rest of the guys we are really looking forward to it ,,its going to be a super years racing in the wheelers calendar, ,so anyone who rode today is welcome to try out are races,,with are very popular 5 Road Races a d 5 Aussie /Pursuits again this year you wont get any better racing with are local clubs Dromara cc,,TVR cc,,Banbridge cc,,and some from Apollo cc,,and Clann Ireann cc making the racing tough .its good local friendly rivalry which adds to make it a superb nights racing,,,,

More photos on just connect to link  http://www.bronaghkirk.co.uk/news/the-tour-of-down/

Odd photos from Clive of Charity Event 2015

charity run 2015

It was certainly a big relief when i looked out this morn to see a very good day weather wise.But it was an even bigger relief when 155 riders signed on to ride our Charity Coastal Run, ,,given the time of year,,given its a Saturday, ,,an given theres a reliability TT tomara.its was very pleasing to see so many clubs represented ,,especially our local clubs who turned up in force,,Dromara, ,Dromore, ,Keeven, Tvr,,and our own WDW,,, ,Everything ran reasonably well and that was due to our hard working Marshalls ,,The men in the Lead cars,,Alastair, ,,and Berty! ,our Service crews Eddy ,Geoff,,Bloat ,,Aidy,,,and Richie.,plus our 2 St Johns Ambulance crew,,it was particularly nice surprise to have Brendan and Bronagh Kirk come down for today and wee hope they enjoyed the day with us,,big thanks to the Ladies with the refreshments, Barbara, ,Liz,,,Lucy, and Lorna,it was a really good well run event with the biggest amount going to St Johns Ambulance.its also very pleasing when you get nothing but thankyous from the riders that took part,,,it seems that most if not all really enjoyed todays run and to be told time and time again what a friendly helpfull club the wheelers are is very satisfying, ,,, can i just say big thanks once again to all who took part and especially my team mates who turned out today and rode superbly,,,next week is the start of the open racing so i get my chance to get abit of hurt ,,,but like the rest of the guys we are really looking forward to it ,,its going to be a super years racing in the wheelers calendar, ,so anyone who rode today is welcome to try out are races,,with are very popular 5 Road Races a d 5 Aussie /Pursuits again this year you wont get any better racing with are local clubs Dromara cc,,TVR cc,,Banbridge cc,,and some from Apollo cc,,and Clann Ireann cc making the racing tough .its good local friendly rivalry which adds to make it a superb nights racing,,,,

More photos on just connect to link  


Well weather looking good for tomorrow runs,,,please please make sure you you get signed on for 9.45 as i want wee talk with you all before you's head of,,, I am delighted to announce that Brendan and Bronagh have informed me they are coming down Brendan is going to ride it and im sure Bronagh will take the odd photo or Two,,,so should be a very good days craic,,,

WDW Tour Of Down

West down Wheelers  Coastal Charity Event   Saturday 14th Feb 2015

This will be the 5th year WDW will be hosting the tour of down leisure cycling challenge which departs the Co Down village of Katesbridge.
There are 2 planned routes on offer:

Route A 65 mile departing at 10.00am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Annalong Ballymartin Kilkeel Rostrevor up the Newton road climb to Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at kilkeel back to Katesbridge..

Route B 43 mile departing at 10.05am from Katesbridge Castlewellan Newcastle Bryansford - Hilltown Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge.
Weather permitting turns out bad will turn at Newcastle back to Katesbridge..

Sign on from 9am at Katesbridge hall changing facilities, toilets and car parking available. Parking also available opposite side of Katesbridge road in the picnic area
Refreshments will be served at the end of the event Soup, tea, coffee, sandwiches, buns etc.
Hall will be closed at 3pm..

Entry fee for Cycling Ireland license holders - 10 / 12euro please bring licence to sign on
Non cycling Ireland 13 / 15euro
Please note the Tour of Down is not a race and will be a controlled event.
Marshalls will be on route but may not be present at all junctions

Broom Wagon will be supplied by Bike Shack..

Sat update

Could i just mention that there will be no parking on the road that the hall is on,,,Please ,,,,,Please keep it clear plenty of parking on we back road just past the park,,,,plus signing on from 9 to 9.45,,, anyone who is back late to the hall should find a number on door to get hall open,,,There will be numbers for Broomwagons so please make sure u take it with you,,All riders should have a reasonable bike in good condition, ,plus you must have a Helmet,,a spare tube,Drink,,,pump,,,,and be reasonably fit,,,Safety is our number 1 priority, ,,,so you must abide by the law of the land,,The A run will have a pee stop in Kilkeel, ,For those planning to do it big thank you and we hope u have a cracking day,the weather looks to be really good,,So see ya on Sat,,,,

update from clive

Well all the open race guys have there licences,,,and most of the club race guys,, everyone from last year has resigned ,think Eddy taken out a Triathlon one,,,im delighted that this year no one has went elsewere so that's a good sign,,,its pleasing also to have J.Maxwell ,and D ,Friz ,racing this year for the first time and hopefully K.Wells. Geoff and Alastair making good recovery so that's good,,,and Jacko and Eddy have said they are keen to do some timekeeping, With the Charity run this Sat we should have a good turnout of riders,,Myself ,,Alastair, ,And Eddy will be either Doing lead car or back up ,,or Marshall a junction,,,The weather is looking good for Sat so should be a very good turnout,,Rem Safety is of the no 1 priority,,,

Sat run update

Well its hard to believe thats the last organised Sat club run for a while,with the racing season just about to start,,,i wud like to take this opportunity to say big thankyou to those riders not in the Wheelers who came along some everyweek to join our runs to Davy,,Rod, Mervyn, James,Brian,,Matty,,Mark,,and me oul mate Raymond.We at the Wheelers wud like to wish those guys who are racing this year every
success,,and especially 2 young riders with a great future in cycling,,Mark Downey,,,and Matty Teggart. We be watching there progress throughout the season,,,,have enjoyed all those mentioned above craic this year which made the runs more enjoyable. Plus it was pleasing to see our own riders who took part some again regulars,,but it was sad when Geoff and Alastair both took bad falls,,and have been out a long time but good news is they are on there way back,,,plus Karl Wells who was out with a bad back,,lets hope as he would be a very good addition to the club that he is a regular at the races this year as he would be like a new rider.also Jonny Maxwell has taken out a race licence and that's very pleasing, ,,i really hope these guys have a good season ,so if they watch are top riders Muscels, ,and Wilkie these are the riders u set your sights on...every now and then a rider joins and you think yea he cud do something alright,,and there,s now quite a few in the club ,,,but one rider who i have really been impressed with and dare i say it again is Dave Friz, ,For us to do 75 tough mile yes and he decides to go on for the 100 that's,the dedication you need to do well in this sport,,,He will be a very good addition to our open race team,,,hope its not to long untill he takes an open licence out..but one other rider who to cud make as big an impact if he took a leave outa Daves book is Karl Wells,,,how i would love to see a fit Karl in the the club,,,but its,up to him,,he tell me its this year,,, (we will see). Don't forget the coastal charity run next week should be good turnout of Wheelers,,,

New law we need

Club run Sat 7th Feb

Club run leaving Tescos at 9, ,,if u plan to go give Clive a wee text,or message him on facebook.....Thanks....

Wee update

The open Race Season is near upon us,,we have 5 riders entered for the 1st 2 races,,Muscels, ,and Wilkie in the A2s,,,and Clive,,,Matt,,and Andy,,,,in A4s,,Shud have Alastair back during season,,2 men who shud have been doing them Geoff and Karl unfortunately Geoff is out with Broken Hip,,and Karl was out long time with back injury,,,,But one rider who looks like he cud be open racing soon is Dave Friz,,,hes looking the part,,,,,so hope he decides to give it a go,,,,Clydie is concentrating on TTs this year and Bai that will be worth keeping an eye on,,,Our new racing gear will be ready sometime this month and so really looking forward to that,, This year we have 5 Road Races and 5 Aussie Pursuits, ,All the guys mentiond will do well in them,,,but another 2 riders who are not open racing but bai can they sprint Mark ,,and J Kerny,,,,they will be in the thick of it as well,,The Wheelers are blessed with some excellent riders and if you add W.Maxwell, Mackers,,,and Pete then the wheelers are well equipped for the racing this year,,,,

A2 racing 2014

West Down Wheelers A2 riders Muscels and Wilkie,,,sure to do very well this year,,,,,l

A4 racing 2014

West Down Wheelers A4s ,,Matt,Clive,,Alastair,,,and Andy,,,,wouldd have liked to have had Geoff and Karl but both had injurys,,,,Clydie ?

Big Thank you

Bike Shak who very Generously volunterd to do Broomwagon at are Charity Coastal Run on Feb 14th, ,,,big thanks from the Wheelers, ,,,,,


spring classic

Bishopscourt Duathlon

Congratulations to Eddie Cantley  with Dorothy Cantley and Aidy Winters.
At Bishopscourt Duathlon today..


club run 24th Jan

Club run leaving Tescos at 9 on Sat morn,,,weather permitting, ,,,,if your going could u give Clive wee Text,,,,,,,,

club meeting 20th Jan 15

new 2015

New 2015....
7th 10 mile TT Rathfriland RD Magowan Shield  6.45 start
14th 10 mile TT Castlewelan RD Murdoch Shield 6.45 start
21st Circuit TT L/Brickland Start Weir Trophy      6.45 start
28th 10 mile TT Castlewellan RD Magowan Shield 6.45 start
5th Road Race D/Cloney 5 laps Imperial Cup  7.00 start for rest 
12th Aussie/Pursuit Start R/Friland RD B/Down Finnish J.M.M
19th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD Magowan Shield 
26th Road Race Quarry Start /Corbet 4 Laps Circuit Imperial Cup
2nd 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Outlook Shield 
9th Aussie/Pursuit C/Wellan RD Start/finnish B/Down J.M.M
16th Road Race K/Bridge 3 Laps Imperial Cup
23rd 25 mile TT C/Wellan RD StevenSavage Mem
30th Aussie/Pursuit R/Friland RD C/Hill John Maxwell Mem
7th Road Race Quarry Circuit 8 Laps Imperial cup
14th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD Outlook Shield
21st Aussie/Pursuit R/Filand Start/B/Down Finnish J.M.M
28th Road Race D/Cloney Circuit Imperial Cup
4th 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Outlook Shield
11th Aussie/Pursuit R/Friland RD B/Down Finnish J.M.M 
18th 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Poppy McKeown Cup
25th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD [No TT Gear] Maxwell Shield
1st Hill/Climb T/More Hill Ernie Hall Trophy

 Saturday 14th in Feburary Coastal Charity Ride
West Down GP Katesbridge
Eric Maxwell Mem 10 Mile TT  W/Point Rd

Ok guys 2015 season just around the corner,,,so please have a good look at the races ,,as some of you know Gavin has asked us about an interclub he has a copy of our races too look at,,,,but dont be worrying ,,if we can sort something between the 2 clubs then it cud be a very good years craic,,,,im like yous cant wait to racing starts,,we will have new faces racing for 1st time,,,so keep them right,,and if u see something that they are not doing right then explain to them,,,,,we are a club we are all in togather,,,

hoodies update

hoodies will be ready next week any out standing money please bring on tonight's  meeting  thanks...

club meeting update

Would all members please remember to bring their 10 joining fee to our meeting in the Albert on tues at 7.30,,, its just to get it out of way ,,, hope you all have had a good look at race program , because it will be to late when season starts to bring something up ..

club run 17th Jan

Club run this Sat will be cancelled due to weather ,

remember meeting this Tues night 7.30 pm
..above the Albert..

club meeting

Club Meeting 20th Jan.
There will be a meeting in the the Albert on Tue 20th at 7.30,,,,,The new Hoodies will be available, ,,any outstanding monies need to be sorted with Alastair,,,,,,,plus the Coastal Charity Run will be sorted ,,,,Muscels will be putting up a poster to do with advertising it in the next day or 2. As there was we mix up due to yes club run ,,,would all members please check our Web or Facebook on Fri night.last chance to order our new racing gear if u would like some then get in touch with Wilkie ,,anyone looking to get there new licence and having problems then get in touch with Muscels.

hoodie update

Hoodies will be ready end of next week could any out standing money to be paid to alastair or clive  thanks ....

club run 10h Jan

Club run leaving tesco's 9.00 am routed to be decided on day weather permitting...

Christmas run updates

Well what a week its been plenty of miles , craic,and unfortunately falls,,,, we had a couple of good runs especially on Boxing Day,and Sat,,,,on Boxing day it rained the whole time but it was better than the frost,,and we all got in and around 50 ,although some of us got 60.we also had out with us for 1st time Mark,,Clydie,and James,,,,Boxing days run was a hilly one,,on Sat we decided on a flatter route because of the frost unfortunately we hit some black ice,,so we stopped for a pee and to go back up the road as we got on our bikes Geoff and myself came of,i was lucky prob 1 or 2 ribs cracked, ,but poor Geoff broke his hip,,,lucky only took Ambulance 10 mins to get him,,,so as u no now hes had a plate and two pins inserted and we all wish him a speedy recovery,,,,he will prob heal quicker than me at my age,,,he,,,,he,,,,,im of all week and had planned to get a few mile up but that's up the creek now,,if anyone going out let me or Alastair no and we get it onto web.;That's 3 of us on the injured list but hopefully wont be long untill Alastair is back on his bike.As u prob no but just incase someone dosnt we have ordered our new Hoodie and if u would like one then say to Alastair.plus Wilkie has put an order in for our new race clothing there has been plenty of interest in it ,,so if u would like it then see Wilkie ,,once again u dont have to get it but any new member will get it as thats the road we going down,, Finally i wud like to wish u all a Happy New Year and an accident free 2015,,As most of u are aware Gavin asked us about an interclub with us for 2015 ,,i have sent him a list of our 2015 race programe, ,,so hes going to look at there's then we will have a chat to see if or what we can do something together next year,,,They have been very good supporters of us and we want to repay them,,,,so hopefully we can sort something out between us,,,,,

Boxing day update

wee update from Clive ....  
Really enjoyed run today even though it rained ,,,,,but i got my 60 up delighted with that,,,glad to see Big Mark ,Big Clydie ,,,and Big (he,,,he,,,,) James Philips out withus for first time,,,we are heading out tomara same time and place,,,but it will be a more Flatter route,,,,He,,,,,He,,,,,,hope to see u all there,,,,,

Boxing day

The boxing day club run leaving tesco's 9am to blow the turkey dinners off the run will be close to home incase a few have to drop off full run early ....

Wee update from Clive

We had another good run on Sat 5 out ,,,,,hope the weather holds over christmas we have alot of interest in the Boxing day run .Good opportunity to burn of the Christmas dinner so shud be a good run with plenty of craic,,,we hav'nt had a tea stop in any of our runs so far,,,so we wont have any now,,,,big talking point this week is Karl (Fun Man Chu) has ordered a race top for open racing and James Philips has ordered the new gear,,,2 riders who cud do very well in our colour's,,but they have alot to prove that they are genuine, ,,i really hope they are but will have to wait and see,,,also 6 or 7 have ordered the new tight fit top be interesting to see who can get into there's ,,,,all our open race men have ordered it ,,,so shud look well in the races,,,so get out now and get the miles up,, so they all fit.Don't forget our Coastal Charity Run on 3rd Sat in Feb wont be far away after Christmas and week after the racing starts.We hope to have Alastair back on bike soon after his fall ,,,,,,

Christmas runs update

Well we are almost at the big day,,,Club runs planned so far are Sat 20.12.14,,,Fri 26.12.14 and Sat 27.12.14 weather permitting all leaving Tescos at 9,,,all runs will consist of a big loop so anyone who cant do it all wont be to far from home at anytime,runs will be in and around 70 ?,,im off for 2 weeks so anyone looking to go let me no as i plan to get out as often as i can.Also all deposits to be paid to Wilkie by Fri as he's heading down to Power House Sport to put in an order,,,plus go online and order your Licence. .seems there's big interest for Boxing Day run so hope to see a few more out...

Merry Christmas

Hope all WDW members & friends have a super christmas & happy new year . The club runs are still taking place weather permitting so cone along &  get involved ...

We update from Clive

Wud all members please note there will be a short meeting in the Albert on Tue 16th at 7.30,,the reason is for those who have ordered our new design clothing to give Wilkie there 50% deposit, , ,plus those who couldn't make last weeks meeting and is looking new gear ,,,give them a chance to do so,,,the new Hoodie is ordered so if you want one and cant make the meeting then see Alastair,,There is 20 ordered so far. You don't have to order our new gear its just us moving forward we were not happy with the big yellow band on the shorts so we got it removed,,but it didn't match our top ,so Muscels came up with a few new designs ,one we all have agreed on and cant see this one being changed for a long time,,,, (maybe never),,,,some of the riders who havn't been out on our Sat runs looking to no whats happening over the holidays, ,rather than me texting everyone keep an eye on Facebook or our Web. I will put up were when and what time as we plan to have a full holiday programe. Also you can now apply for ur 2015 race Licence some have done so.Rem after Christmas its only about 7 weeks to 1st open race so if u plan to ride it then get your licence ordered ,, and get involved in our Sat runs.we have had 18 different riders up to now so plenty of places to hide if u getting it tight,(he,,,he,,,,).can i just say as we head into 2015 racing season for all our members to get involved in everything we run,,it dosn't matter if your the fastest or slowest in the club everyone is just as important as the other,so just like last year everyone rally round together and keep the club going in the right direction,,As you all noticed the roads were really bad yes ,,most of yous informed me during week that you wudn't be able to make it for one reason or the other, ,i had to drive in as roads round our way were not good ,,when i got to Tescos only Davy was there,,i soon realised i had left my shoes on top of the bin at home,,so went home and done nowt,wasnt a happy chappy so i will make up for it this week..

club run 13th Dec

Club run leaving tesco's 9am route will be decided on morning,,,

club run 6th Dec update

Another gud club run today,,,60 mile at 16.6 AVG,,,funny we had 8 out today and thats our lowest turnout so far.was surprised to get home dry going by the weather forecast. So to all our riders see ya Tue in the Albert for our meeting. Seems that i came home with the cleaner face today,and its a close call between young Matty ,,Teggert,,,Mark Downey,,,,Muscels, ,,and Andy who was the muddyist,,,my money is on Mark as he was behind me and wasnt impressed with my Mudguards He,,,,,,He ,,,,,,, just a wee word to Matty he heads of to spain soon for a weeks training and then heads to France,,,,we will miss his craic but we wish him well and we will keep an eye on his progress,,,,plus we know Mark was offered a team but is finnishing his A Levels 1st, (Good Man) ,,,,so another local rider to keep us interested,,,,,

Looks like cyclecross Matt....

club run 6th Dec

Club run leaving tesco's 9am 

Big thank you

Thanks to Stephen Smith of J R Magill Cycles Dromore for putting up prizes for our 25th anniversary prize dinner night, much appreciated on behalf of all West Down Wheelers thanks 

Big thank you

West Down Wheelers wud like to thank the Bike Shak for the generous prize for our 25th Anniversary and prize giving night,,,Bloat handing over to our 2014 club Road Race Champion Jonny Kernaghan, ,,plus the Wheelers are delighted that The Bike Shak has once again offered to do Broom Wagon at are Coastal Charity run in February, We at West Down Wheelers are very thankfull to the support from the Bike Shak..

A few words from Clive

There will be a meeting in the Albert on Tue 9.12.14 at 7.30,,,main reason for meeting is to make it handy for our members to give me my Christmas Presents,,,Haaaaaaaa, ,,,,Haaaaaa,,,,,,Seriously guys Alastair will have 2 sizes of Hoodies to try on ,,,plus Wilkie will have sizes for our new Club Racing Top and Shorts,,,,,anyone who wants any of thee above shud get along,,,Also we will be discussing our Race Calender for 2015,,,our Charity Coastal Run in Feb,,,plus our club runs on Sat which our well attended in double figures every week ,,we have had 18 different riders out with us since we started them so plenty of craic and in and around 60 mile at 16 to 17 AVG, will have a Christmas plan for some good runs ,,we have'nt had any Tea  stops yet,,after Christmas we will be stepping in up so if u plan to go out with us u need to get involved now,,,,anything u want to discuss at meeting then come along,,,,,,,,,

club meeting tues 9th Dec

Could every one please try to attend the club meeting on 9th Dec above the ALBERT 
at 7.30 sharp as we have a lot to discuss.
Paul Wilkison will have new profit kit for trying on for sizing to get new kit ordered .
Alastair will have size medium & large hoodie's to try on they are 20 each..
The new 2015 Race Calender ,,our Charity Coastal Run in Feb

Any new members looking to join the club you are more than welcome to attend meetings
would like a wee spin we run our Sat morning Club runs leaving Tescos at 9 am
every one welcome.

2015 race calendar

7th 10 mile TT Rathfriland RD Magowan Shield        start time 6.45pm
14th 10 mile TT Castlewelan RD Murdoch Shield      start time 6.45pm
21st Circuit TT L/Brickland Start Weir Trophy          start time 6.45pm     
28th 10 mile TT Castlewellan RD Magowan Shield    start time 6.45pm
5th Road Race D/Cloney 5 laps Imperial Cup             start time's from May 7.00 pm
12th Aussie/Pursuit Start R/Friland RD B/Down Finnish J.M.M
19th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD Magowan Shield 
26th Road Race Quarry Start /Corbet 4 Laps Circuit Imperial Cup
2nd 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Outlook Shield 
9th Aussie/Pursuit C/Wellan RD Start/finnish B/Down J.M.M
16th Road Race K/Bridge 3 Laps Imperial Cup
23rd 25 mile TT C/Wellan RD StevenSavage Mem
30th Aussie/Pursuit R/Friland RD C/Hill John Maxwell Mem
7th Road Race Quarry Circuit 8 Laps Imperial cup
14th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD Outlook Shield
21st Aussie/Pursuit R/Filand Start/B/Down Finnish J.M.M
28th Road Race D/Cloney Circuit Imperial Cup
4th 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Outlook Shield
11th Aussie/Pursuit R/Friland RD B/Down Finnish J.M.M 
18th 10 Mile TT R/Friland RD Poppy McKeown Cup
25th 10 Mile TT C/Wellan RD [No TT Gear] Maxwell Shield
1st Hill/Climb T/More Hill Ernie Hall Trophy
3rd Saturday in Feburary Coastal Charity Ride
West Down GP Katesbridge
Eric Maxwell Mem 10 Mile TT Warrenpoint Rd

club run update

That was one klass club run today 16.8 AVG for 60 mile ,,we had 11 out was a bit apprehensive as i knew matt and Andy cudnt make it ,,nor Geoff Tate ,,Karl late withdrawal, and Rod cudnt make it,,but we had 3 out today for 1st time that brought us up to double figures again,,,young Matty Teggart, ,,Gareth Hillen,,,and low and behold wat a nice surprise Ray Tinsley,,, it was good that everyone enjoyed it ,really pleasing that all riders today agreed that 16 AVG is ideal and when u have riders like
Matty,,Davy,,Darren,,and young Mark Downey comming out and doing the same ,well i think that says it all.so up tonow wr have had 18 riders comming out on our runs which is klass ,,,so nodoubt we are going to get a big turnout some of these Saturdays,,but most of we want the riders to enjoy it which they are,,,,

club run 29th Nov

Club run leavin tesco's at 9am,,

new hoodie

New club hoodie 20 if interested taking orders at next club meeting

club run 22nd Nov

Great we club run this morning 7 men out most got around 50 -70 miles in on what turned out to be a dry crisp morning...

words from Clive

Well the dust has settled after our prize giving and Dinner last Friday night,,,,wat a very good nights craic it was the night flew in ,,well done to all the prize winners ,big thanks to Tommy and Marian and Brendan and Bronagh ,,,they just looked like they were in the Wheelers as they just blended in really well,,,,it was a joy to have them there and for there help on the night.Big Congrats to Muscels and Trudie on the birth of there wee bundle of joy,club tuns continue on Sat ,,will be going wee bit farther from now on as we will be stepping in up gradually so no panic yet,,im delighted with the turnouts double figures every week,,,but there's room for more so get involved now,,,we will have a full holiday plan for December weather permitting so u will need to have a good base by then.There will be a club meeting in next week or 2 ,,,,as we have decided wat new design we going for,, (Thanks again to Muscels ) for taking this on hes done a superb job.and to Alastair for Hoodie just so u no the club logo will be on the back of it,so if u want any gear watsoever be at meeting for size fitting.im sure yas have noticed the web being kept up to date thanks to Alastair ,,if you want anything put on it then let him no.we have alot to look forward to as we head into our 26th year racing in Wheelers colours ,,,

club run

Club 22nd Nov  run leaving tesco's at 9am,,,

Award Winners 2014

WDW Awards 2014

D.Gamble Presidents cup P.Wilkison
Bunty Adamson Rider of the year P.Wilkison
E.Hall Trophy D.Lynas 
Most Improved Rider M.McKinstry
Imperial cup J.Kernaghan
Gilchrist cup P.Wilkinson
Murdoch Shield P.Wilkinson
S.Savage Shield M.Alexander
R.Russell Shield P.Wilkinson
Maxwell Memorial D.Lynas
Weir Trophy M.McKinstry
Magowan Shield D.Cantly
Maxwell Shield A.Hodgen

Poppy McKeown - A.McCourt
Outlook Shield G.Tate
Adamson Trophy Derek
20 year service watch- Derek
Vouchers - Sammy - Berty - Barbara & Derek

2014 Club Champion    Paul Wilkinson

2014 Road Race Champion    John Kernaghan

2014 Australian Pursuit Champion     Darren Lynass

Congratulations to you all.

a few words from Brendan Kirk

Home News West Down Wheelers Silver Anniversary
West Down Wheelers Silver Anniversary
West Down Wheelers celebrated their 25th anniversary at their Annual Dinner and Awards night in the Albert Bar and restaurant in Banbridge on Friday night 14th November.
Bronagh and I were honoured to be invited guests and we enjoyed the evening immensely.

Club Chairman Billy Maxwel covered the history of the club in his speech. He remarked that this year had been a great success with good open promotions and a vibrant club racing scene. He talked at length of the clubs riders achievements in local and open events.
Paul Wilkonsons results were highlighted particularly his 4th place overall and high stage placings in the Newry 3 Day.

The Hard working volunteers who marshall, timekeep and do all the neccessary jobs that keep a real cycling club ticking were given high praise. Mr and Mrs Wilkinson were given special mention for marshaling at all the weekly club races, and club president Derek Gamble was presented with a watch to mark his 18 years of timekeeping.

This club makes a point of showing appreciation for volunteers within the club or outside it. Bronagh and I had helped the club at their West Down GP race in May. On the day we were thanked a lot and went home feeling appreciated.
It was a really nice surprize when Clive Adamson contacted Bronagh in September to invite us as guests. 

Clive and Billy (Maxwell) asked us up to present the extensive awards which also included a basket of fruit for Bronagh! The good humoured banter between everyone was very entertaining. Great food was served at the Albert (at the top of the town) and well worth a visit if in the area. 

The Celebratory cake was baked by their own club member Matthew McKinstry and distributed to everyone with their tea or coffee. Chairman and secretary of Cycling Ulster (Tommy and Marian Lamb) were also guests.

report by Brendan Kirk

cake 2014

wdw 25th Anniversary cake looking good thanks too Matt McKinstry


Would like to thank the Bike Shack for donating prizes for tonights raffle.


Would like to thank   Jr Magill Cycles for donating prizes for tonights raffle. 

membership 2015

Cycling ireland update new membership will open on thursday 13th November from the afternoon 


Club dinner this friday night looking forward to a good nights entertainment 
We just need a few things for raffle,,,

wee update from clive

Good run today with 12 out,,,,got just over 40 at 16 avg,,,,,,very wet but u cant get gud weather every week,,,Just to let you know the are guests for our 25th Anniversary Prize giving and Dinner next week,,,,Tommy and Marian Lamb ,,,,,,,and Brendan and Bronagh Kirk have confirmed that they will be there ,,,im delighted and really looking forward to it,,,as u will see the 2 new designs on our web and facebook for those who couldn't make the meeting,,,so take good look and let us no what u prefare,,,,,,The Hoodie has been agreed on ,,,so let us no if u want one,,

club run

club run sat 8th Nov leaving tesco at 9am 


After tues night meeting we have our new club kit down to two designs . Now its time to vote   A with stripes  or   B with out stripes...

club run

Club run sat 1st Nov leaving tesco's at 9am route decided on day avg 16-17 mph .

club update

Would all members please note there will be a meeting in the Albert on tues 4th November, , at 7.30pm if u haven't got a menu for our dinner then u need to be there ,, Hopefully we will have new hoodie to see in size medium to try on plus final design for our new 2015 kit shud be on show . Hope to see u all there 

A wee update from Clive

Cant believe only a few weeks to our 25th Anniversary Prize giving and Dinner.Really looking forward to it,, cant wait to see Baker Bai McKinstry s Anniversary Cake, pity hes not getting any , he cant get into his top the way he is even now,,,Shud be a cracker night so many of the guys who didn't make it last going this year. The club has a lot planned for 2015,,, if u have seen the 1st foto on our page our new clothing is based on it ,,,,but thanks to the Lynas househole alot of thought has went into it and Muscels showed me what he would like the final outcome to look like,,,and believe u me if we can get it they way wee want u will love it,,our Sat runs going really well but I want to encourage more to come out ,, its a steady pace , weather permitting we doing Long Woman's Grave next Sat as some of the guys have never done it.and we shud be back into double figures. We still waiting on our sample Hoodie comming back from the Embroider,as some haven't got a menu for Dinner,
Stuffed fillet of chicken
Fillett of Salmon
No point putting desert s down as u will be in training,,,,,he,,,,,,, he,,,,,,,,
Hoping to have a meeting in the Albert on Tue 4th Nov at 7.30,,,, on the night we shud have all our products finalised ,,, so if u havnt got a menu then u need to be there, and plenty of other topics to discuss, as u no we will have new members on board for 2015,,,but thats all I want to say on it at minute....The Dinner is 16.50 and there's 16 Trophy's to be handed out,,,, big thanks to Snugg's for there help with our meeting room and Dinner night.

WDW new kit taking shape

sat run

A great spin on a damp windy sat morning with 8 men out most got between 40-60 miles 

wee update

Will have new photos up next week working through old photos .

club run 18th Oct

Leaving tesco at 9am hope to see a few out route decided on day avg 16-17mph 

A report from Clive

Its been a very good week for the WHEELERS,,seems there plenty out and about on there bikes,,,We are hoping to get our SAT runs up to 14 to 16 which we shud
do in the coming weeks,,,,as there was 10 out last week and 4 regulars missing,once again its off season so pace will be 16 to 17 AVG,,,,with a very good AGM last week,we have members to move us on ,,as u will have noticed Alastair has starting updating Our Web,and Facebook,,and doing a very good job ,,plus the new Hoodie is still with Embroidery ones,,,Alastair is sorting that out,,you will have seen the proposed new designs on Facebook have a good look and see what u would prefare.rem this is the road wear going down for future u wont expected to buy it now ,but all those doing open racing next year shud get one.The dinner is just 4 weeks away with 16 trophy's to hand out so shud be a super night,,, im making out race prog soon so anything u want to bring up then let me no/ ...will let u no soon when next meeting will be held ,,,,

new club clothing

These are just ideas at this stage,please feel free to express your comments on what design you like or what changes you would like considered. Its your kit so have your say now.......

sat club run

A well supported run out with 10 men on a fresh autumn morning for a 70 mile run 

club run

Club run sat 11th oct leaving tesco's at 9am bring a few pound for tea stop route decided on day

AGM Election of officers 2015


President Derek Gamble

Chairman Billy Maxwell

Vice chairman Mark Alexander

Treasurer Paul Wilkinson

Assistant Treasurer - John Clyde

Club secretary Darren Lynas

Open race secretary Billy Maxwell

Club race secretary Clive Adamson

Assistant club race secretary - Matt McKinstry

Club Clothing - Paul Wilkinson

PRO Clive Adamson / Billy Maxwell

Photographer Sammy Magill

Facebook Administrator Alastair Mccourt

Club Website Administrator Alastair Mccourt

Timekeeper - Derek Gamble

                         Billy Maxwell

Committee Members

John Clyde

Alastair Mccourt

Geff Tate

John Kernaghan

Andy Hodgen

AGM meeting 2014

Very very good constructive AGM tonight in the Albert ,,, the new men unboard after the election of Officers are all on our web page,,, thanks to our new web and Face Book man Allister MCourt,the only other change is Wilkie and Clydie taking over Treasurer from Eddy who done a superb job but felt it was better suited to someone who lives in Banbridge near the bank,,, Eddy now looking to help out in the timekeeping.all the rest stayed the same, Eddy signing of report was very pleasing,, For me the Race sec report was prob one of the best I have had the pleasure in bringing, ,, The racing this year was superb with the 5 RR,, And 5 Aussie/Pursuits, ,,,,was well supported and looks like same for next year,,,,,, Gareth from powerhouse sport came to show us new design which almost every one agreed was klass ,,,,,,, The new Hoody shud be here this week,,, Allister looking after this,,,and the dinner will be 16.50 thanks to Jonny Maxwell and Snuggs,,,,,,,all in all things looking gud for our wee club WEST DOWN WHEELERS,,,,,, cant fail to mention Matt McKinstry is now assistant race sec,,,,

charity run

Very well organised charity run all for a very good cause would like to thank Noel & the rest of the organisers ,,pity about that gale force wind from Ardglass home good to have Mark,Karl,Darren,Andy,Clive & Alastair out and then running into Will on way home and good to have Davy,Rod,Brian , Fitzt & James for a days craic ,,,very well done to all 

club meeting

Remember club AGM meeting this tues night 7th october 7.30pm above the Albert could every one please try & make it a lot to talk about.

club run sat 27th

lads club run leaving tescos 9am pick a few up on way bring a few pound for tea stop route decided on day

next meeting

Just letting yas all no the AGM will now be held on 7/10/14 at 7.30 in the room above the Albert.we need yas all there as Alastair will have one of our new Hoodys to try on for size its Royal Blue with our WDW Logo on the back and 25th Anniversary on front.plus Billy taking names for Dinner in the Snugg no dearer than 17 or 18.plus myself , Wilkie , and Muscels , shud have something to show of our new design for kit. Our Guests for the Dinner will be Marian and Tommy Lamb, and Bronagh and Brendan Kirk.with a special appearance of my wee mate Junior and Adele,,, all being well.So make sure ur there at AGM and if theres any other business to discuss that you feel needs mentioned they let us no......

club run

Ok guys leaving Tescos at 9 In morn gather a few up then head to Newcastle for muga Tea,,steady 16 AVG,,,,

A few words from clive

Gud run today with 12 out,,,,got just over 40 at 16 avg,,,,,,very wet but u cant get gud weather every week,,,Just to let yas no are guests for our 25th Anniversary Prize giving and Dinner next week,,,,Tommy and Marian Lamb ,,,,,,,and Brendan and Bronagh kirk have confirmed that they will be there ,,,im delighted and really looking forward to it,,,as u will see the 2 new designs on our web and facebook for those who cudnt make the meeting,,,so take good look and let us no what u prefare,,,,,,The Hoodie has been agreed on ,,,so let us no if u want one,,

AGM Election of officers


President Derek gamble

Vice president Harry Kennedy

Chairman Billy Maxwell

Vice chairman Mark Alexander

Treasurer Eddie Cantley

Club secretary Darren Lynas

Open race secretary Billy Maxwell

Assistant race secretary Paul Wilkinson

Club race secretary Clive Adamson

Club Clothing - Paul Wilkinson

PRO Clive Adamson / Billy Maxwell

Photographer Sammy Magill

Facebook Administrator Darren Lynas

Club Website Administrator Alastair Mccourt


Committee Members

Darren Lynas

Matt McKinstry

Allistor McCourt

Mark Alexander

Andy Hodgen

Award Winners 2013

WDW Awards 2013

D.Gamble Presidents cup D.Lynas
Bunty Adamson Rider of the year D.Lynas
E.Hall Trophy D.Lynas (New club record)
Most Improved Rider D.Lynas
Imperial cup P.Wilkinson
Gilchrist cup P.Wilkinson
Murdoch Shield P.Wilkinson
S.Savage Shield P.Wilkinson...

R.Russell Shield P.Wilkinson
Maxwell Memorial J.Kernaghan
Weir Trophy M.Alexander
Magowan Shield B.Hanna
Maxwell Shield B.Hanna
Cromie Trophy S.Keery
Poppy McKeown - S.Keery
Outlook Shield N.Seffen
Adamson Trophy D.Cartmill
Poppy McKeown

Congratulations to you all.

Something different for winter

If you dont fancy the idea of months spinning at 16mph there is an alternative in the training section guys and gals


Lynas takes Bronze at the Northern Ireland 25 mile time trial championships

West Down Wheeler Darren Lynas who took up cycling mid season last year (2012) is having a great 2013 season. This year Darren has been making a name for himself as one of the strongest riders in the current road race circuit and has progressed from a category A4 rider to an A2 in five months.   Last Thursday Darren headed to Woodgreen to compete in the Northern Ireland 25 mile time trial championships. Thunder storms, with heavy rain, rattled through the Woodgreen course 90-minutes prior to the start but thankfully the storm had cleared leaving clear blue sky behind, which was just reward for Darren and the other 54 Riders who took part. This was only Darrens second time on the Woodgreen course. Darren said that once the rain stopped he got the turbo trainer out and had a good warm up, once on the road he quickly got his elbows tucked in and when in the tuck position he settled down to a steady pace, with 10 mile to go he knew a good time was possible. Darren said that he wanted to break the hour, but was really delighted with his time of 53.35, which was at an average speed of 27.99 mph. This time was good enough to earn Darren the Veteran Bronze Medal.Liam Curran of Curran Racing takes Veteran Gold 52.27.  Des Woods of Newry Wheelers take Veteran Silver 53.05.  Darren Lynas of West Down Wheelers takes Veteran Bronze 53.35.

Thursday 8th August - West Down 10 tt 2 Warrenpoint

23-July-2013 - Rathfriland Rd - John Maxwell Australian Pursuit.

To night was the last leg of the John Maxwell Memorial Australian Pursuit series. 28 riders took to the line, setting off in four handicapped groups covering 8 minutes. It was the second group of four riders Sam Cantley (WDW), Neil McCartan (Dromore CC), Mark Shilliday (WDW) & Nathan Sturrock (Dromore CC) who took the spoils.

A massive thanks to members who helped out with the marshalling duties, in cars / broom wagon and at the start & finish lines.

 First 10 across the line.  
 S Cantley  WDW
 M Shilliday  WDW
 N McCartan  Dromore CC
 N Sturrock  Dromore CC
 A Walker  WDW
 M McKinstry  WDW
 M Winters  Banbridge CC
 J Kernaghan  WDW
 N Seffen  WDW
 W Shields  TVR

Tuesday 9th July Venue Change.

Note:- The Venue for Tuesday 9th July 10tt has been changed due to Roadworks at Warrenpoint.

The new Venue for the 10tt will be on the Castlewellan Road, start at 7.00pm. 

Stuart 3rd at Ulster Mountain Bike Champs.

On Sunday 30 June 2013 West Down Wheeler Stuart Dunlop took 3rd place while competing in the 2013 Ulster Mountain Bike (cross-country) championships, there were 81 youth riders taking part. The event was held in Gortin Glen Forest Park, located 6 miles north of Omagh.

The course was a challenging trail through the forest using the fire road climbs and natural forest single tracks, 3 bridge sections over the flowing river, the surface was in super condition with plenty of grip under the bicycle wheels however, there were some very heavy showers which affected certain parts of the course forcing the riders to dismount and run.  

Stock medals were provided for the podiums with the actual medals being provided at the Cycling Ulster awards dinner in January 2014.  

The members of West Down Wheelers send their Congratulations to Stuart on his 3rd place result.  Next month Stuart will compete at the National MTB XC championships will take place in Garvagh Forest on 21 July 2013.

4-July-2013 - West Down 10tt 1 - Warrenpoint.

 B McCrystal Cuchulainn CC  19.58 
 T Martin Eurocycles  21.08 
 R Stewart TVR  21.44 
 D Woods Newry Wheelers  21.48 
 D McKnight TVR  21.48
 M Millar Phoenix 21.51
 J McCusker Orchard  21.51 
 K Lynch Newry Wheelers 22.09 
 B Talbot Harps CC  22.15 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  22.46 
 P McConville Newry Wheelers  23.00 
 M Alexander West Down Wheelers  23.10 
 T Beattie TVR  23.20 
 J McAuley Appollo  23.26 
 T Wright Dromara CC  23.27 
 P Trainer Phoenix  23.30 
 W Maxwell West Down Wheelers  23.36 
 D Blevins Harps CC  23.36 
 J Hegarty  Phoenix 23.38 
 N Seffen West Down Wheelers  23.41
 J Graham Orchard  23.45 
 C Rice Dromara  24.05 
 A McCourt West Down Wheelers  24.16
 R Moore TVR  24.16 
 W McNeil Clann Eireann 24.20 
 P Ormrod IVCA  24.29 
 H Martin Clann Eireann  24.44 
 B Kickland Island Wheelers  24.44 
 C Burns Banbridge CC  25.07 
 L Osborne TVR  25.10 
 C Magill Banbridge CC  25.15 
 G Carson TVR  26.07 
 F Brown Banbridge CC  26.13 
 A McCann (F) U/A  26.48 
 J Kerr TVR  26.50 
J Cromie  West Down Wheelers  26.51 
S O'Neill (L) Island Wheelers  27.39 
G Jordan U/A 22.51
M Mullen IVCA Puncture

11 June 2013

 P. Wilkinson  22.50  WDW
 M. Alexander  24.22  WDW
 C. Adamson  25.04  WDW
 S. Keery  25.21  WDW
 A. McCourt  25.43  WDW
 M. McKinstry  26.22  WDW
 A. Hodgen  26.45  WDW
 J. Cromie  28.21  WDW
 S. Cantley (J)  28.57  WDW
 D. Cantley (L)  30.32  WDW
 S. Dunlop (J)  32.59  WDW
 N. Seffen  DNF (Puncture)  WDW
 G. Roche  24.52  U/A
 M. Winters  25.56  Banbridge CC
 J. McAuley  25.58  Appollo
 I. Cochrane  26.54  Banbridge CC
 A. McCann (L)  29.15  Appollo

6th June 2013 - Eric Maxwell Memorial 10tt - Warrenpoint.

 J. Heverin 20.11   Clann Eireann
 T. Martin 20.31  Eurocycles
 S. McIntyre 20.45   
 R. Stewart 30.49   TVR
 M. Heaney 21.02   
 D. Woods 21.06  Newry Wheelers 
 K Lynch 21.18  Newry Wheelers 
 P. Vaughan 21.33   
 P. Wilkinson 21.34  West Down Wheelers 
 S. Harkens 21.36   
 D. Heagney 21.49   
 J. Clyde 21.50  Dromara CC 
 J. McCusker 21.58   
 M. Murray 21.59   
 S. Stockton 21.59   
 E. McCrystal (Lady) 22.12   
 P. Carlisle 22.21   
 B. McKinney 22.30   
 J. Hegarty 22.35   
 M. Alexander 22.44  West Down Wheelers 
 D. Blevins 22.53   
 C. Hutchinson 23.01   
 S. Keery 23.04  West Down Wheelers 
 J. Graham 23.06   
 J. McAuley 23.09  Appollo 
 J. Kernaghan 23.15  West Down Wheelers 
 C. Adamson 23.28  West Down Wheelers 
 D. Mulholland 23.32   
 M.McConville 23.39   Clann Eireann
 A. Stewart 23.40   
 P. Beattie 23.43   
 J. Donnelly 23.44   
 D. Cartmill 23.46  West Down Wheelers 
 H. Martin 23.48   Clann Eireann
 W. McNeill 23.59   
 A. McCourt 24.02  West Down Wheelers 
 C. Magill 24.18   
 P. Ormrod 24.24   
 R. Moore 24.43   
 C. Burns 24.54  Banbridge CC 
 J. Cromie 25.05  West Down Wheelers 
 K. Campbell (Lady) 25.56   Newry Wheelers
 M. Mullen 26.32   
 A. McCann (Lady) 26.34  Appollo 
 S. O'Neill (Lady) 26.52   
 J. Ormrod (Lady) 29.12   

28 May 2013 - 10tt Murdoch Shield - Castlewellan Road.

 P. Wilkinson 22.55   WDW
 P. McManus 23.21   WDW
 D. Lynas 23.38   WDW
 M. Alexander 24.38   WDW
 N. Seffen 24.49   WDW
 J. Kernaghan 25.02   WDW
 A. McCourt 25.29   WDW
 S. Keery 25.32   WDW
 W. Maxwell 25.51   WDW
 K. Wells 25.51   WDW
 M. Shilliday 25.57   WDW
 C. Adamson 26.18   WDW
 D. Cartmill 26.27   WDW
 M. McKinstry 26.40   WDW
 J. Cromie 27.05   WDW
 A Hodgen 27.21   WDW
 S. Cantley (U 14) 28.44   WDW
 M. Downey 23.22   Nicholas Roche Devel Team
 J. Clyde 23.44   Dromara CC
 D. McKnight 23.50   TVR
 J. McAuley 25.24  Appollo
 D. Fegan 25.58   
 R. Moore 26.29   
 R. Priestley 26.54   La Lanterne Rouge
 H. Priestley (L) 26.55   La Lanterne Rouge
 D. Hawthorne 27.23   
 B. Doyle 27.30   
 J. Kerr 29.30   
 D. McGarry 31.05   

Sun Shines On West Down GP - 25th May.

The West Down Wheelers promoted the West Down GP on Saturday 25th May. With a clear blue sky, wall to wall sunshine and 3 races on offer it had to be a great days racing. Almost 200 riders signed on with 2 full fields for the A (A2/A3) and B (A4) races.

The (A) race covered 6 laps of the hilly circuit with the bunch staying together for most of the race, a number of early attacks were not allowed to get to far in front and were quickly pulled back. It was on the early stages of the last lap that a breakaway group attacked consisting of Mark Downey, Craig McAuley and David Hamilton. TVR's Davy McKnight made a brave solo counter attack but was unable to bridge the gap although he had them in his sights as they disappeared over the tough Rathfriland hill.  The chasing group broke into a number of smaller groups as they climbed the hill, it was said that the hill did its job.  The decider was down to a fast sprint finish which was taken by the local and popular Dromore rider, Mark Downey ahead of Craig McAuley and David Hamilton.

The (B) race covered 5 laps of the circuit, again the group stay together throughout the race averaging 24 mph, a number of attacks did develop but were short lived. the end result was down to a massed group sprint finish with literally nothing between the first eight riders.  It was Newry Wheeler, Daniel McConville who crossed the line just ahead of Simon Gerrard, followed by Jason Glasgow, and then the West Down Wheelers Blue Train which had 3 of their 5 riders in the top 6 placings consisting of Brian Hanna, Neil Seffen, Matthew McKinstry.  

Results A Race.

  1. Mark Downey (Nicholas Roche Development Team)
  2. Craig McAuley (VO2 Development Team)
  3. David Hamilton (Curran Racing)
  4. Cathal Doyle (Carn wheelers)
  5. Gary Crory (VC Glendale)
  6. Paul Ferguson (North down CC)
  7. Matthew Heany (Clann Eireann)
  8. Stephen Harkins (Team Madigan)
  9. Alex McDonald (Phoenix CC)
  10. Mike Millar (Phoenix CC)

Results B Race

  1. Daniel McConville (Newry Wheelers)
  2. Simon Gerrard (U/A
  3. Jason Glasgow (East Tyrone CC)
  4. Brian Hanna (West Down Wheelers)
  5. Neil Seffen (West Down Wheelers)
  6. Paul Warriner (Omagh Wheelers)
  7. Matthew McKinstry (West Down Wheelers)
  8. John Carey (North Down CC)

Over 20 competed in the Masters and Ladies event, this was a different kind of race with attacks from the word go and the group splitting in the early stages.

The winner of the Masters was Michael Toland (Phoenix CC).

The winner of the Ladies was Janine McNally (North Down CC), 2nd was Haley Priestley (La Lanterne Rouge CC). 

A word of thanks must go to the Commissaries on the day, Dany Blondeel and Michael Murray, the two ladies from St Johns Ambulance who had an easy day with no spills to contend with, the large number of static and motorcycle marshals, the lead car and officials car drivers and all those who helped organise and decorate the finish line (The Bike Shak, Chris Custom Designs and Powerhouse Sports).

A special thanks to all who provided the array of food and we must not forget the two Barbara's who did a wonderful job catering for all the riders, officials, marshals, drivers, and the many spectators, it was greatly appreciated.

21st May 2013 - Austrailian Pursuit - John Maxwell Memorial.

Austrailian Pursuit, John Maxwell Memorial 21/05/13.....Rathfriland Rd via the Diamond, Co-Op, Ballyroney, Moneyslane, Cattle Hill finishing at Magherally cross roads. A total of 48 riders signed on, setting off in 3 groups at 3 minute intervals. RESULT;

1 - J Kernaghan (WDW)
2 - B Hanna (WDW)
3 - M Downey (BCC)
4 - M Pyper (TVR)
5 - R Smyth (DCC)
6 - M Alexander (WDW)

A big thanks must go to all our marshals, to Derek for sign-on and Richy for the lead car.

13th May 2013 - Circuit tt 20 mile - Weir Trophy

 P. Wilkinson 47.57  WDW 
 M. Alexander 51.54  WDW 
 P. Savage 52.04  WDW 
 N. Seffen 53.55  WDW 
 C. Adamson 53.56  WDW 
 B. Hanna 54.36  WDW 
 A. McCourt 55.28  WDW 
 D. Cartmill 56.22  WDW 
 M. Shilliday 56.51  WDW 
 M. McKinstry 58.10  WDW 

 S. Bloomer

58.30 WDW
 A. Hodgen 58.35  WDW 
 D. Lynas DNF Puncture WDW 
 R. Stewart 48.31  TVR 
 D. McKnight 49.32  TVR 
 J. Clyde 51.55  Dromara CC 
 K. McDonald 62.33  Dromara CC 
 C. McKee 64.33  Dromore 

West Down Wheelers - 2013 Race Schedule.

MAY              7th                  Road Race - Scarva - 4 laps - Imperial Cup.
14th               Circuit TT - Rathfriland Road > Ballydown Finnish - Weir Trophy.
21st               Australian Pursuit - Rathfriland Road > Quarry Finnish - John Maxwell Memorial.

25th               Open Road Race - West Down GP Katesbridge.
28th               10 mile TT - Castlewellan Road - Murdoch Shield.


JUN               4th                  Road Race - Donacloney - 5 laps - Hayes Pipes Start - Imperial Cup.

6th                  10 mile TT - Warrenpoint Road - Eric Maxwell Memorial.
11th               10 mile TT - Rathfriland Road - Magowan Shield.
18th               Australian Pursuit - Castlewellan Road > BallyDown -John Maxwell Memorial.
25th               25 mile TT - Castlewellan Road - Steven Savage Memorial.


JUL                2nd                 Road Race - Katesbridge - 3 Laps - Imperial Cup.

4th                  10 mile TT - Warrenpoint Road West Down 1.
9th                  10 mile TT - Warrenpoint Road - Poppy McKeown Memorial.
26th               Australian Pursuit - Rathfriland Road > Quarry Finnish - John Maxwell Memorial.
30th               Road Race - Quarry - 8 Laps - NO GUESTS - Imperial Cup.


AUG              6th                  10 mile TT - Warrenpoint Road - Outlook Shield.

8th                  10 mile TT - Warrenpoint Road West Down 2.
13th               Australian Pursuit Katesbridge - Imperial Cup.
20th               10 mile TT Warrenpoint Road - Outlook Shield.
27th               Circuit TT - Rathfriland Road - Weir Cup.


SEP                3rd                  10 mile TT - Castlewellan Road - NO TT GEAR - Maxwell Shield.
10th               5 mile TT - Rathfriland Road Ronnie Russell Shield.
12th               Hillclimb - Tonaghmore Road.

7th May 2013 - Road Race - Scarva - Imperial Cup.

Last Tuesday night, 7th May the West Down Wheelers held their 1st Road Race of the season, it started and finished at Scarva, it was run over 4 laps of a very tough hilly circuit. The conditions were perfect for what was to be a great nights racing, warm sunshine and almost 40 riders taking part.  The riders were split into four groups, in group 1,  Wheelers A. Priestly,  J. Priestly, E. Cantly and S. Cantly, Dromaras J. Clyde, TVRs M. Cantly(S) and M.Cantly (J), 3 sets of Father and son. Then 6 minutes later in group 2, Wheelers, A. McCourt, K. Wells, A. Hodgen, M. Shillliday, S. Keery and J. Daly, TVRs D. McNulty, G. Sands and M. Burns. 2 minutes later, Wheelers M. Alexander, J. Kernaghan, C. Adamson, D. Cartmill, B. Hanna and M. McKinstry, TVRs M. Pyper, M. Casey, W. Shields, S. Buchanan, P. Rice, T. Beattie, R. Sands and C. Weir. And finally 1 & 1/2 minute later, Wheelers P. Wilkinson, D. Lynas, TVRs S. Baines, A. Baines, R. Stewart and D. McKinght, Apollo CT, J. McCauley, M. McConville, and Dromaras A .Quinn. On the 1st lap it more or less stayed the same but a crash on the fast decent with S.Keery and M.Shilliday didnt do group 2 any favors, just after the start of lap 2 the fast going scratch group caught the big group 3, so the chase was on to catch the leaders, on the 3rd lap, 3 riders attacked and made enough progress to get a break and away from the main group on the drag out of Scarva, D. McKnight, R. Stewart and A. Quinn, but the group 3 caught what was left of group 2, then the pace quickened considerably which caused a number of riders to get shelved out the back big time. But the leaders, father and son duo, Alan and Jack Priestly [J] and J.Clyde were holding their own and doing enough to hold of the rest of what was left of the 40 starters, the big group were piling on the pressure but Davy, Rod and Anthony were keeping the gap from the chasing and fast working group behind them, this saw various attacks in the last mile from Appollos J. MCauley, Wilkie, Muscels and M. MConville all came to nothing as the leaders held out for the nail biting final sprint between the duo of Father Alan Priestly and Son Jack Preistley, but it was Alan who would take his 1st win, Jack took the 2nd spot and 3rd was Dromaras J. Clyde, so a big well done to those 3. Next came the fastest men on the night Davy, Rod, and Anthony, with the big group blown to pieces with J.Kernaghan just pipping his team mates M. Alexander and C. Adamson, this was a very tough but enjoyable race with Hills, Drags, and fast Descents which took its toll on a number of riders, 6 wheelers DNF, 2 due to the crash, and 6 TVR. If this is what the opening race is like there would need to be some good training for some riders to get up to the standard to finnish the up and coming season races, this has given many riders a good buzz. The next big race is the Australian Pursuit in 2 weeks which is another toughie,




West Down GP - Sat 25th May 2012.

The West Down Wheelers will promote the West Down GP on Saturday 25th May 2013. This event will be open for pre-entry on Entry Central, Friday 10th May 2013 at 19.00.


There are 3 Races on offer, the (A) Race for A2/A3 category riders only (Limited to 80 riders), the (B) Race for A4 category riders only (Limited to 80 riders) and the Masters (over 50's). 


The (A) race will cover 6 laps of the circuit and on the last lap (the 6th Lap) it will take in the sting in the tail, the Rathfriland Hill and then back again to the finish at Katesbridge as per last year, the race distance is approx 56 miles. The winner will receive the West Down GP Cup there will also be cash prizes for the first 5 to cross the line.

The (B) race will cover 5 laps of the circuit with a race distance of approx 45-mile; again there will be cash prizes for the first 5 to cross the line.


Masters (over 50's) and Ladies will cover 3 laps with a race distance approx 27 miles; there will be cash prizes for the first 3 to cross the line.


Entry fees for races (A) & (B) 12 Entry Central, Masters (over 50's) and Ladies 5 pay-on the day. Sign-On from 9.30am - 10.45am - Race starting at 11.00am.


Race HQ, Sign-On, Changing and race start location at the Katesbridge Hall, post code BT32 5NG. Prize giving and usual refreshments (tea, sandwiches & buns etc) after the race will be at the Katesbridge Hall.  http://ridewithgps.com/users/155131


This year weather permitting there will be additional car parking facilities in the field next to the Katesbridge Hall.

30-April-2013 - 10tt Castlewellan Road.

 P. Wilkinson 23.21  WDW 
 D. Lynas 23.48  WDW 
 P. McManus 24.10  WDW 
 M. Alexander 24.53  WDW 
 C. Adamson 25.14  WDW 
 B. Hanna 25.33  WDW 
 K. Wells 25.41  WDW 
 D. Cartmill 25.57  WDW 
 S. Keery 25.58  WDW 
 A. McCourt 26.11  WDW 
 J. Kernaghan 27.02  WDW 
 M. McKinstry 27.02  WDW 
 A. Hodgen 27.26  WDW 
 J. Cromie 27.33  WDW 
 S. Bloomer 28.14  WDW 
 J. Priestley (J) 28.21  WDW 
 S. Cantley (J) 29.25  WDW 
 S. Dunlop (J) 31.14  WDW 
 L. Priestley (J L) 35.02  WDW
 R. Stewart 22.53  TVR 
 M. Adair 23.59
 D. McKnight 24.02 TVR 
 G. Roche 24.59   
 J. McAuley 24.59  Appollo 
 M. Vaudrey 25.39   
 N. McCartan 27.36  Dromore 
 M. McVeigh 29.23  Shimna 

23rd April 2013 - 10 tt - Rathfriland Road.

 C. Adamson 24.59  WDW 
 M. Shilliday 25.03  WDW 
 M. Alexander 25.09  WDW 
 A. McCourt 25.38  WDW 
 B. Hanna 25.52  WDW 
 D. Cartmill 25.54  WDW 
 J. Kernaghan 26.06  WDW 
 S. Keery 26.09  WDW 
 E. Cantley 26.14  WDW 

 K. Wells

26.15 WDW
 M. McKinstry 26.46  WDW 
 J. Cromie  26.50  WDW 
 A. Hodgen 27.30  WDW 
 S. Bloomer 27.54  WDW 
 J. Priestley (J) 27.57  WDW 
 P. McKinstry 29.15  WDW 
 S. Cantley (J) 29.16  WDW 
 S. Dunlop (J) 30.37  WDW 
 R. Moffett 30.53  WDW 
 D. Cantley (L) 31.40  WDW 
 R. Stewart 23.12  TVR 
 D. McKnight 23.46  TVR 
 M. Adair 23.51   
 L. Hyland 24.09   
 G. Dordon 24.25   
 J. Clyde 24.26  Dromara CC 
 T. Wright 25.20  Dromara CC 
 M. Burns 30.34  TVR 
 L. Priestley (J - L) 5 TT 30.25  WDW 

16th April 2013 - Loughbrickland Circuit tt.

 P. Wilkinson 38.51  WDW 
 P. McManus 40.16  WDW 
 D. Lynas 41.55  WDW 
 P. Savage 42.30  WDW 
 N. Seffen 43.34  WDW 
 M. Alexander 44.00  WDW 
 C. Adamson 44.27  WDW 
 B Hanna 44.31  WDW 
 D. Cartmill 44.42  WDW 
 A. McCourt 45.21  WDW 
 K. Wells 45.41  WDW 
 M. Shilliday 45.48  WDW 
 S. Keery 46.25  WDW 
 J. Kernaghan 46.41  WDW 
 M. McKinstry 46.56  WDW 
 J. Cromie 47.14  WDW 
 A. Hodgen 48.18  WDW 
 J. Priestley 51.21  WDW 
 R. Moffett 53.04  WDW 
 P. McKinstry DNF  WDW 
 M. Downey 40.46   

Circuit tt - Loughbrickland - Tuesday 16th April.

Circuit tt, Tuesday 16th April, starts at Loughbrickland lake, 6.45 p.m. Finish at Banbridge,

Club Meeting - Monday 15th-April-2013.

Club meeting planned for this coming Monday - 15th April 2013 - Old Banbridge Library - 7.00 p.m. - please be on time.

The latest batch of club clothing has arrived, please bring outstanding monies.

All members are asked to attend.



April-9th-2013. Castlewellan Road. 10tt.

 P. Wilkinson 22.59  WDW 
 D. Lynas 24.02  WDW 
 C. Adamson 25.37  WDW 
 N. Seffen 25.51  WDW 
 M. Alexander 25.52  WDW 
 B. Hanna 26.24  WDW 
 D. Cartmill 26.45  WDW 
 E. Cantley 26.59  WDW 
 A. McCourt 27.08  WDW 
 J. Kernaghan 27.18  WDW 
 M. McKinstry 27.21  WDW 
 K. Wells 27.22  WDW 
 S. Kerry 27.38  WDW 
 J. Priestley (J) 28.11  WDW 
 A. Hodgen 28.48  WDW 
 M. Shilliday 29.00  WDW 
 J Cromie 29.11  WDW 
 S. Cantley (J) 29.45  WDW 
 S. Dunlop (J) 32.09  WDW 
 D Cantley (L) 32.56  WDW 
 R. Stewart 24.46  TVR 
 D. Gordon 24.49   U/A
 T. Wright 24.52  Dromara CC 
 C. Burns 27.52  Banbridge CC 
 N. McCartan 27.54  Dromore CC
 D. McKee 28.49  Maryland Wheelers 
 C. McKee 30.03  Maryland Wheelers 
 K. McDonald 30.27  Dromara CC 

2nd-April-2013, 10 tt Rathfriland Road.

West Down Wheelers get there 2013 club racing season of to a good start, however it was a very cold evening with a temperature of 5 degrees. It was young Jack Priestley who would kick off the season and was the first wheeler away at 6.45 pm. All riders had a steady run out however they had to contend with a head wind on the home run.   


 P. Wilkinson 23.20  WDW 
 P. McManus 24.10  WDW 
 D. Lynas 24.48  WDW
 M. Alexander 25.47  WDW 
 N. Seffen 26.29  WDW
 B. Hanna 27.21  WDW 
 S. Keery 27.52  WDW 
 M. McKinstry 27.56  WDW 
 K. Wells 28.09  WDW
 M. Shilladay 28.29  WDW 
 J. Priestley (J) 28.36  WDW 
 A. McCourt 28.40  WDW 
 D. Cantley (F) 29.23  WDW 
 S. Bloomer 29.23  WDW 
 J. Cromie 29.46  WDW 
 P. McKinstry 32.51  WDW 
 J. Sands 24.53  Newry Wheelers 
 J. McAuley 25.31  Appollo 
 J.Clyde 25.31  Dromara CC 
 T. Wright 25.40  Dromara CC 
 D. Quinn 26.12  Appollo 
 N, McCartan 28.18  Dromore CC
 R. Moore 29.03   
 C. McKee 30.02  Maryland Wheelers 
 A. McCann (F) 31.12  Appollo 

Tour of Down - Saturday 16th February 2013

West Down Wheelers for the Third year are hosting the Tour of Down Leisure Cycling Challenge which departs the County Down Village of Katesbridge.

This year for the first time there are two planned routes on offer.

Route ''A'' 65 mile departing at 10.00 am from Kate bridge - Castlewellan - Newcastle - Annalong - Ballymartin - Kilkeel - Rostrevor up the Newtown road climb to Hilltown - Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/162855708

Route ''B'' 43 mile departing at 10.05 am from Katesbridge - Castlewellan - Newcastle - Bryansford - Hilltown - Castlewellan and finishing at Katesbridge. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/162864914

Both event will start and finish at Katesbridge with sign-on from 8.45am. Changing facilities, toilets and car parking at the hall, toilets and parking on the opposite side of main Katesbridge Road at the picnic park.

The normal refreshments will be served at the end of the event, Hot Soup, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Sandwiches and Buns etc. The event will be a fundraiser for the St John's Ambulance. Many race promoters have been glad to use the services of this organisation and it is a very worthy cause.

Entry fee Cycling Ireland licence holders = 10/12Euros. Please bring evidence of CI licence approval. Entry non-Cycling Ireland = 13/15Euros

In the interests of safety all riders must wear a helmet, carry spare tube, pump, food and drink. It's also advisable to carry a mobile phone.

Please note the Tour of Down is not a race and will be a controlled event. lead cars will be present on both routes, but anyone who chooses to passes the cars does so at their own risk. Marshalls will be on route however they may not be present at all junctions. The rules of the road must be adhered to at all times. West Down Wheelers thank you for your co-operation on this.

Club Meeting Monday 11th-Feb-2013.

A club meeting has been scheduled to take place on Monday 11th Feb 2013 in the Old Banbridge Library, Commencing 7.30pm sharp. The meeting room is available for a limited time only, so as there is a lot to cover please be on time.

♦ Final arrangements for this years Tour of Down - Saturday 16th February 2013.

Route ''A'' http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/162855708

Route ''B'' http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/162864914

♦ 2013 Club race program Preview.

♦ 2013 Cycling Ireland Membership, if you are having problems with the on-line application then this is your chance to have it sorted..

Please bring your 2013 Club Membership Fee.

♦ Please bring along any outstanding Club Clothing Monies

♦ Bring along any new and interested cyclists who are interested in joining the Wheelers.

Note:- This will be your last chance to place an order for 2013 club Clothing.

Tour of Down _ 16th Feb 2013.

This years upcoming West Down Wheelers ''Tour of Down'' is planned for 16th Feb 2013.  There are two routes to chose from, the longer route will cover 65 mile and is generally a reliability type run with an average speed of approx 18mph. The shorter run will cover 43 mile is aimed at the "sportive" cyclist but it will still be a good workout even at an approx speed of 14mph. See the attached links below for route maps.

Tour of Down ''A'' Event -  http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/162855708

Tour of Down ''B'' Event - http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/162864914

Grading Amnesty and Licence Renewal

Information Regarding Grading Amnesty and Licence Renewal

The Board of Cycling Ireland has taken into account the feelings expressed at the AGM relative to the number of riders in the lower categories and the progression of riders through the categories. As an interim measure it is agreed that riders may apply in writing to CI for a one category upgrade.  A4, A3 and A2 2013 licence applicants wishing to avail of the upgrading amnesty must submit their request before 1st April 2013.

To apply for a grading amnesty and renew your licence for 2013 follow these steps.

  1. Complete the relevant form (HERE) in before you  renew your membership.
  2. In relation to the Grading Amnesty. All riders that apply for it receive the email below:

Thank you for requesting a licence category change for 2013. You do not have to do anything further at this point. We are in the process of reviewing and processing all requests. It will take up to 2 weeks to process your membership further. Once a decision has been made we will process your licence to payment stage in the approved category. As we conduct this process you will receive automated emails letting you know what stage your membership renewal is at. When you receive the email indicating you are at the payment stage, please login to your profile and make payment online with card

3. Renew nd pay for you licence.

Remember do not renew your licence until advised by Cycling Ireland to do so.

The Amnesty grading is a manual process and cannot be done automatically therefore it takes some time to put it through the system, but please rest assured that the Cycling Ireland Office staff  will get them done well before the racing commences. It may end up taking a bit longer than 2 weeks in some cases but that is simply due to volume and how quickly they can get through it.

Marian Lamb

Wheelers Christmas Program.

West Down Wheelers Christmas Program - All Wheelers Welcome, Steady Brisk Runs (16 - 18 mph) (50 - 70 Mile) with Coffee Stops. NOTE:- Times and routes may change due to weather conditions etc.


Sat 22nd Dec.  Tesco's 9.00 am - Newry, Long Womans Grave, Carlingford, Newry. 

Mon 24th Dec. Tesco's 9.00 am - Castlewellan, Newcastle, Kilkeel, Rostrever, Yellow Water, Hiltown, Rathfriland.

Wed 26th Dec. Tesco's 9.00 am - Poyntzpass, Markethill, Keady, Newtown, Markethill, Tandragee.

Thur 27th Dec. Tesco's 9.00 am - Gilford, Portadown, Oxford Island, Aghalee, Moria.

Fri 28th Dec. Tesco's 9.00 am - Planned walk through the Mountains of Mourne, appropriate walking footwear recommended..

Sat  20th Dec. Tesco's 9.00 am - Castlewellan, Newcastle, Byansford, Fofany, Hiltown, Rathfriland.

Mon 31st Dec. Tesco's 9.00 am - Katesbridge, Ballyward, Leitrim, Dromara, Dromore.

Tues  1st Jan. Tesco's 9.00 am - Short Couple of hours run. 

Wed  2nd Jan. 7.00 pm Banbridge Old Libaray - Special guest, Banbridge man and Olympic Cyclist Tommy Evans, talks on Essential Winter Base Training, Nutrition and Road Racing skills..  

Sat  12th Jan 2013. Tesco's 9.00 am - Lap the Lough.

Club Meeting Monday 26th November 2012.

Club Meeting Monday 26th November 2012, Banbridge Leisure Centre commencing 7.30pm Sharp.

Membership renewal with Cycling Ireland is now open. Members are encouraged to renew licences on-line On-line renewal  or new member registration is much quicker and will speed up the process of receiving your licence. Cycling Ireland is sensitive to the fact that not all members have credit cards so they will be accepting all major Debit Cards as well. This year they are introducing the concept of paying on-line using only your bank account via Paypal which is a globally accepted and highly secure method of paying on-line. Unfortunately Cycling Ireland can no longer accept cheques or cash when registering/renewing on-line.

1.     Introductory Licence - 15/13 for new members who have not been members of Cycling Ireland previously. This is exactly the same as the Non Competitive or leisure licence (See below)

2.     Non Competitive or Leisure Licence - 35/29 This licence is only for those not taking part in any competition. It covers riders for commuting, solo training, club rides, open leisure tours and sportives. It does NOT cover riders for any form of competition.

3.     Club Competition - 70/58 This licence will cover riders who wish to take part in any form of club or inter-club competition such as club road races and time trials. You CANNOT take part in any open road race, off road or open time trial with this licence. However on the day that your club is promoting an open race you may take part in this event with your club competition licence.

4.     Restricted Licence - 100/83 Riders who intend to regularly take part in ONE of the following types of competition - Time trials, off road events, track, BMX competition should consider taking this licence. It does NOT enable participation in Open Road Races.

5.     Full Competition - 135/112 This licence permits riders to take part in all types of open competition anywhere in Ireland.

Club Meeting - Monday 29th October 2012.

Club meeting planned for Monday 22nd October 2012.

Banbridge Leisure Center - commencing from 7.30 p.m.

Please bring money for the Presentation Dinner planned for Friday 16th November - Belmount Banbridge.

The cost of meal will depend on the course selected - 23 - 25 approx.

AGM Monday 24th Septmber 2012.

This Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been scheduled to take place on Monday 24th September 2012 in the Banbridge Leisure Centre.  The meeting has been scheduled to commence at 7.30 pm sharp, please note that the meeting room is available for a limit time only (2 Hours) and once again as there is a lot to cover you are asked to please be on time. This is also your opportunity to present ideas etc that will benefit the club prior to the coming 2013 season.

Club Clothing Meeting 18th Sept 2012.

This Meeting has been organized to accommodate those who require new West Down Wheeler club clothing and has been scheduled to take place on Tuesday 18th September 2012 in the Banbridge Leisure Centre commencing at 7.30 pm sharp.


Powerhouse Sport will be present with a full range of both Winter and Summer clothing for sizing purposes.

This is your opportunity to see what items are available and to take your time and order the correct size.


NOTE: - A 50% deposit is required with all items ordered; the remaining 50% will be required on delivery.


4-Sep-2012, Hill Climb, Tonaghmore. Road

 John Kernaghan 0 : 56  WDW 
 M Alexander 1 : 01  WDW 
 J Daly 1 : 01  WDW 
 D Lynas 1 : 02  WDW 
 P Wilkinson 1 : 04  WDW 
 M McKinstry 1 : 06  WDW 
 S Kerry 1 : 11  WDW 
 J Priestley (U14) 1 : 11  WDW 
 A McCourt 1 : 16  WDW 
 D Cartmill 1 : 17  WDW 
 S Cantley (U14) 1 : 27  WDW 
 J Henning (L) 1 : 37  WDW 
 D Cantley (L) 1 : 46  WDW 
 M Adair 0 : 53  CRC 
 M McAnulty 1 : 12  DCC 
 B Doyle
N Seffen
1 : 14 
1 : 37
Harps CC

30-Aug-2012, 5tt Lurgan Road, Ronnie Russel Shield.

 P Wilkinson 11.20  WDW 
 D Lynas 11.48  WDW 
 C Adamson 11.52  WDW 
 M Alexander 12.22  WDW 
 D Cartmill 12.30  WDW 
 D Gordon 12.33  WDW 
 J Daly 12.41  WDW 
 A Priestley 12.48  WDW 
 A McCourt 12.55  WDW 
 S Bloomer 12.58  WDW 
 K Wells 12.59  WDW 
 M McKinstry 13.01  WDW 
 P McKinstry 13.05  WDW 
 J Cromie 13.05  WDW 
 S Keery 13.20  WDW 
 S Cantley (U 14) 15.15  WDW 
 D Cantley (L) 25.25  WDW 

28-Aug-2012 - Back to Basic's 10tt, No Aero Gear - Castlewellan Road - Maxwell Shield.

 P Wilkinson  Road Bike   25.16 WDW 
 C Adamson Road Bike   26.27  WDW 
 M Alexander Road Bike   26.43  WDW 
 D Lynas Road Bike   26.48  WDW 
 D Cartmill Road Bike   26.59  WDW 
 A Prestley Road Bike   27.25  WDW 
 A McCourt Road Bike   27.26  WDW 
 M McKinstry Road Bike   27.52  WDW 
 S Keery Road Bike   28.15  WDW 
 K Wells Road Bike   28.18  WDW 
 J Prestley (U 14) Road Bike   28.49  WDW 
 S Bloomer Road Bike   29.08  WDW 
 J Cromie Road Bike   29.11  WDW 
 P McKinstry Road Bike   29.29 WDW
 S Cantley (U 14) Road Bike   31.11 WDW 
 D Cantley (L) Road Bike   32.32  WDW 
 S Dunlop (U 14) Road Bike  33.24  WDW 
 Time Trial Bike and Kit.      
 P Savage TT Bike   23.56  WDW 
 P McManus TT Bike   24.18  WDW 
 M McAnulty Road Bike   26.02  DCC 
 J Clyde Road Bike   26.36 DCC 
 B Doyle Road Bike   27.10 DCC 
 N McCartan Road Bike   27.20 Dromore 
 N Seffen Road Bike   27.21 Harps CC
 C McKee Road Bike   28.22 DCC 
 Time Trial Bike and Kit.      
 G McCann TT Bike  26.39 Apollo
 A McCann TT Bike   29.08  Apollo 

21-Aug-2012. Circuit tt. Weir Cup H/Cap.

 P Wilkinson 34.56  WDW 
 C Adamson 37.17  WDW 
 J Clyde 37.17  DCC 
 K McAlinden 37.19  BCC 
 M Adair 37.22  CRC 
 J Sands 37.38  BCC 
 M Alexander 38.10  WDW 
 D Cartmill 38.27  WDW 
 N Seffen 39.57  HCC 
 S Keery 40.35  WDW 
 R Moore 41.32  BCC 
 M McVeigh 41.33  BCC 
 A McCourt 43.33  WDW 
 J Cromie 43.54  WDW 
 P McKinstry 44.08  WDW 
 S Cantley (U14) 45.54  WDW 
 D Lynas  DNF WDW 
 R Stewart  DNF TVR 

14-Aug-2012 10tt, Castlewellan Road, Outlook Shield.

 J Clyde 24.05  DCC 
 D Lynas 24.53  WDW 
 C Adamson 24.55  WDW 
 N Steffen 25.16  Harps CC 
 M Alexander 25.58  WDW 
 D Cartmill 26.02  WDW 
 H Martin 26.08  Clann Eireann 
 G McCann 26.43  Apollo 
 J Cromie 27.26  WDW 
 A McCourt 27.41  WDW 
 P McKinstry 27.43  WDW 
 M McVeigh 27.46  Shimna Whrs 
 M McAnulty 28.08  DCC 
 S Keery 28.12  WDW 
 M McKinsry 28.16 WDW 
 G McCracken 28.37  BCC 
 A McCann (L) 29.11  Apollo 
 J Priestley (J) 29.24  WDW 
 S Cantley (J) 30.32  WDW 
 D Cantley (L) 33.08  WDW 
 S Dunlop (J) 34.11  WDW 
 W Maxwell DNF  WDW 
 B Doyle DNF  DCC 

Tuesday 14th August 2012 10tt Castlewellan Road.

This Tuesday 14th August the Club 10tt will be held on the Castlewellan Road Course. Please sign-on before 7.00pm.

9th August 2012 - Eric Maxwell Mem 10tt - Warrenpoint.

Name Club Time
J Heverin Clann Eirean 20.23
I Robinson Ards CC 20.46
S Bennett Phoenix 20.59
R Stewart TVR 21.18
G McCabe CCC 21.20
W Larmour East Antrim CC 21.20
C Rynan GCC 21.38
M McCory Dundalk 21.44
B McCourt Northern CC 21.47
D McKnight TVR 21.59
D Woods NW 22.01
P Tomany Dundalk 22.08
D Heagney ETCC 22.18
C Grimes Clann Eiren 22.35
J Clyde Dromara CC 22.37
P Withers West Tyrone 22.41
P McConville Newry Wheelers 22.47
J McAuley Apollo 22.58
W Maxwell West Down 23.09
K McAlinden Banbridge CC 23.17
D McKinley Newry Wheelers 23.28
J McLaughlin Island Wheelers 23.32
D Cartmill West Down 23.40
C Adamson West Down 23.41
M Alexander West Down 23.41
M Hunter Dromara CC 23.43
N Seffen Harps CC 23.43
J Marty Newry Wheelers 23.45
H Martin Clann Eiran 23.55
A Finnegan Banbridge CC 24.02
D Lynas West Down 24.08
C Burns Banbridge CC 24.08
J Graham Orchard 24.08
D Cormican Newry Wheelers 24.13
P Carlisle Banbridge CC 24.28
W McNeil Clann Eiran 24.36
P Ormrod NCA 24.44
J Cromie West Down 24.45
R Moore Banbridge CC 24.52
G McCann Apollo 24.57
S Keery West Down 24.59
C Wilson Bikeworks 25.16
A McCourt West Down 25.22
M McKinstry West Down 25.22
R Wither West Tyrone 25.33
I Cochraine Banbridge CC 25.34
K Wells West Down 25.43
P McKinstry West Down 25.45
B Monaghan Dromara CC 25.54
A McCann Apollo 26.59
S O'Neil Hand Wheelers 27.39
D Erwin  -  V.H.A.                                                         32.19

9th August 2012 - Eric Maxwell Mem 10 tt - Warrenpoint.

 W Maxwell 23.09  WDW 
 D Cartmill 23.40  WDW 
 C Adamson 23.41  WDW 
 M Alexander 23.41  WDW 
 D Lynas 24.08  WDW 
 J Cromie 24.45  WDW 
 S Keery 24.59  WDW 
 M McKinstry 25.22  WDW 
 A McCourt 25.22  WDW 
 K Wells 25.43  WDW 
 P McKinstry 25.45  WDW 

This weeks Race Events

Tuesday 7th August - Australian Pursuit - Starting at Katesbridge 7.00 pm sharp.

Thursday 9th August - 10 tt Eric Maxwell Memorial - Warrenpoint Carriageway - 7.00pm Sharp.

2nd Aug 2012 - Australian Pursuit Katesbridge.

 1st J Kernaghan  WDW 
 2nd M McKinstry  WDW 
 3rd N Seffen  Harps 
 4th A Walker  WDW 
 5th C Adamson  WDW 
 6th M Alexander  WDW 
 7th A Priestley  WDW 
 8th I Walker  WDW 
 9th D Cartmill  WDW 
10th B Hanna  WDW 
  J Priestley (U14) WDW 
  A McCourt  WDW 
  D Gordon  WDW 
  S Keery  WDW 
  K Wells  WDW 
  D Lynas  WDW 
  R Smyth  DCC 
  P Wilkinson  WDW 
  J Cromie  WDW 

26th July 2012 - Road Race Quarry - Imperial Cup.

 1st P Wilkinson  WDW 
 2nd J Kernaghan  WDW 
 3rd D Gordon  WDW 
 4th M McKinstry WDW 
 5th M Alexander  WDW 
  J Daly  WDW 
  A McCourt  WDW 
  B Hanna WDW 
  N Seffen  Harps 
  D Cartmill  WDW 
  A Walker  WDW 
  I Walker  WDW 
  C Adamson  WDW 
  D Lynas  WDW 
  J Cromie  WDW 
  P McKinstry  WDW 
  S Keery  WDW 

24th July 2012 - Road Race Scarva - Imperial Cup.

1st C Williamson  WDW 
2nd N Steffen  Harps 
3rd  B Hanna  WDW 
4th M McKinstry  WDW 
5th  M Alexander  WDW 
  D Cartmill  WDW 
  C Adamson  WDW 
  J Kernaghan  WDW 
  P Wilkinson  WDW 
  A McCourt  WDW 
  D Lynas  WDW 
  J Daly  WDW 
  S Daly  WDW 
  D McKnight  TVR 
  B Doyle  DCC 
  M McAnulty  DCC 
  R Stewart  TVR 
  D White  DCC 
  M McKnight  TVR 

This Weeks Race Events



Thursday August 2nd - Australian Pursuit - Starts at Katesbridge - 7.00pm sharp

28th July - David McCall Charity Run.

On Saturday 28th July Members of West Down Wheelers attended the David McCall Foundation Charity Cycle Ride. Weather conditions were anything but favorable but this didnt stop well over 120 hardy riders from various cycle clubs tuning up and taking part in the event. The riders stopped near Nuts Corner roundabout at the location where David McCall was knocked of his bike by an overtaking motorist, a short sermon took place and a member of Maryland Wheels placed a bunch of flowers. The 80 mile hilly route saw wheelers Clive Adamson, Alistar McCourt, Paul Wilkinson, Alistar Walker, Ian Walker, Davy Cartmill, DG and guest rider Neil Seffen (Harps CC) travel in tight formation from Lisburn to Ballygally and back. At the halfway mark much appreciated refreshments were provided at the historical Ballygally Castle Hotel. All proceeds will be donated to the David McCall Foundation.

The weekend past saw West Down Wheelers trio Paul Wilkinson, Ian and Alistair Walker taking part in the Newry Wheelers promoted 3 day race.  Almost 90 riders left Warrenpoint at 7pm on Friday evening for 44 mile Stage One and while a few movers tried to get away, the race mainly stayed together for the duration of the night.  On the Grinan Hill 1st Cat. climb splits appeared but were absorbed again on the descent before a sprint finish after three laps of Warrenpoint town.  All three West Down men finished just 3 seconds back of Nigel Quigley (Bann Wheelers) who took the win. An early start to Saturday morning and Stage Two, a 2.5mile Time Trial from Hilltown.  Paul had an excellent time of 434 moving to 13th position overall with Ian Richardson (UCD) moving into first place.Saturday afternoons 54 mile Queen Stage Three included the gruelling climbs of Reed Hall and Yellow Water before the 1st Cat. finish over Spelga.  Attacks were fairly regular and the resulting pace soon took its toll.  Unfortunately Alistair also punctured on the descent of Reed hall and dropped down the field.  A very gutsy ride saw him complete the stage just four minutes back of a then well thinned out main group, lead home by Art McManus (South Dublin).Sundays 66 mile final Stage Four set off at a fast pace with attacks beginning as early as the first two miles.  This set the pattern for the day with the Wheelers men playing their part in the main bunch with some strong riding.  As the race moved from Newry, through Banbridge and on to Bryansford via Castlewellan a group of eight riders with locals Gareth McKee (Banbridge CC), Davy McKnight & Darren Weir (TVR) amongst them, distanced themselves from the main group, again testing even the most seasoned riders with a fast pace of 30mph plus at times to reel them back in.  By Rathfriland both Paul and Ian were suffering from cramp leaving Alistair out on his own to finish in Newry again just 6 seconds adrift of the first man home.   Ian and Paul both finished the stage just over a minute later.  McManus did enough on the day to retain his yellow jersey.The Club wish to congratulate the lads on their great achievement as it moves forward, its great to see and also to thank Paul and Simon for looking after the boys behind the scenes and for providing the service car.

05-July-2012. Poppy McKeown 10tt Rathfriland Road.

 P Savage 23.59  WDW 
 D Gordon 24.10  WDW 
 W Maxwell 24.35  WDW 
 M Alexander 24.37  WDW 
 E Cantley 25.42  WDW 
 M Adair 25.50  CRC 
 D Cartmill 25.58  WDW 
 A McCourt 26.36  WDW 
 A Priestley 26.37  WDW 
 J Cromie 26.51  WDW 
 M McKinstry 26.53  WDW 
 S Keery 26.54  WDW 
 S Cantley (U14) 31.37  WDW 


Please Note:- tonights (Tuesday 3rd July) 10tt venue has been changed to the Castlewellan Road.

19th June 2012. Steven Savage Memorial 25tt. Castlewellan Road.

 R Stewart 58.53  TVR 
 P Wilkinson 59.51  WDW 
 M Adair 60.41  CRC 
 J Clyde 61.28  DCC 
 D McKnight 61.30  TVR 
 W Maxwell 63.27  WDW 
 P Savage 63.28  WDW 
 J Kernaghan 63.54  WDW 
 C Adamson 65.10  WDW 
 M Alexander 65.17  WDW 
 T Wright 65.36  DCC 
 D Cartmill 66.16  WDW 
 E Cantley 66.21  WDW 
 M McVeigh 69.42   
 A Priestley 69.48  WDW 
 P McKinstry 70.07  WDW 
 A McCourt 70.34 WDW 
 K Wells 70.58  WDW 
 S Bloomer 70.59  WDW 
 N Seffen 71.09  Harps CC 
 J Cromie 71.48  WDW 
 B Hanna 72.21  WDW 
 M McKinstry 73.50  WDW 

12-June-12, Australian Pursuit, John Maxwell Mem.

 1  A Priestley  WDW
 2  A McCourt  WDW
 3  B Hanna  WDW
 4  J Priestley (U14)  WDW
   N Doyle  WDW
   D Cartmill  WDW
   S Keery  WDW
   E Cantley  WDW
   S Cantley (U14)  WDW
 A Walker  WDW

 J Daly

 P Wilkinson  WDW
   P McKinstry  WDW
   W Hutchinson  WDW
   M Alexander  WDW
   S Dunlop (U14)  WDW
   I Walker       - Puncture  WDW
   J Kernaghan  - Puncture  WDW
   J Cromie       - Puncture  WDW
   M McKinstry -Puncture  WDW
   M Adair  CRC
   A Baines  TVR
   S Baines  TVR
   S Daly  BCC
   S Buchanan  TVR
   J McAllister  DCC
   J Kerr (F)  DCC
   J Adair  TVR
   G Rodgers  DCC
   N Seffen  Harps CC
   A Hall  TVR
   M McAnulty  DCC
   T Wright  DCC
   N McAvoy  TVR
   D Hawthorne  TVR
   M Pyper  TVR
   M Cantley  TVR
   D McKnight  TVR
   R Stewart  TVR
   R Mallon  DCC
   C Weir  TVR
   M Winters  BCC
   T Beattie  TVR


NOTE:- Due to the bad weather forecast and safety reasons, tonights planned Maxwell 10tt has been postponed and will be held at a later date.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

06-June-12. 10tt Castlewellan Road. Magowan Shield.

P Wilkinson



P Savage



D Gordon



D Cartmill



P McKinstry



M Alexander



J Kernaghan



A McCourt



A Priestley



S Keery



B Doyle



B Hanna



J Priestley (U14)



M McAnulty



Josh Daly Competes at the ''Ras Dhan nGall''.

West Down Wheelers Josh Daly Competes at his first there day Rs Dhun na nGall. Day one saw Josh tackle the first 32 mile stage which was described as fast and ferocious from the start with many riders being dropped in the first few miles as the peleton crested hills on the mountain roads to Frosses and on along the coast through Dunkineely and Bruckless. As the race approached the first KOH it was the UCD riders who showed their aggression riding strongly at the front, Josh managed to stay in the bunch which were careful not to let gaps open for too long. It was New Zealand junior Sean Hambrook (VCC Morteau) who took maximum points in both King of the Hills primes to seize the lead in the mountains classification. There were a number of attacks throughout the first stage but no break attempt managed to gain more than 20 seconds on Josh and the bunch. The first day finished with Phoenix CC veteran Brian Stewart in the first yellow jersey of the 2012 edition of Rs Dhun na nGall when it finished at Ardara. Coming into Ardara 99 riders were involved in the sprint for the line with Belfast's Stewart edging out Cormac Clarke of the Cycling Ulster/Slane Cycles squad. Navan RC's John Kenny was third just ahead of Marc Potts (Cycling Ulster/Slane Cycles) while Darragh Zaidan (VC Morteau) and Matty Blaney (North Down CC) completed the top six. Josh crossed the line in the main bunch in about fortieth place. Josh started his second day and stage two with a morning time trial stage, this was a tough time trial which took the riders along the mountain valley of An Abhainn Bui and then a steep climb at Lagunna.In the afternoon Josh started stage three halfway down the leader board, the first half of the 50 mile stage on the roads around Glenties, Portnoo and Lettermacaward saw numerous attacks, then a nine strong breakaway formed round the half way stage, with a brave attempt Josh was unable to close the gap.

10tt -Venue Change Tuesday 5th June.

Please note that there is a venue change for Tuesday 5th June. The 10tt will now be run on the Castlewellan Road. Start/Finish as per normal.

Note:- At all time trials you must be signed-on prior to the Clock running. If the clock has started and you have not been signed-on, then you will not able to participate. 

West Down GP - Sat 26th - Thanks To The Team.

A Big West Down Wheelers Thank You to all the event team:-  Marshals, Motorcycle Marshals, Road Sweepers, Catering Staff, All Who Provided The Spread Of Food, Sign-On Admin Team, Maps Of The Course Provider, Start/Finish line Designer, The Hard Working Man Who Did All The Running Around In The Days Prior To The Event, On route Race Service Team, Photographer. The list just goes on & on. 

Thank You All.

West Down GP - Sat 26th May 2012.

The West Down Wheelers will promote the West Down G P on Saturday 26th May 2012. This event is now open for pre-entry.

3 Races are on offer, the (A) Race for A2/A3 category riders only (Limited to 80 riders), the (B) Race for A4 category riders only (Limited to 80 riders) and the Masters (over 50's), (Limited to 40 riders). 


The (A) race will cover 5 laps of the circuit and on the last lap it will take in the tough Rathfriland Hill and then back again to the finish at Katesbridge as per last year, the race distance is approx 56 miles. The winner will receive the West Down G P Cup there will also be cash prizes for the first 5 to cross the line.


The (B) race will cover 4 laps of the circuit with a race distance of approx 44-mile; again there will be cash prizes for the first 5 to cross the line.


Masters (over 50's) will cover 2 laps with a race distance approx 22 miles; there will be cash prizes for the first 3 to cross the line.


Entry fees for races (A) & (B) 10, Masters (over 50's) 5. Sign-On from 9.30am - 10.30am -Race starting at 11.00am.



Race HQ, Sign-On, Changing and race start location at the Katesbridge Hall, post code BT32 5NG. The Prize giving and usual refreshments (tea, sandwiches & buns etc) after the race will be at the Katesbridge Hall.


22-May-2012, 10tt Rathfriland Road, Murdoch Shield.

 P Wilkinson 23.13  WDW 
 P McManus 23.48  WDW 
 W Maxwell 24.31  WDW 
 D Gordon 24.45  WDW 
 M Alexander 25.13  WDW 
 J Kernaghan 25.41  WDW 
 D Cartmill 25.55  WDW 
 E Cantley 26.05  WDW 
 C Williamson 26.06 WDW 
 D Lynas 26.36  WDW 
 P McKinstry 26.36  WDW 
 J Cromie 26.39  WDW 
 S Bloomer 27.02  WDW 
 S Keery 27.14  WDW 
 A McCourt 27.22  WDW 
 A Priestley 27.44  WDW 
 M McKinstry 28.05  WDW 
 J Priestley (U14) 28.59  WDW 
 S Cantley (U14) 30.42  WDW 
 D Cantley (L) 31.48  WDW 
 A Ingram (L) 34.12  WDW 
 S Dunlop (U14) 34.22  WDW 
 R Stewart 22.58  TVR 
 D McKnight 23.58  TVR 
 J Clyde 24.24  DCC 
 T Wright 25.47  DCC 
 N Seffen 25.59  Harps CC 
 M Pyper 26.11  TVR 
 M Cantley 26.55  TVR 
 S McCamley 27.48  Castlerea CC 
 L Hylands 27.57  DCC 
 J McGuigan 28.17  DCC 
 M McNulty 28.22  DCC 
 D Hawthorne 28.23  DCC 
 M Cantley 31.56  TVR 

17/May/2012, Ernie Magwood Super 6, Round 2, Woodgreen.

 P Wilkinson 21.52  WDW 
 D Gordon 23.02  WDW 
 J Kernaghan 23.43  WDW 
 P McKinstry 23.55  WDW 
 D Cartmill 24.04  WDW 
 W Maxwell 24.25  WDW 
 J Cromie 25.13  WDW 

15th May 2012, Austrailian Pursuit, Rathfriland Rd - Ballydown, John Maxwell Mem.

 First 3 Wheelers Across The Line.    
 1 J Kernaghan WDW 
 2 A Walker WDW 
 3 M McKinstry  WDW
Overall Classification First 10. Time 49.29.    
 1 A Baines TVR 
 2 D Weir  TVR 
 3 J Kernaghan WDW 
 4 M McKnight TVR 
 5 A Walker WDW 
 6 B McGrath TVR 
 7 N Seffen Harps 
 8 R Stewart TVR 
 9 M McKinstry WDW 
 10 K McAlinden BCC 
  M Alexander WDW 
  C Adamson WDW 
  D Cartmill WDW 
  P Savage WDW 
  R Moffett WDW 
  P Wilkinson WDW 
  E Cantley WDW 
  S Bloomer WDW 
  D Cantley F WDW 
  A Priestley WDW 
  J Priestley U14      WDW 
  S Cantley U14  WDW 
  J Cromie WDW 
  S Keery WDW 
  P McKinstry WDW 
  T Wright DCC 
  J Daly TVR 
  S Daly BCC 
  M Winters BCC 
  S Baines TVR 
  D McKnight TVR 
  N McAvoy TVR 
  A Hall TVR 
  M Cantley TVR 
  G McKee BCC 
  S Buchanan TVR 
  T Beattie TVR 
  W Sheilds TVR 
  M Cantley J TVR 

West Down tt - Warrenpoint -Thursday 10th May 2012.

 R Stewart 21.51  TVR 
 P Wilkinson 22.29  WDW 
 K Lynch 22.43  Newry Wheelers CC 
 J Holmin 22.54  Phoenix CC
 T Nixon 22.59  Phoenix CC
 C Grimes 23.35  Clann  Eireann CC
 K McAlinden 23.40  Banbridge CC 
 D Gordon (J) 23.52  WDW 
 J McCusker 24.25  Shelbourne / Orchard  
 P McKinstry 24.28  WDW 
 D Cartmill 24.31  WDW 
 C Adamson 24.42  WDW 
 C Williamson 24.44  U/A 
 M Alexander 24.52  WDW 
 H Martin 24.59  Clann Eireann CC
 S McCamley 25.26  Castlereagh CC
 B McCartan 25.40  Phoenix CC
 J Cromie 25.48 WDW 
 A Priestley 26.07 WDW 
 KWells 26.42 WDW 
 A McCourt 26.48 WDW
 C Burns 27.22  Banbridge CC 
 S Keery 27.24  WDW 

West Down 10tt - Warrenpoint. - Thursday 10th May 2012.

West Down 10tt - Thursday 10th May 2012 - First rider away at 7.00pm - Sign-On at Warrenpoint Harbour 6.00pm - Entry Fee 5.00. 

08-May-2012, Circuit tt, Rathfriland Road, Weir Trophy.

 W Maxwell 39.39   WDW
 C Adamson 40.06   WDW
 D Cartmill 40.22   WDW
 E Cantley 40.39   WDW
 P McKinstry 40.58  WDW
 M Alexander 41.08  WDW
 A McCourt 42.14   WDW
 A Priestley 42.18   WDW
 M McKinstry 43.40   WDW
 S Keery 44.32   WDW
 J Priestley (U14) 45.23   WDW
 D Cantley (L) 49.46   WDW
 S Cantley (U14) 50.34  WDW
 S Dunlop (U14) 53.13   WDW
 P Wilkinson Puncture   WDW


 J Clyde 38.16   DCC
 M Pyper 40.30   TVR
 T Wright 40.49   DCC
 M Cantley (S) 41.29   TVR
 N Seffen 42.31   Harps CC
 M Cantley (J) 52.02   TVR
 R Stewart Puncture   TVR

24-April-12, 10tt Castlewellan Road, Murdoch Shield.

 P Wilkinson 23.12 WDW 
 P McManus 23.45  WDW 
 R Stuart 23.58  DCC 
 D McKnight 23.59  TVR 
 J Clyde 24.28  DCC 
 D Gordon 24.44  WDW 
 W Maxwell 24.53  WDW 
 C Adamson 25.15  WDW 
 E Cantley 25.51  WDW 
 D Cartmill 26.17  WDW 
 M Pyper 26.27  TVR 
 T Wright 26.31  DCC 
 M Alexander 26.34  WDW 
 P McKinstry 26.45  WDW 
 A Priestley 27.21  WDW 
 G Rodgers 27.22  BCC 
 J Cromie 27.40  WDW 
 D Lynas 27.50   
 S Bloomer 27.51  WDW 
 S Keery 28.03  WDW 
 J Priestley (U14) 28.13  WDW 
 A McCourt 28.31  WDW 
 C Burns 28.34  BCC 
 K Wells 28.59  WDW 
 J Phillips 29.05  WDW 
 R Moffett 30.15  WDW 
 M McKinstry 31.14  WDW 
 D Cantley (F) 31.45  WDW 
 S Cantley (U14) 32.21  WDW 
 A Ingram (F) 33.35  WDW 

16-April-2012, Circuit tt, Loughbrickland - A1 Flyover. Morcus & Weir.

 P Wilkinson 40.16  WDW 
 J Kernaghan 43.13  WDW 
 J Clyde 43.14  DCC
 M Adair 43.30  BCC 
 W Maxwell 43.31  WDW 
 C Adamson 44.49  WDW 
 M Alexander 45.23  WDW 
 E Cantley 45.30  WDW 
 G Rodgers 46.06  WDW 
 P McKinstry 46.17  WDW 
 J Cromie 46.39  WDW 
 A Priestley 48.09  WDW 
 A McCourt 48.55  WDW 
 S Keery 49.01  WDW 
 M McKinstry 50.11  WDW 
 J Priestley (U14) 50.15  WDW 
 K Wells 52.13  WDW 
 R Moffett 52.41  WDW 
 D Cantley (F) 53.23  WDW 
 S Cantley (U 14) 56.11  WDW 
 S Dunlop (U14) 57.13  WDW 

10 April 2012 - 10tt Rathfriland Road - Murdock Shield.

 P Wilkinson  23.28  WDW
 M Adair  23.53  BCC
 D McKnight  24.06  TVR
 P McManus  24.09  WDW
 R Stewart  24.27  DCC
 D Gordon  24.35  WDW
 J Kernaghan  25.04  WDW
 J Clyde  25.12  DCC
 P McKinstry  26.14  WDW
 T Wright  26.36  DCC
 B Gibson  26.43  
 M Alexander  27.14  WDW
 E Cantley  27.15  WDW
 D Cartmill  27.23  WDW
 M Pyper  27.30  TVR
 G Rogers  28.07  BCC
 J Cromie  28.15  WDW
 S Keery  28.19  WDW
 M Cantley  28.23  TVR
 A McCourt  29.13  WDW
 S Cantley (U14)  32.42  WDW
 D Cantley (F)  33.45  WDW
 S Dunlop (U14)  33.57  WDW

3rd April 2012 - 10tt Rathfriland Road -Murdoc Sheild.

 Paul Wilkinson  23.59  WDW
 Paul McManus  24.17  WDW
 Will Maxwell  26.17  WDW
 Mark Alexander  26.39  WDW
 Clive Adamsom  27.11  WDW
 Mark McKinstery  30.56  WDW
 Alistair McCourt  31.27  WDW

27 March 2012 - 2up TT Castlewellan Road.

 J Kernaghan - C Adamson  24.15  WDW - WDW
 M Alexander  24.49  WDW
 J McAuley  24.50  Appollo
 D Gordon  25.24  WDW
 G Rogers - M W  25.30  Ban CC -
 A Walker - D Cartmill  25.33  WDW -WDW
 R Stewart  25.38  Dromara CC
 P McKinstery - A Prestley  26.55  WDW -WDW
 J Cromie  27.26  WDW
 A McCourt  27.42  WDW
 J Prestley U14 - S Keery  27.51  WDW - WDW
 A Hodgen - J Walker  28.15  
 K Wells  28.33  WDW
 E Cantley - D Cantley  28.49  WDW -WDW
 M McKinstery - S  29.44  WDW -
 J Philips  29.45  
 S Cantley U14 - S Dunlop U14  31.50  WDW - WDW

Walker Gang Strick Again.


The Walker gang strick again, Alistair and Ian plus Paul Wilkinson traveled to Coalisland to compete in the Island Wheelers CC prestigious race which has been run for the seventh successive year. Over 150 riders signed up for 6.8 mile circuit. The first race of the day was the A race which saw Paul and Ian on the starting line, and after last weeks win at Omagh this was Ians first A3 race of 8 laps on this fast and furious circuit.  The A3 riders were off first and had a 5 minute handicap over the A1 riders.   The pace was hard from the start with the A3s looking to capitalize on their advantage over the chasing A2s and A1 riders behind.  It was on the second lap that the decisive break came when a relatively small group broke clear. Paul who was racing with the A2 and A1 riders caught the A3s by the penultimate lap.  It was becoming inevitable that the breakaway group would stay away, and that the winner would come from this group. The climax of the race was decided in a long hard group sprint from the breakaway with Omagh Wheelers strongman; Stephen McKenna taking an impressive win, Ian finished in the main bunch and was delighted with his performance.

The B race saw Alistair on the starting line hungry for the points that would take him to A3 category status. Alistair attacked from the start splitting the group in two on the first of the two climbs. It was an aggressive race with in the leading group. However it was Tommy Rafferty of Slane Cycles who crossed the line first ahead of Barry McKenna (West Tyrone) and Stephen Walsh (Carn Wheelers, and Alistair finished forth giving him the points which will see him compete next week as an A3 Cat Rider.

1st Tommy Rafferty (Slane Cycles),
2nd Barry McKenna (West Tyrone)
3rd Stephen Walsh (Carn Wheelers)
4th Alistair Walker (West Down)
5th Paul Toner (Phoenix CC)
6th Andrian Madden (Duffin Transport)

Ian Walker Takes A Win At McCann Cup, Omagh 11th March 2012.

Wheeler, Ian Walker traveled to Omagh on 11th March to race in the A4 category, where the McCann Cup Road Race celebrated its tenth anniversary. The event at Seskinore couldnt have been better for Ian as weather conditions were near perfect staying dry and calm.  The field for this event was filled with many quality riders; Ian said that the riding was fast and aggressive. Splinter groups emerged from time to time but were always reeled in.  Its not often a Walker wins a sprint but this wasnt the case at Seskinore when Ian dug deep and made a charged from 15th place to take the win on the line by a tire width just ahead of Tommy Rafferty (Slane Cycles). His brother Alistair was delighted; Alistair was not far behind either and just missed out on the points. This First place now gives Ian enough race points to see him move up from an A4 to A3 category rider.

Stuart Dunlop - U14 Champion

West Down Wheeler, Stewart Dunlop did himself and the club proud when he won the Under 14 Category at this years McConvey Cycles Spring Series of MTB races at Ormeau Park, Belfast.  The series commenced on 19th February 2012 and ran for 3 consecutive weekends, with a prize giving ceremony at the final race. This MTB series is especially geared towards the youth categories and this year the number of entries has been the largest to date!  Stewart said that the first event on 19th Feb was the hardest; he said that a lot of the competitors taking part were experienced riders from last year who knew their way around the course. During this first event Stewart managed to finish in second place!  The second event on 26th February wasnt any easier; however Stewart rode hard throughout the race to finish in a very creditable first place! The third and final event on 4th March was when Stewart made it count and once again took first place and was the overall winner!  This took Stewart to the number one place on the podium where he received the first prize of the 2012 U14 category!

West Down at the Annaclone GP road race..

The West Down Wheelers got of to a good start at the first race of the 2012 season when they competed at the Travers Engineering Annaclone GP promoted by Banbridge CC. There were two races on the day, the first race was for A1's to A3's, the A3's received a two and a half minute advantage over the A2's with a further five minutes for the A1's.

Wheeler, Paul Wilkinson lined up for the A2 race and five laps of the eight mile rolly course, he had a good race and was a serious threat to the rest of the field, but with half a lap from the finish he hit a pot hole which broke a rear wheel spoke causing him to retire.

Wheelers, Mark Alexander and Dan Gordon lined up for the A3 race, this proved to be a very fast race, Mark demonstrated his form of old and was able to mix it with the best in the pack, he finish in a creadable 14th, Dan a first year junior also had a good race. The A1fs were going to have work hard to close the gap, however the hardworking A3 bunch managed to stay clear of the chasers and held them off to the line.

As the bunch headed to the finish line it was Daniel Stewart of East Antrim Audi who seized the moment.

There was a large turnout of competitors for the A4 race with Wheelers, Clive Adamson, John Kernaghan, Davy Cartmill, and the Walker brothers Ian and Allistar. They maintained a steady pace much of the way round with the long drags taking their toll on some of the group. A bunch saw newcomer, Peter Kennedy of East Antrim claimed the his first racing points, with all thye wheelers working well it was John Kernaghan of West Down Wheelers@who lived up to pre-race expectations and proved his strength by taking second with Dromarafs Anthony Quinn in third position. East Antrim claimed more points when Stephen Fletcher took fourth and West Down wheelers Ian Walker was very happy when he took fifth place.

Results B Race

1 Peter Kennedy East Antrim CC

2 John Kernaghan West Down Wheelers

3 Anthony Quinn Dromara CC

4 Stephen Fletcher East Antrim CC

5 Ian Walker West Down Wheeelers

6 Gareth Rogers Banbridge CC

McConvey cycles launch their spring series of MTB racing at Ormeau Park, Belfast starting on Sunday 19 February 2012. Here West Down Wheeler Stewart Dunlop completed in the Under 14 category and took a well deserved 2nd place. On Sunday 26th February Stewart claimed an incredible 1st Place. Well done Stewart.

And a big Thank You to the Bike Shak for provide the support and backup vehicle.

Tour of Down 18/Feb/2012

On Saturday 18th February the West Down Wheelers promoted their annual Tour of Down Sportive. The event saw over 120 riders who were split into two different groups, with a 30 minuet gap between them. The first group left at 10.00am and consisted mainly of touring leisurely cyclists, the second group consisted of the faster racier cyclist.

The event departed from Katesbridge and headed towards Castlewellan, where a strong tail wind aided the first group and they managed to stay out in front, however on the approach to Newcastle the second group closed the gap on the first of the backmarkers.

The course then took the cyclists from Newcastle to Annalong, Ballymartin and Kilkeel, in what can only be described as a brutal headwind, but this was no ill wind for the second group. as they caught the leaders of first group on Kilkeel's Mill Road.

As the riders left Kilkeel the clouds opened and as they approached Rostrevor it began to snow! Once again the weather changed on the climb to Yellowwater as hailstones bombarded the early climbers, however, on the descent. to the foot of Spelga, the clouds finally parted to allow the sun to shine. The first group arrived back at Katesbridge to complete the 63 mile course in a time of 3 hrs, 20 mins.

The West Down Wheelers would like to thank all those who took part in this very successful and worthy event. Thanks also go to the lead car, the Marshalls who helped make this a safe and enjoyable event, the Broom Wagon Crew and onboard mechanic, the ladies who organized the refreshments and finally the St Johns on route First Aid Crew.

Birthday Wishes

The members of West Down Wheelers would like to which fellow Wheeler member,

Sam Cantley a big HAPPY Birthday on Friday 17th February.

Tour of Down

West Down Wheelers for the second year running are hosting the Tour of Down Sportive Cycling Challenge on Saturday 18th February 2012. This year there are two planned groups, the first departing at 10.00am the second at 10.15am. The event will start and finish at Katesbridge with sign-on from 9.00am. Changing facilities, toilets and car parking at the hall, toilets and parking on the opposite side of the main Katesbridge Road at the picnic park.

The planned route is from Katesbridge through Castlewellan, Newcastle, Annalong, Ballymartin, Kilkeel, Rostrevor, up the Newtown road to Hilltown, Castlewellan and finishes at Katesbridge. Total Distance = 62 mile. Map details of the event can be found on http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/copy/65799608/

The normal refreshments will be served at the end of the event, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Sandwiches and Buns etc. West Down Wheelers would encourage as many as possible from the cycling community to take part and show their support for this event.

Club Meeting Friday 10th February, Banbridge leisure centre , 7.30 pm sharp, all club members are asked to attend. Anyone who is new to cycling and is interested in joining the West Down Wheelers please feel free to attend this meeting or speak to any of the club members.

West Down New Kit Unveiled.

On Friday 27th January West Down Wheelers officially launched their new cycling club kit for 2012. The new kit was unveiled to the club members for the first time on Friday night by guest Marian Lamb, the club developing officer from Cycling Ulster. The new design was created by club members Clive Adamson and Simon Kerry, the design layout is a combination of the original design of 25 years and the more recently designed of 4 years, along with the new sportive logo which was designed by Davy Cartmill.

Davy Cartmill of West Down said, " We are delighted to have a new kit for 2012. We are an expanding club with our members attending more and more events across the country and we all felt it was time for a change. We are also delighted to work with Powerhouse Sport, a local firm from Hillsborough, who have been tasked to produce the kit. Powerhouse has also designed and produced some leisure wear for the club which has been well received."

Garth Young, MD of Powerhouse Sport explained the company's background in sporting attire. He went on to say that they were now moving into the cycling market. Local riders Martyn Irvine, Jack Wilson and Heather Wilson have already been testing out our kit in training conditions. Garth went on to add, We felt it was important to get the clothing right from the start, a cycling kit has to take a lot of abuse and wear, with top riders testing the kit, we can get feedback and make adjustments in our manufacturing process. Shorts are particularly important for riders, we have quite a range of top quality inserts to provide cyclists with the most comfortable shorts possible."

Marian Lamb said, West Down are a progressive club who continue to improve. They take on board any comments for improvement in the events they organise and act upon it. They have had a much larger presence in 2011 at all major competitive and leisure events and are very supportive of both their youth and club members. I am delighted to see them taking the step to freshen their kit heading towards a new season and wish them a very successful 2012."

Up and coming events include the Tour of Down Sportive which will be held on Saturday 18th February departing from the hall in Katesbridge. This year has two planned groups, the first departs at 10.00am the second at 10.15am. Last year was the first year of this event which saw over 120 riders taking part. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/65799608

On Saturday 2nd June, West Down Wheeler, Will Maxwell is planning a sponsored cycle ride in aid of the Red Cross. Will plans to leave from the Tesco's Car Park in Banbridge at 8.00am ride to Portstewart and back again on the same day. Will has decided to take on this cycling challenge which will cover over 180 mile to help raise money for the Red Cross. Over 5 years ago Will had a very bad car accident where he sustained life threatening injuries. Will stated that he is doing this one day challenge to help raise money for the Red Cross who played a big part in helping him to recovery and getting back to full strength.

Club Meeting - Friday 16th December 2011.

A West Down Wheelers club meeting will be held in the Banbridge Leisure Centre on Friday 16th December 2011. 7.30 Sharp.

1. Collection of 2012 Cycling Ireland Membership Application Forms and Club Membership, please check out the correct Fee from attached Link. http://www.cyclingulster.com/documentation/2012%20Ulster%20Fees.doc

2. Orders for 2012 club clothing will be taken. (50% deposit is required).

3. 2012 race schedule preview.

4. Any other business

Note:-Any new or interested cyclists intending to join the West Down Wheelers are also welcome to come along.

Club Meeting - Friday 25th Nov 2011.

A West Down Wheelers club meeting will be held in the Banbridge Leisure Centre on Friday 25st November 2011. 7.30 Sharp.


 1.         The club casual hoodies and beanies are ready for collection. All those who placed an order please bring any outstanding monies.

 2.         Orders for 2012 club clothing will be taken. (50% deposit is required).

 3.         2012 race schedule preview.

 4.         Any other business

 Note:-  Any new or interest cyclist intending to join the West Down Wheelers are also welcome to come along.

Club meeting - Banbridge Leisure Centre - Friday 21st October 2011.

A West Down Wheelers club meeting will be held in the Banbridge Leisure Centre on Friday 21st October 2011. 7.30 Sharp.


1.         All those wishing to attend the club dinner and prize giving on Friday 28th October 2011 are asked to bring along the correct money   for all attending guests. (22.00 per person)

2.         Orders for 2012 club clothing will be taken. (50% deposit is required).

3.         The new club casual Hoodie complete with badge and emblem will be on display; all those wishing to purchase one can place an  order on the night. (50% deposit is required).

4.         Any new or interest cyclist intending to join the West Down Wheelers are also welcome to come along.

5.         Any other business.

West Down Wheelers - Members that attended the AGM 23-Aug-2011

AGM Fri 23rd September

NOTE:- The West Down Wheelers AGM will take place at 7.00pm on Friday 23rd Sept 2011 in the Banbridge Leisure Centre.

All club members are asked to attend.

All last years winners are asked to please return there Trophies, Cups, shields etc.

 The 2011 West Down Wheelers prize giving and dinner will be held on Friday 28th Oct 2011 in the Belmount Hotel.

13-Sept-2011. Hill Climb.

 J Kernaghan WDW  57:14
 J Daly Banbridge CC   57:72
 M Alexander WDW   61:27
 S Daly Banbridge CC   62:07
 D Gordon WDW   62:34
 P Wilkinson WDW  62:56
 N Doyle WDW   64:50 
 A Walker WDW   69.17 
 S Cantley (U12) WDW   95.00
 S Dunlop (U12) Banbridge CC   120.00 

06-Sept-2011. 10tt Castlewellan Road. Outlook Shield.

Tonight the West Down Wheelers draw the curtain after what was a wet and very windy final Time Trial for the year 2011.

 W Maxwell WDW  24.18 
 J Clyde Dromara CC 25.12
 D Cartmill WDW  25.46 
 D Gordon WDW  26.17 
 T Wright Dromara CC  27.50 
 S Keery WDW  28.12 
 S Cantley (U12) WDW  34.48 

30-Aug-2011 Circuit tt Rathfriland Road.

 W Maxwell WDW  36.26 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  38.02 
 M Alexander WDW  38.19 
 D Cartmill WDW  38.54 
 S Bloomer WDW  40.22 
 J Daly Banbridge CC  40.44 
 T Wright Dromara CC  41.04 
 S Keery WDW  42.45 
 J Cromie WDW  44.32 

Savage and McManus Compete in the Half Ireman Triathlon


West Down Wheelers, Peter Savage and Paul McManus have been competing in triathlons across Ireland during the last 4 months. Peter Savage has been regularly finishing in the top 3 placing and newcomer to the sport Paul McManus in the top 15. This inspired them both to compete in the half Ireman Triathlon which was held in Groomsport on Sunday 21st August, this was also a first for Paul McManus. The Ireman was also part of the Vodafone National Series. The event, hosted by Triangle Triathlon Club, welcomed 200 athletes from across the British Isles and from as far away as Australias Gold Coast to the borough and provided a fantastic day's entertainment.

The worthy winner was Aodh O'Neill in 4:23:26 who continues to put in top class performances which also sees him well placed in the Vodafone National Series. Peter Savage took 2nd in 4:40:50 and Kevin Mallett 3rd in 4:50:46, Paul McManus took 11th in 5:12:43.

A stunning sunrise welcomed Savage and McManus onto the beach at Groomsport for a 1.9km, two lap swim. McManus stated that you could really feel the tension mount as the competitors headed to the start line. The near perfect sea conditions encouraged some fast swim times, Peter 29.41, Paul 33.04. Once back on dry land and safely on their bikes, the action turned to the next event the 90km 3 lap cycle course, which Peter described as being fast with no major climbs, Peter 2:36:15, Paul 2:45:01. The final discipline of the Groomsport run course was tough; with sections along the coastal path on grass, rock, sand and tarmac. Peter Savage had a very strong run with a time of 1:32:25 which gave him 2nd place overall while Paul McManus also had a great run with a time of 1:51:33 to take an incredible 11th overall.

The members and committee of the West Down Wheelers would like to congratulate both Athletes on there success in what can only be described as three very tough disciplines.

25-August-2011 - Dave Kane League - The Birches

W Maxwell                   WDW              23.21
D Cartmill                     WDW              24.33
P McKinstry                 WDW              26.10
S Bloomer                    WDW              26.31

Dave Kane TT League-Thursday 25th August-Birches Circuit

Dave Kane TT League - Thursday 25th August - Birches Circuit
The final Thursday evening round of the DKTTL takes place this week on the Birches circuit. Please note the venue/course change from Warrenpoint due to road works. First rider off at 7pm. Thanks go to West Down Wheelers for helping with this week's event.

Patrick Withers (Admin Officer)

10tt Rathfrilan Road - 23.Aug.2011 - Outlook Sheild.

 W Maxwell WDW  23.19 
 P Wilkinson WDW  23.22 
 D McKnight TVR  23.54 
 J McAuley Apollo  23.56 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  24.20 
 A Walker WDW  24.43 
 D Cartmill WDW  24.57 
 C Adamson WDW  25.11 
 I Walker WDW  25.49 
 P McKinstry WDW  26.57 
 S Bloomer WDW  27.35 

A Priestley

Shimna Wheelers


 C Burns Banbridge CC  27.58 
 J Cromie WDW  28.44 
 S Keery WDW  28.46 
 R Moffett WDW  28.51 
 K McDonald Dromara CC  29.18 
 J Priestley  (U14) Shimna Wheelers  31.14 

Tuesday 23rd Aug, 10 tt Rathfriland Road.

Venue Change.

Tuesday 23rd Aug, 10 tt will be run on the Rathfriland Road. This change is due to road works etc on the Warrenpoint Carrageway.

WEST DOWN GP - 20.Aug.2011

This was the first time that West Down Wheelers organized a two race event, race A Category A2 and A3 riders, race B Category A4 riders.  Two almost full fields lined up for the West Down Grand Prix at Katesbridge.

The A race was fast and furious with multiple breaks and attacks, it was on the last lap that the riders had to tackle the notorious Rathfriland hill, and this was the make or break point during the race for many of the riders. It was a group of approximately ten riders who made it the finishing straight and a sprint was to reside the outcome. It was Damien McDonald (TVR) who took a well deserved first place just ahead of Daniel Steward (Ards CC), third was  Ray Brownfield (NDCC), forth  Patrick OBrien (Orwell CC), fifth  David Wherity (Swords CC) and sixth was David McKnight (TVR).   

The B race had a number of early attacks during the first and second laps but was quickly pulled back. It was on the third lap that Devon McIlwain (Ballymoney CC) who made an attack that caught everyone of guard he pulled away, with 5 mile mile to the finish line he was thirty eight seconds in front and not to be caught he remained away till the finish line. The main bunch remained together for what was described as a fast and furious massed sprint for the line, It was Gareth Rogers (Banbridge CC) who took second place just ahead of Ian Walker (West Down Wheelers), forth was Peter Vester (Apollo CC) fifth, Geoff Hewitt (Phoenix CC) and sixth was Brian Geddis (Ballymena Scott Tiles)

Dany Blondeel and Aaron Wallace were Commencers for the event. Cycling Ulster fully Dany Blondeel commented that the West Down Wheelers promoted a safe race with lots of caution signs on the circuit, plenty of static marshals with three on all corners and junctions and motorcycle marshals.

West Down Wheelers would like to thank St Johns Ambulance for there support at the event.

Again this year, the customary feast afterwards, would not have been possible without the help and support of the two Barbara's, who fed the riders and spectators before and after the event.


Reults Race A - West Down Grand Prix
1. Damien McDonald (TVR)
2. Daniel Steward (Ards CC)
3. Ray Brownfield (NDCC)
4. Patrick OBrien (Orwell CC)
5. David Wherity (Swords CC)
6. David McKnight (TVR)

Reults Race B - West Down Grand Prix
1. Devon McIlwain (Ballymoney CC)
2. Garth Rogers (Banbridge CC)
3. Ian Walker (WDW)
4. Peter Vester (Apollo CC)
5. Geoff Hewitt (Phoenix CC)
6. Brian Geddis (Ballymena Scott Tiles)

First Unplaced West Down Wheeler A4 - Alister Walker.

18 - August-2011 Dave Kane League - Woodgreen

D Gordon                     WDW              22.15 PB
P McKinstry                 WDW              23.56 PB
S Bloomer                    WDW              24.29 PB

West Down GP 20th August 2011

West Down GP Saturday 20th August.


The West Down Wheelers will promote the West Down Grand Prix at Katesbridge on Saturday 20th August 2011.  No pre-entry required, just sign-on, on the day at the Katesbridge Hall, post code BT32 5NG.


Sign-On from 9.30am -10.30am, Entry fees are 10, race starting at 11.00am. There will be the usual light refreshments (tea sandwiches, buns etc) after the race.


The 56-mile 5 lap (A) Race for A2 and A3 category riders will climb the tough Rathfriland Hill on the last lap; there will be cash prizes for the first 5 to cross the line.  The 44-mile 4 lap (B) Race for A4 category will have cash prize for the first 5 riders over the line.  Prizes sponsored by Banbridge Borough Council.


Sources from North Down CC state that their last years winner Matty Blayney, who just edged through to take the Sprint win, will return to defend the title.

Walker Does It - Madigan GP - 3rd Place.

Simon Williams (Team Basso-Todays Cyclist) added to his season tally of victories today when he won the 'A' race at the Madigan Grand Prix. Sean McCann (Island Wheelers) edged out Jason Taggart of Ballymoney in a bunch sprint for the win in the 'B' race.  West Down Wheelers Alister Walker certainly showed a bit of form when he finished in a creditable third place. Rumor has it that this is just the start of something really big.

The Sportactive UWA Road Race League event was won by Claire Oakley (WXC MTB UK) while the over 50's race saw Phoenix's Geoff Hewitt cross the line first.

Madigan Grand Prix Results - 06/08/11

'A' Race
1. Simon Williams (Team Basso-Todays Cyclist)
2. Liam Curran (Curran Racing)
3. James McMaster (Curran Racing)
4. Bryan McKinney (Ballymoney CC)
5. Gary Cranston (East Antrim-Audi)
6. Richard McCullough (North Down CC)

'B' Race
1. Sean McCann (Island Wheelers)
2. Jason Taggart (Ballymoney CC)
3. Alister Walker (West Down)
4. Tom Rafferty (Slane Cycles)
5. Ed Boyle (Phoenix CC)
6. Josh Daly (Banbridge CC)

Sportactive UWA RR League Race
1. Claire Oakley (WXC MTB UK)
2. Amy Brice (Phoenix CC)
3. Tonya Moran (Phoenix CC)

Over 50's Race
1. Geoff Hewitt (Phoenix CC)
2. Paul McGuckin (Banbridge CC)
3. Noel Munnis (North Down)

Patrick Withers (Admin Officer)

02-08-2011. 10tt Castlewellan Road. Poppy McKeown.

 W Maxwell  WDW  23.29
 M Alexander  WDW  24.18
 J McAuley  Apollo  24.18
 R Stewart  Dromara CC  24.23
 J Clyde  Dromara CC  24.30
 I Walker  WDW  24.50
 D Cartmill  WDW  25.10
 A Walker  WDW  25.18
 J Daly  Banbridge CC  25.24
 J Kernaghan  WDW  25.32
 P McKinstry  WDW  27.07
 J McGuigan  Dromara CC  27.55

 K McDonald

 Dromara CC


 J Cromie  WDW  28.18
 M Hunter  Dromara CC  28.25
 S Keery  WDW  30.09
 N Doyle  WDW  DNF Gearbox Trob

26-07-2011. Katesbridge RR. Imperial Cup.

 I Walker  WDW   
 P Savage  WDW  
 N Doyle  WDW  
 A Walker  WDW   
 C Adamson  WDW  
 P Wilkinson  WDW  
 M Alexander  WDW   
 J Adair  TVR   
 J Daly  Banbridge CC   
 J McGuigan  Dromara CC   
 S Baines  TVR   
 N McEvoy  TVR   
 C Weir (U16)  Dromara CC   
 E Hall  TVR   
 S Daly  Banbridge CC   
 S Keery  WDW   
 J Kernaghan  WDW   
 K McDonald  Dromara CC   
 M Pyper  TVR   
 D McKnight  TVR   
 B McGrath  TVR  
 E Cantley  WDW   
 S Cantley (U12)  WDW   
 D Cartmill  WDW   
 R Stewart  Dromara CC   
 M Cantley (S)  TVR   
 M Cantley (J)   TVR  

19-July-2011. 10tt Rathfriland Road. Outlook Sheild.

 P Wilkinson  WDW  23.17
 G Rodgers  Banbridge CC  23.44
 D McKnight  TVR  23.57
 W Maxwell  WDW  24.35
 M Alexander  WDW  24.45
 J Kernaghan  WDW  24.53
 N Doyle  WDW  24.58
 R Stewart  Dromara CC  24.59
 D Cartmill  WDW  25.08
 J Clyde  Dromara CC  25.08  PB
 D McDonald  TVR  25.27
 C Adamson  WDW  25.54
 P McKinstry  WDW  27.14
 J Cromie  WDW  28.09
 S McCamley  Castlerea CC  28.20
 S Bloomer  WDW  28.30
 K McDonald  Dromara CC  28.45
 S Cantley  (U12)  WDW  34.46

19th July - 10 tt Venue Change

Due to the ongoing roadworks and the laying of gas pipes on the Warrenpoint Carriageway there has been a Venue Change.  The new Venue for the Poppy McKeown 10 tt on 19th July will be on the Rathfriland Road.

05-July-2011. 25tt Castlewellan Rd. Steven Savage Memorial.

 25 Mile tt    
 P Wilkinson  WDW 60.26 
 D Weir  TVR  61.32 
 W Maxwell  WDW  62.27 
 M Alexander  WDW  64.12 
 J Clyde  Dromara CC  64.51 
 D Cartmill  WDW  67.11 
 J Kernaghan  WDW 72.10 
 J Cromie  WDW  76.14 
 10 Mile tt    

A Walker

WDW 22.45
 I Walker WDW  23.23 
 M Winters Banbridge CC  27.08 
 S Keery WDW  27.59 
 S Cantley  (U 12) WDW  31.51 
 S Dunlop  (U 12) Banbridge CC  35.17 

28-June-2011. Australian Pursuit. Rathfriland Rd -> Ballydown.John Maxwell Mem.

 N Doyle WDW 
 C Hodgen WDW 
 D Cartmill WDW   
 C Weir Dromara CC   
 I Cockrane Banbridge CC   
 E Hall TVR   
 K McDonald Dromara CC   
 R Moffett WDW   
 J Kernaghan WDW   
 A Walker WDW   
 I Walker WDW   
 C Adamson WDW   
 P Wilkinson WDW   
 M Alexander WDW   
 J Cromie WDW   
 P Savage WDW   
 S Keery WDW   
 R Winters Banbridge CC   
 N McEvoy TVR   
 A Baines TVR   
 S Baines TVR   
 B Steele TVR   
 J Donnelly Dromara CC   
 R Stewart Dromara CC   
 D Weir TVR   
 S Daly Banbridge CC   
 S Welby TVR   
 R Smyth Dromara CC   
 M Pyper TVR   
 T Grice    
 B McGrath TVR   
 P McKnight TVR   
 S Cantley (U12) WDW   
 G Rodgers Banbridge CC   

21-June-2011. 10tt Castlewellan Road. Murdoch Sheild.

 P Wilkinson WDW  22.59 
 W Maxwell WDW  24.03 
 A Walker WDW  24.31 
 D McDonald TVR  24.52 
 J Clyde Dormara CC  24.53 
 P McManus WDW  25.05 
 J Kernaghan WDW  25.07 
 C Adamson WDW  25.11 
 I Walker WDW  25.21 
 D Gordon WDW  25.24 
 D Cartmill WDW  25.38 
 N Doyle WDW  25.54 
 R Stewart Dromara CC  26.08 
 P McKinstry WDW  26.26 
 J Cromie WDW  27.34 
 S Bloomer WDW  28.10 
 R Moffett WDW  28.55 
 E Cantley WDW  30.07 
 S Keery WDW  30.36 
 S Cantley  (U12) WDW  34.07 
 K McDonald  (Gear Box Trouble) Dromara CC  34.58 
 M Alexander  (Puncture) WDW  DNF

Venue Change

Venue Change:- Venue change this Tuesday 21st June 2011 due to road works and laying of gas pipes on the Warrenpoint Carriageway.  New venue for 10 mile tt will be on the Castlewellan Road, at the usual start location.



14-June-2011. Donacloney RR. Imperial Cup.

 1st  C Weir  (U16) Dromara CC
 2nd  N Doyle WDW
 3rd  M Hunter  (F) Dromara CC
 4th  C Hodgen WDW
 5th  D Cartmill WDW
 6th  J Kernaghan WDW
 7th  M Alexander WDW
 8th  A Walker WDW
 9th  I Walker  WDW 
 10th  P Savage WDW 
   S Welby  TVR 
   P Mawhirt Dromara CC 
   M Stewart Dromara CC 
   R Moffett WDW 
   S Bloomer WDW 
   C McKee M W 
   J Daly Banbridge CC 
   S Daly Banbridge CC 
   M Pyper TVR 
   P McKinstry WDW 
   R Stewart Dromara CC 
   B McGrath TVR 
   E Hall TVR 
   J Adair TVR 
   G Burns  (F) TVR
   M Cantley (J) TVR 
   M McKnight TVR 
   D Weir TVR 
   N McEvoy TVR 
   J Cromie WDW 
   R Mallon Dromara CC 
   J Gilpin Dormara CC 
   G Rodgers Banbridge CC 
   C Magowan Dromara CC 
   R Smyth Dromara CC 

7-June-2011. Circuit tt Rathfriland rd - Ballydown. Morcus + Weir.

 P Wilkinson WDW  36.15 
 M Alexander WDW  37.03 
 W Maxwell WDW  37.10 
 J Kernaghan WDW  38.07 
 C Adamson WDW  39.02 
 S Cantley WDW  39.41 
 S Dunlop BCC  39.48 
 C Hodgen WDW  42.18 
 R Winters BCC  42.34 
 J Cromie WDW  43.59 
 D Cartmill WDW  N/A 
 I Walker WDW  N/A 

02-June-2011. 10tt Warrenpoint Road. Dave Kane League.

 1st               C Collis Ravens  20.45 
 2nd              S Bennett  Phonix CC  21.06 
 3rd              M Greer Maryland  21.10
 1st Lady      H Wilson Maryland   22.53
 1st Junior     D Gordon WDW  23.13 
 W Maxwell WDW  22.37 
 M Alexander WDW  23.02 
 P Savage WDW  23.03 
 D Gordon WDW  23.13  PB
 P McManus WDW  23.17 
 A Walker WDW  23.21 
 J Kernaghan WDW  23.28  PB 
 D Cartmill WDW  23.41 
 N Doyle WDW  24.17 
 I Walker WDW  24.23 
 J Cromie WDW  24.54 
 C Hodgen WDW  25.12  PB 
 D Shaw/A Fitzgerald Paralympiam Tan   19.56 

31-May-2011, 10 tt Rathfriland Rd, Murdock Shield.

 P Wilkinson WDW  23.29 
 D McKnight TVR  23.43 
 M Alexander WDW  24.07 
 A Walker WDW  24.17 
 J Kernaghan WDW  25.06 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  25.15 
 D Cartmill WDW  25.20 
 D McDonald TVR  25.20 
 D Gordon WDW  25.25 
 I Walker WDW  25.29 
 R Stewart WDW  25.38 
 N Doyle WDW  25.45 
 M Pyper TVR  25.47 
 P McKinstry WDW  26.10 
 C Hodgen WDW  27.03 
 T Wright Dormara CC  27.20 
 J Cromie WDW  27.41 
 E Cantley WDW  28.25 
 S Bloomer WDW  28.39 
 J McGuigan Dromara CC  28.55 
 K McDonald Dromara CC  29.02 
 S Keery WDW  29.34 

24-May-2011 Australian Pursuit Rathfriland Road > Magherally + Roads John Maxwell Cup

 1  J Kernaghan  WDW 
 2  M Alexander WDW 
 3  P Wilkinson  WDW 
 4  A Walker WDW 
 5  I Walker WDW 
 6  N Doyle WDW 
Overall 1st A Baines  TVR 
Overall 2nd  P Lilly Slane Cycles 
   D Cartmill WDW 
   S Keery WDW 
   E Cantly WDW 
   S Cantly  (U12) WDW 
   J Cromie WDW 
   P McKinstry WDW 
   C Hodgen WDW 
   S Welby TVR 
   J Daly B/B CC 
   P Mawhirt Dromara CC 
   J McGuigan Dromara CC 
   D McDonald TVR 
   K McDonald Dromara CC 
   S Baines TVR 
   J Gilpin Dromara CC 
   N McEvoy TVR 
   S Daly B/B CC 
   M McKnight TVR 
   M Pyper TVR 
   R Stewart Dromara CC 
   R Mallon Dromara CC 
   M Cantly  (S) TVR 
   M Cantly  (J) TVR 
   G Burns  (F) TVR 
   D McKnight TVR 
   R Smyth  (DNF Punchure) Dromara CC 

17th May 2011 - Circuit tt - Castlewellan Rd -> Magherally Cross Rds - Morcus + Weir Trophy.

 P Wilkinson WDW  25.22 
 M Alexander WDW  26.50 
 A Walker WDW  27.24 
 P Savage WDW  27.54 
 C Adamson WDW  28.04 
 J Kernaghan WDW  28.10 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  28.25 
 R Stewart Dromara CC  29.26 
 D Cartmill WDW  29.36 
 T Wright Dromara CC  30.06 
 P McKinstry WDW  30.49 
 J McGuigan Dromara CC  32.05 
 K McDonald Dromara CC  32.05 
 J Cromie WDW  32.40 
 S Kerry WDW  32.55 
 S Bloomer WDW  33.12 

10th May 2011. Scarva Circuit Road Race 4 laps. Imperial Cup

 1st WDW    
 1  J Kernaghan  WDW
 2  M Alexander  WDW
 3  I Walker  WDW
 4  D Cartmill  WDW
 5  P Wilkinson  WDW
 6  P Savage  WDW
 7  N Doyle  WDW
   C Adamson  WDW
   A Walker  WDW
   P McKinstry  WDW
   C Hodgen  WDW

 S Keery


   J Cromie  WDW
 Overall 1st  C Weir  (J)  Dromara CC 
   M McConville  Clann Erin
   S Daly  Banbridge CC
   J Daly  Banbridge CC
   J Adair  TVR 
   N McEvoy  TVR 
   M Cantley  TVR 
   G Rogers  Banbridge CC
   P Mawhirt  Dromara CC
   A Hall  U/A 
   B McGrath  TVR 
   M McKnight  TVR 
   R Mallon  Dromara CC 
   K McDonald  Dromara CC 
   N Sudlow  Dromara CC 
   D Gordon  Banbridge CC 
   J Gilpin  Dromara CC
   M Cantley (J) TVR 

Wilky does well in the Tour of the Mournes.

Big Wilky had a great race when competing in the Tour of the Mournes.  He got away in an early break on the out skirts of Newry. The group worked well together as they battle with a headwind on the carriageway. However it was not to be as the main bunch caught them outside Kilkeel. Wilky finished and cross the line in the second group, and stated that he was delighted with his performance.   

7th May 2011. Wheelers take part in the Kilbride Charity Ride..

Members of West Down Wheelers attended the Kilbride CC Charity Ride which covered some 65 mile of long drags, tough hills and at times a persistent headwind.  It was Davy who took the 30 at the end of the fast decent down into Glenarm. A mid stop lunch was served at the Glenarm Baptist Church; John helped himself to his share of the sandwiches, rolls, cakes etc, and that of others to fill the hunger gap gained on the hard climbs. Newcomer to cycling Stevie is starting to show good form after his first winter training session with the Wheelers and he to had a great outing on this which was a tough event. Back at Kilbride Presbyterian Church car park more food was served at the barbeque, Burgers, tea, coffee. This was a great day's outing for all those who attended with plenty of craig and with a fun atmosphere in the car park everyone agreed that it had been a great event.

Dave Hoy, Kilbride CC stated that a total of 110 riders turned up to support this worthy charity.


03 May 2011 - 10tt Rathfriland Rd - Murdock Shield.

 A Baines TVR  23.13 
 P Wilkinson WDW  23.14 
 D McKnight TVR  23.56 
 G Magowan Dromara CC  24.13 
 K McAlinden Banbridge CC  24.17 
 W Maxwell WDW  24.28 
 M Alexander WDW  24.45 
 A Walker WDW  24.45 
 P Savage WDW  25.03 
 A Hall  U/A 25.43 
 I Walker WDW  25.49 
 D Cartmill WDW  25.54 
 C Adamson WDW  26.00 
 P McKinstry WDW  26.03 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  26.08 
 J Kernaghan WDW  26.14 
 R Stewart Dromara CC  26.36 
 C Hodgen WDW  27.32 
 N Doyle WDW  27.40 
 J Daly Banbridge CC 27.49 
 C Weir  U16 Dromara CC  28.27 
 R Moffett WDW  28.32 
 S Bloomer WDW  29.00 
 K McDonald Dromara CC  29.28 
 S Keery WDW  29.53 
 M Cantley TVR  30.50 
 S Cantley  U16 WDW  DNF 

Tuesday 26th April Venue Change.

Please note that the start finish locations for tonights ( Tuesday 26th April )Australian Pursuit have changed, instead of starting at loughbrickland the new start location will be on the Rathfriland Road and finishing at Ballydown..  These changes have been made because of roadworks and traffic lights on the course.

19 April 2011 - Circuit TT Loughbrickland - Morcas & Weir Trophy.

 P Wilkinson WDW  36.04 
 P McManus WDW  37.58 
 A Walker WDW  38.26 
 M Alexander WDW  38.50 
 P Savage WDW  38.56 
 D McDonald TVR  39.14 
 C Adamson WDW 39.43
 G Daly Banbridge CC  39.44 
 D Cartmill WDW  39.55 
 J Grant Banbridge CC  40.30 
 I Walker WDW  40.46 
 R Stewart Dromara CC  41.53 
 R Winters Banbridge CC 43.18 
 J Cromie WDW  44.28 
 K McDonald Dromara CC  45.38 
 S Bloomer WDW  46.22 
 J McGuigan Dromara CC  46.31 
 E Cantly WDW  48.21 
 S Keery WDW  48.21 
 S Cantley  U12 WDW  48.21 
 S Dunlop  U12 Banbridge CC 48.21 
 R Moffett WDW  DNF Puncture 

12 April 2011 - 10tt Castlewellan Rd - Murdock Shield.

 P Wilkinson WDW  22.50 
 P Lilly Slane Cycles 23.16 
 M Alexander WDW 24.07 
 P McManus WDW  24.09 
 W Maxwell WDW  24.16 
 A Walker WDW  24.45 
 D McDonald TVR  24.45 
 A Baines TVR  25.15 
 D Cartmill WDW  25.32 
 J Kernaghan WDW  25.32 
 D Gordon Banbridge CC 25.37
 S Daly Banbridge CC  25.41
 I Walker WDW  26.11 
 G Rodgers Banbridge CC  26.26 
 P McKinstry WDW  26.27 
 C Hodgen WDW  26.53 
 R Stewart Dromara CC  26.58 
 J Daly Banbridge CC  27.35 
 J Cromie WDW  28.18 
 R Moffett WDW  28.29 
 K McDonald Dromara CC  28.52 
 J McGuigan Dromara CC  29.06 
 S Bloomer WDW  29.18 
 P Hanna WDW  30.05 
 C McKee U/A  30.07 

9th -April-2011 - Alexander 2nd at the John Beggs Memorial

This A4 race was yet again another hard fought event with the pace hard and fast from the start. The course with its drags and descents took it's toll on many riders as there was never any chance to rest. The wheeler duo of Mark Alexander and John Kernaghan rode strong through out the race. On lap two John lost his water bottle and had to continue on until the end of lap three on empty, it was at this point that A Baines (VTR) showed a bit of spotsmanship and passed across his spare bottle. John and the members of West Down Wheelers are very greatfully.  In the end it was a complete unknown who just happened to say he was going to have a go. Jeff Robinson of Bray Wheelers left the group and no-one reacted until it was too late, he soled home well clear of next placed riders.  Mark Alexander was the leadout for John Kernaghan and the pair time it well as they headed the sprint towards the finish line, but as John made the move to take second place disaster struct as his foot came out of the pedal.  It was then down to Alexander to give it his all to clinch the second place with Ryan McDermott (West Tyrone Velo.com) taking third.  Both John and Mark are showing real form and are having a great start to the year.  Mark Alexander has now gained enough points to move him from the A4 cat rider to A3. Congratulations form the Wheelers Big Lad.

07-April-2011 - Team Time Trial 2 up - 10tt - Castlewellan Road.

 Paul McManus  WDW   23.01 
 Mark Alexander  WDW  23.01
 Clive Adamson  WDW Team Planet X  23.57
 John Kernaghan  WDW Team Planet X  23.57
 Davy Cartmill  WDW Team Dolan  24.08
 Alister Walker  WDW Team Dolan  24.08
 D Gordon  Banbridge CC  25.25
 I Walker  WDW  25.28
 C Hodgen  WDW  25.28
 Paul Mckinstry  WDW  25.54
 J Cromie  WDW  27.33
 C McKee  U/A  30.46
 S Cantley  U12  WDW  34.15
 S Dunlop  U12  Banbridge CC  34.15

05-April-2011 - 5tt Lurgan Road - Ronnie Russell Sheild.

 P Wilkinson  WDW  11.13
 P Lilly  Slane Cycles  11.23
 T Martin  Eurocycles  11.39
 M Alexander  WDW  11.50
 P McManus  WDW  11.51
 A Walker  WDW  12.27
 D Cartmill  WDW  12.37
 C Adamson  WDW  12.38
 J Kernaghan  WDW  12.43
 I Walker  WDW  12.52
 C Armstrong  Apollo  12.54
 P McKinstry  WDW  12.57
 W McNeil  Banbridge CC  12.57
 H Martin  Clann Eireann  12.59
 E McDaid  Apollo  13.07
 J Daly  Banbridge CC  13.18
 C Hodgen  WDW  13.22
 J Cromie  WDW  13.43
 R Moffett  WDW  13.49
 E Cantley  WDW  14.26
 P Hanna  WDW  15.04
 T Armstrong (F)  Apollo  15.53

Alexander takes 2nd place at the CicliSport GP

On Saturday the West Down Wheelers traveled to Cookstown to race in the Ciclisport GP. The six man team consisted of Paul McKinstry, Ian Walker, Alister Walker, John Kernaghan, Mark Alexander and Davy Cartmill. With fine, dry conditions and full fields for both events A and B, a good days racing was on the cards. The A Race setting off first with the Wheelers lined up to do battle in the B race. After a steady first lap it was John Kernaghan who upped the pace mid way round the second lap making a break to test the strength of the opposing teams, it was the Carn Wheelers and West Tyrone CC who quickly gave chase to close the gap. Alistair Walker rode steady during the open two laps and towards the end of the third took his spell at the front to keep the presser on and demonstrated that he will be one to watch out for during the coming events. With a mile to go it was the duo consisting of Davy Cartmill and team mate Ian Walker who took the lead working together to string out the chaseing field, then with half a mile to go it got fast and furious with all the top riders coming together for what was going to be a closely fought bunch sprint.  John Kernaghan made his way up to the front with Mark Alaxander on his wheel, with only about 50 yards to go John Kernaghan give it his all to lead out Mark Alexander, 10 Yards to go John peeled of to allow Mark Alexander a clear view of the finish line, Alexander then bolted forward however in the end it was Cathal Doyle (Carn Wheelers) who just edged out Mark Alexander of by a tyre width.

Paul Mckinstry to finished in the bunch, he said he had a great race this being his first season of open racing.    


Results CicliSport GP 2011 B Race
1. Cathal Doyle (Carn Wheelers)
2. Mark Alexander (West Down Wheelers)
3. Tony McPeake (U/A)
4. Barry McKenna (West Tyrone Velo CC)
5. Kevin McAlinden (Banbridge CC)
6. Eugene Power (Omagh Wheelers)

The WDW Club Race Season Begins.

Attension all West Down Wheelers.
Please note that the first of the club 2 up TT's will commence on:-
1. Tuesday 29th March - Rathfriland Rd - first away 6.45 pm sharp.
2. Thursday 31st March - Castlewellan Road - first away at 6.45 pm Sharp.
Thursday night club training runs will continue throught the race season.
The first official club race is Tuesday 5th April, 5 Mile TT, Lurgan Rd, Ronnie Russell Sheild. 

2011 Race + TT Schedule Added

See added the West Down Wheelers 2011 Race + TT Schedule.

Kernaghan Piped on the line.

Members of the West Down Wheelers competed in the Travers Engineering Annaclone GP which opened the Ulster Racing calendar for 2011. This opening event was hosted by Banbridge CC and consisted of two races, A and B. Paul Wilkinson is the Wheelers A2 rider and the only wheeler to compete in the A race, he had a great start to the season and on the forth lap he attacked with the breakaway group once again proving he is the man to watch, however this was not to be his day. It was in the early stages of the B race that the hard winter training coached by the Wheelers Clive Adamson paid of as demonstrated by Peter Savage who rode strong all day making a number of tactical mid race brakes which caused a lot of concern among the other visiting club riders. Die hard, Davy Cartmill was also in the thick of the action showing that can still mix it with the best of them. With less than a mile to go it was Mark Alexander who made the final and daring brake which was to lead out team mate John Kernaghan, However on the line it came down to a bunch sprint with Shane Farren (North Down) just taking the sprint by half a wheel ahead of second man West Down's John Kernaghan and Mark Alexander taking an impressing forth place. Club Chairman Billy Maxwell said this was a great opening race result for the club.

Tour of Down.

The West Down Wheelers were delighted with the turn out for this, their first Tour of Down, a Leisure Cycling Challenge. The event kicked off from Katesbridge on Saturday 19th February 2011, with a field of 90 riders.

What started out to be a cloudy and overcast morning, soon changed, as the sun broke through in time for everyones arrival at Castlewellan.

Riders taking part praised the safety measures taken by the Wheelers, e.g. safety lead car, motorbike outriders, large number of road marshals, the two broom wagons, en-route service mechanic and the en-route first aid officer.

When the tour was completed, everyone enjoyed the great spread which was organized by Chris Hodgen and served by the two Barbaras.

David Cartmill and Billy Maxwell presented a cheque to Emma Maguennis and Alison Green for 500, which was accepted on behalf of St John Ambulance Service.

The members and committee of West Down Wheelers would like to thank all those who helped to make this a safe and successful event for everyone and special thanks to all the riders who turned out to complete the 62 mile challenge.

West Down Wheelers Club Meeting

Club Meeting - Thursday 17th February, Banbridge leisure centre, 7.30 pm sharp, all members are asked to attended.

West Down Wheelers - Tour of Down

The West Down Wheelers are hosting the Tour of Down. This is a Leisure Cycling Challenge which has been organized by the Wheelers for Saturday 19th February 2011.  Proceeds going to the St John Ambulance Service.

The event starts and finishes at Katesbridge with sign-on from 9.00am. and start at 10.00am. Car parking and toilet facilities at the normal location in Katesbridge picnic park. Changing facilities, toilets and car parking at the hall on the opposite side of the main Katesbridge Road.

The route takes you from Katesbridge through Castlewellan, Newcastle, Annalong, Ballymartin, Kilkeel, Rostrevor then a climb to Hilltown, Rathfriland and finishes at Katesbridge. Total Distance = 52 mile. Map details of the event can be found on

The normal refreshments will be served at the end of the event, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Sandwiches and Buns etc.

West Down Wheelers would encourage as many as possible from the cycling community to take part and show their support for this very worthy charity event.

The St John Ambulance Service believe that its absolutely unacceptable that so many people die needlessly because no one could give them first aid when they needed it. St John Ambulance Service teaches people first aid. There aim is to make a difference between a life lost and a life saved. They teach young people in schools, adults in the workplace and at public events they provide a much needed first aid service for those attending and taking part. They provide essential support until the emergency services arrive


Club Meeting Thursday 17th February, Banbridge leisure centre , 7.30 pm sharp, all club members are asked to attend.

Anyone who is new to cycling and is interested in joining the West Down Wheelers please feel free to attend this meeting or speak to any of the club members.

 J Kernaghan, A Walker, I Walker, D Cartmill, P McManus, C Adamson and M Alexander all took part in the Cody Challenge 22 Jan 2011.

Photo Marian Lamb, Cycling Ulster.

West Down out in force

Club Meeting Mon 17th Jan.

West Down Wheelers Club Meeting Monday 17th January 2011 in the Banbridge Leisure Centre commencing 7.30 pm Sharp.

2011 Cycling Licence Membership Applications.  

Please bring along any proposals or concerns.



Hill Climb T/More, Ernie Hall Trophy, 14-Sept-10

 M Adair Banbridge CC  51.60 
 J Kernaghan WDW  56.17 
 P Wilkinson WDW  1.02.38 
 S Daly Banbridge CC  1.02.63 
 N Doyle WDW  1.04.69 
 J Daly Banbridge CC  1.04.83 
 E Cantley WDW  1.08.51 
 R Mallon Dromara CC  1.12.07 
 D Cartmill WDW  1.15.73 
 S Cantley  (11) WDW  1.54.19 

10 tt Castlewellan Road, Billy Maxwell Shield. 7-Sept-10

 P Wilkinson WDW  22.41 
 D McKnight Dromara CC  22.46 
 P McManus WDW 23.49 
 D Quinn Appollo  24.31 
 M Alexander WDW  24.38 
 D Cartmill WDW  25.23 
 H Martin Clann Eireann 25.38 
 J Kernaghan WDW  25.39 
 P McKinstry WDW  25.50 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  25.59 
 C Hodgen WDW  26.04 
 J Daly Banbridge CC  26.15 
 E Cantley WDW  26.33 
 J Write Dromara CC  27.59 
 G Burns  (Lady) U/A  28.16 
 M Cantley  (J) Dromara CC  31.26 

10tt Rathfriland Road, Outlook Shield, 31-Sept-10

 P Wilkinson WDW 23.08
 D McKnight Dromara CC  23.31 
 M Adair Banbridge CC  23.33 
 D Weir Dromara CC  23.33 
 P McManus WDW  24.12 
 M Alexander WDW  24.49 
 M McKnight Dromara CC  24.53 
 S Daly Banbridge CC  25.06 
 P Savage WDW  25.10 
 D Cartmill WDW  25.20 
 C Hodgen WDW 26.39 
 J Kernaghan WDW 26.42 
 B McGrath Dromara CC  26.49 
 J Clyde Dromara CC  26.56 
 E Cantley WDW  27.05 
 P McKinstry WDW  27.24 
 G Burns  (Lady) U/A  28.44 
 N McAvoy U/A  28.59 
 J Cromie WDW  29.04 
 M Cantley  (J) Dromara CC  30.21 
 P Hanna WDW  30.34 

10tt Warrenpoint Road, Outlook Shield, 24-Aug-10

 R Smyth Dromara CC  21.31 
 P Wilkinson WDW  21.56 
 G Magowan Dromara CC  22.57 
 M Alexander WDW  23.14 
 C Magowan Dromara CC  23.16 
 C Armstronge Apollo  23.28 
 E McDade Apollo  23.28 
 A Finnegan Banbridge CC  23.29 
 I McConville Newry Wheelers  23.36
 D Cartmill WDW 23.39
 A Walker WDW  23.54 
 S Daly Banbridge CC  23.59 
 I Walker WDW  24.11 
 C Hodgen WDW  24.33 
 J McAuley Apollo  24.47 
 E Cantley WDW  24.54 
 N Doyle (J) WDW  25.03
 J McGuigan Dromara CC 27.20
 P Hanna WDW 28.46 

Road Race, Katesbridge, Imperial Cup, 17-Aug-10

 1st  N Doyle  WDW 
 2nd  N Sudlow Dromara CC 
 3rd  S Baines  East Antrim Audi 
 4th  J Kernaghan  WDW 
 5th  M Alexander  WDW 
 6th  I Walker WDW 
   E Cantley  WDW 
   P Wilkinson WDW 
   D Weir Dromara CC 
   N McEvoy U/A 
   D Cartmill WDW 
   A Walker WDW 
   J Phillips WDW 
   J Adair WDW 
   M McKnight Dromara CC 
   D White Dromara CC 
   B McGrath Dromara CC 
   I Bradford Dromara CC 
   S Wallace Dromara CC 
   K McDonald Dromara CC 
   D McDonald Dromara CC 
   C Magowan Dromara CC 
   M Pyper Dromara CC 
   J Gilpin Dromara CC 
   M Cantley WDW 
   M Cantley (J) Dromara CC 
   G Burns    (Lady) Dromara CC 
   R Smyth Dromara CC 
   G Magowan Dromara CC 
   G Rogers Banbridge CC 

Note:- Would the person who has the West Down Wheeler # 6 Arm-band from Saturday's West Down GP please contact Billy Maxwell.  Home # 02840671150. Mob # 07743101379. Many Thanks WDW.  

West Down Grand Prix 14-Aug-2010

Blayney Takes West Down Grand Prix

 A full field lined up today for West Down Wheelers' Grand Prix event at Katesbridge. A tough course was on offer for the participants. Cycling around at the start I asked my guide, Adam McCullough, to stop on a hill so I could take pictures and he said, "Which one, Marian?" He proved to be right as at times I felt I was back in the Pyrenees with mountains in the background and lots of rolling roads.  The race which catered for A3 and A4 riders was no walk over but the bunch remained intact much of the way. Attacks from Mark Kavanagh (Lakeland CC)and Mark Brown (Phoenix CC) were quickly pulled back in.  By the last lap bets were on the sprinters with well known 'fast men' Mark McCullough (Ballymena Scott Tiles) and Stephen McAllister (Ballymoney CC) hot favourites to take the title. However coming to the line, the mass bunch sprint saw North Down's Matty Blayney edge through to take the win just ahead of relative unknown, Anthony Doyle (Unattached). This was a great win for Blayney, perhaps his best reult of the season.  Third and fourth place was a difficult call with Ballymena's McCullough and Andrew Hedley of Bikeworks neck and neck. In the end the online camera gave it to McCullough. Gavin Magowan of Dromara CC and Stephen McAllister of Ballymoney completed the scoreline.  West Down promoted an excellent event with lots of marshalls and motorbike outriders as well as a great feed afterwards. Many thanks to the two Barbara's who fed the riders and spectators both before and after the event.  Aaron Wallace of Banbridge was Comm for the day and at one point felt the need to stop the race after four laps. He warned the riders about the rules of the road and advised them that he would not tolerate any unsafe riding. Cycling Ulster fully support Aaron and all our Comms in helping to keep racing as safe as possible for all concerned.  Aaron Wallace of Banbridge was Comm for the day and at one point felt the need to stop the race after four laps. He warned the riders about the rules of the road and advised them that he would not tolerate any unsafe riding. Cycling Ulster fully support Aaron and all our Comms in helping to keep racing as safe as possible for all concerned.

Report by Marian Lamb ( Cycling Ulster ) 

Reults - West Down Grand Prix
1. Matty Blayney (North Down)
2. Anthony Doyle (U/A)
3. Mark McCullough (Ballymena Scott Tiles)
4. Andrew Hedley (Bikeworks)
5. Gavin Magowan (Dromara CC)
6. Stephen McAllister (Ballymoney CC)

First Unplaced A4 David Clarke (Team Madigan)

First West Down Wheeler John Kernaghan.

Circuit tt, Rathfriland Road, Morcus + Weir Trophy. 10-Aug-10.

 P Wilkinson 35.47  WDW 
 P Lilley 36.36  Banbridge CC 
 P Savage 38.32  WDW 
 M Alexander 38.41  WDW 
 D Cartmill 39.34  WDW 
 A Walker 39.34  WDW 
 I Walker 40.17  WDW 
 J Kernaghan 40.38 WDW 
 P McKinstry 41.41  WDW 
 E Cantley 43.34  WDW 

Australian Pursuit, Rathfriland Road, John Maxwell, 03-Aug-10

 1 P Lilly  Banbridge CC 
 2 D Weir  Dromara CC 
 3 R Smyth  Dromara CC 
 4 S Baimes  East Antrim Audi 
 5 C Magowan  Dromara CC 
 6 M Alexander     WDW 
 7 M McKnight  Dromara CC 
 8 N Doyle  WDW 
 9 B McGrath  Dromara CC 
 10 N McAvoy  Banbridge CC 
 11 S Daly  Banbridge CC 
 12 D McDonald  Dromara CC 
 13 P Wilkinson  WDW 
 14 L McGreevy  Banbridge CC 
 15 I Walker  WDW 
 16 J Adair  WDW 
 17 A Walker  WDW 
 18 M Cantley  WDW 
 19 P McKinstry  WDW 
 20 D Cartmill  WDW 
  D White  Dromara CC 
  C Hodgen WDW 
  N Sudgen Dromara CC 
  M Pyper Dromara CC 
  K McDonald Dromara CC 
  D McKnight Dromara CC 
  G Magowan Dromara CC 
  S Wallace  Dromara CC 
  I Bradford  Dromara CC 
  R Mallon Dromara CC 
  C Weir  Dromara CC 
  M Cantley  Dromara CC 
  J Kernaghan DNF Broken Spoke WDW 
  D Hanna      DNF Puncture Dromara CC

1st Wheeler Mark Alexander, 2nd Noel Doyle, 3rd P Wilkinson, 4th I Walker, 5th J Adair, 6th A Walker, 7th M Cantley, 8th P McKinstry, 9th D Cartmill.

10tt Warrenpoint Road, Poppy McKeown, 27-July-10

 T Martin Eurocycles  20.29 
 A Fitzgerald Tandem   20.35 
 P Giblin       Tandem   20.35
 S Baines East Antrim Audi 21.45 
 D Foley Newry Wheelers  21.52 
 P Wilkinson WDW  21.57 
 R Smyth Dromara CC  22.10 
 M Alexander WDW  22.21 
 D Cormigan Newry Wheelers  22.26 
 D Quinn Appollo 22.58 
 C Adamson WDW  22.59 
 D McDonald Dromara CC  23.20 
 I Walker WDW  23.40 
 M A McConville Clann Eireann  23.44
 D Cartmill WDW  23.58 
 I McConville Newry Wheelers  23.58 
 J Kernaghan WDW  23.59 
 H Martin Clann Eireann 24.12 
 P McGovern Newry Wheelers 24.53 
 P McKinstry WDW 24.54 
 C Hodgen WDW  24.57 
 N Doyle WDW  25.23 
 E Cantley WDW 26.18
 K McDonald Dromara CC  26.54 
 M I McConville Clann Eireann  27.15 
 Hayden Baines 10 Years Old 35.15 
 E Smyth DNF Puncture  

Road Race. Katesbridge. Imperial Cup. 20-July-10

 1  T McLoughlin  Adelaide, Australia
 2  D McKnight  Dromara
 3  D McDonald  Dromara
 4  D Weir  Dromara
 5  G Magowan  Dromara
 6  S Baines  East Antrim
 7   M Alexander  WDW
 8   J Kernaghan  WDW
 9   I Walker  WDW
10  D Cartmill  WDW 
   C Adamson  WDW
   N Doyle  WDW
   J McGuigan  Dromara
    D Hanna  Dromara
   R Smyth  Dromara
   C Magowan  Dromara
   N Fitzsimmons  Dromara
   I Bradford  Dromara
   P McKinstry  WDW
   C Hodgen  WDW
   E Cantley  WDW
   P Wilkinson  WDW
   K McDonald  Dromara
   R Mallon  Dromara
   B McGrath  Dromara
   M Pyper  Dromara
   S Welby  Dromara
   M Cantley  WDW
   C Weir (J)  Dromara
   M Cantley (J)  Dromara

1st West Down Wheeler across the line was Mark Alexander, 2nd John Kernaghan, 3rd Ian Walker, 4th Davy Cartmill and 5th Clive Adamson, this race was the second leg of the Imperial Cup. 


25 tt & 10 tt. Castlewellan Rd. Steven Savage Memorial. 6-July-10

25 tt Castlewellan Rd
 D Weir 60.21  Dromara CC 
 D McKnight 60.39  Dromara CC 
 P McManus 62.07  WDW 
 M Alexander 63.56  WDW 
 C Adamson 64.24  WDW 
 A Walker 65.05  WDW 
 D Cartmill 65.10  WDW
 J McGuigan 74.43  Dromara CC 
 P Wilkinson DNF  WDW 
 10 tt Castlewellan Rd
 M Pyper 25.09  Dromara CC